Friday, May 22, 2009

MR Fanfic (TPPOV) Chapter twenty

Fang and Gazzy walked into the cafeteria, and Fang could hear Gazzy's stomach growl. Fang glanced down at Gazzy, and Gazzy blushed. Fang smiled quickly then led Gazzy over to a long counter with food all behind it. Fang grabbed a tray and Gazzy followed his lead. They began making their way along the line, getting as much food as they could fit on their trays. When they got to the end of the counter, they came to a line of people waiting to pay.

"Oh..." Fang said quietly. He had forgotten about having to pay for all of this...

"I have some change in my pockets that I've found on the ground and stuff..." Gazzy said, glancing up at Fang. Gazzy always seemed to know what was going on. He couldn't read minds, but he always knew what you were thinking anyways. Fang cast a small smile at him then looked back to the line.

"I might have to go see if the others have any cash on them..." Fang said quietly. They kept taking baby-steps forward until they got to the front of the line. When they did, the guy at the counter looked at them like they were crazy.

"Do you have enough money for all of that?" He asked, raising an eyebrow.

"We'll see." Fang said, setting his tray on the counter. Fang began digging in his pockets and Gazzy followed his example.

"I think your total comes to..." The guy stopped and stared at the small screen with the price on it. The total came to roughly $100. Fang swallowed hard and glanced down at Gazzy.

"Can you run back and see if any of the others have some money on them, Gazzy?" Fang whispered. Gazzy nodded and dashed off to where the others were. Fang sighed and glanced up at the guy.

"How many people are you feeding?" He asked Fang while glancing down at his tray.

"A few." Fang replied shortly. He wasn't in the mood to talk with this kid. The only kid he was really in the mood to talk to was Gazzy...or Iggy...or Max. He missed Max. He hoped she was okay.

After a few minutes, Gazzy came back, panting. He handed Fang a wad of money and and looked over at the guy behind the counter. "Hopefully that's enough." Gazzy said. "If not," he reached into his pockets and pulled out some change, "here's some more. Not much more, but some more." Gazzy said, smiling. Fang handed the money to the kid behind the counter and the guy began counting it.

"Lucky you," he began after he finished counting the money. "You have just enough here." The kid stuck the money into the cash drawer then smiled at Fang. "Enjoy your meal...s..." He added the "s" as an after thought. Fang nodded then picked up his tray and Gazzy followed suite. Then, they walked back to the others.

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