Thursday, May 14, 2009

MR Fanfic (MPOV) Chapter sixteen

The firsts tests I went through were strength tests. They had me lifting weights, pulling things, just plain old pain. After lifting and pulling as much as I could, I was exhausted. But do whitecoats care? No. So then they took me to a room with a treadmill in it. I got hooked up to a bunch of wires then I was told to run. So I did. Problem was, they kept jacking the speed up. Not cool. Finally, I just couldn't go anymore. So I stopped running, whipped my wings out, and took down two whitecoats behind me as I went down. It was classic.

After that, I was taken back down the hallway to my room. On the way we passed a door with a small window on it. I peeked through and got a glance of Jasmine. She was in some kind of She looked scared, but angry too. The whitecoat tried to get me moving, but he was such a weenie that he backed off after one glare from me. I watched as Jasmine's hair started to blow behind her, and I realized she was in a wind tunnel thing. She yelled something, but I couldn't make out what it was. She appeared to be struggling against the wind...

"They want to see if she has wings too..." I whispered. They thought Jasmine was me...and that I was like, a decoy or something! That's why they grabbed Jasmine!

"Okay, enough looking." The whitecoat said finally. I glared at him, but I didn't really want to see how this would end anyways, so I walked. I was led back to my boring room, and I stepped in. There was a glass cup on the floor.

"Lookie there! You got a cup!" The whitecoat said with moc-enthusiasm. I picked up the glass and in one swift motion I turned around and chucked it at him. It hit him square in the face.

"OW!" He screamed. Like a girl, I might add. He glared at me and an M-Geek picked up the cup. "No more privileges for you." He growled. I smiled sweetly and shrugged.

"Oh no! What ever shall I do?" I said sarcastically. The whitecoat glared a little bit more then stormed off, the door closing behind him. Right now, I was surprised I wasn't in a cage... Which led me to wonder, who was I kidnapped by this time? Itex was out of the picture, right? So was this Mr. Chu's organization? Or someone completely knew? They had M-Geeks, so I was betting on Mr. Chu...

I sat down against the door again and rubbed my head. I knew I'd be asleep pretty fast. I was exhausted... But I wanted to stay awake long enough to try to hear where they were keeping Jasmine. I figured she couldn't be too far away. And there was a room next door...if she was staying in there we could work out a plan by talking through the walls. Suddenly, I heard a door open and someone walking out.

"Wow, either she really doesn't have wings or she's not ever going to let us see them..." I heard an unfamiliar voice say. Male voice...

"Yeah, I was quite surprised at that. But, also not. I mean, where would they find another human/avian hybrid that looked just like Experiment One?" That was a female annoying female voice. I heard the two sets of footsteps make their way to the room next door. One set was light and hard to detect, the others were loud and heavy sounding. I figured the guy was carrying Jasmine... I heard the two people walk into the room next door then after a minute they walked back out. I crawled over to the wall between the two rooms and tapped on it lightly.

"Jasmine." I said. My first inclination was to whisper it, but then I remembered she wouldn't actually hear that... "Jasmine!" I said a little louder. I figured she was unconscious. I sighed and leaned against the wall.

"Well, then. I'll wait for you to wake up." I said softly. I then realized I had just talked to myself.

You know what they say, talking to yourself is the first sign of insanity. The Voice said. It sounded like it was smiling.

Shut up. I thought wearily. The first sign to insanity is a voice in your head OTHER THAN YOUR OWN. And I don't mean Angel. I growled while thinking. Man, that Voice could really be annoying sometimes...actually, all the time.

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