Thursday, January 29, 2009

This goes with the Sonic picture

IT'S SOME OF THE BAD GUYS! I love how they look. I do believe that I've drawn Jet, Shadow and Rouge one other time besides this...I think it was one time...can't remember, though, because it was forever ago. :P Anyhoo, I really like this one. Enjoy! :D

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Which one do you have? There are some REALLY funny ones on there, so feel free to read them. My brother and I cracked up at them.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

A few more pictures

This is a picture of Sonic and the gang, in cartoon form and then I drew them in people form!
This is inspired by an Adventures in Odyssey episode.

And me and a buddy being superhero duo of the universe! :P
Enjoy! :D

Monday, January 12, 2009

I love church...

A year ago, I probably wouldn't have said that to you. I dunno where we were a year ago, but I know it wasn't here. But I love it at our church. Our pastor makes you look at things differently, and it's really good. He taught our Sunday school lesson this Sunday, and it was about Psalm 23. He had us write it down, then split it up into 9 couplets, like a poem. When we looked at it again, we realized there was a beginning, middle, and an end. We just looked at it in a different way. It was awesome. :) I thank God that I like my church so much, and the people there too.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

MY FIRST MANGA COMIC! And other pictures

This is an incomplete B-day card for my little bro with some of his fave cartoon characters on it. Who can you name? :P
Simon, Alvin, and Theo opening presents! ...Alvin doesn't seem to be very grateful for his. :P

My characters, Charlie, C.J., and Sammy. C.J. is telling a scary story, and Sammy believes it, evidently. :P

The Three Caballeros

Alvin, Simon, and Theodore...duh. :P

Charlie, character expression sheet.

Me as a chipmunk...again. :P

This one made my mom laugh. :D

My first request! From my cousin! She wanted me to draw a baby (named Egan) as a chipmunk. :)

SCROLL DOWN TO THE BOTTOM. The first page of the comic is down there, not up here. The pages are all numbered, too. So don't freak out. :P FINAL PAGE OF, that was short... :P










You'll probably have to enlarge the manga comic pictures to read what they say. If you can't read it then...well, then the pictures will have to give you enough of a clue, cause there are too many frames to talk you through it. :P And I know, some of the pictures aren't colored, but maybe I'll have colored versions later. (And yes, there are a couple sketches in there. :P) Enjoy!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Chapter 5, continued

"Ugh!" Albus said as he dashed out of the Potions room. Holly and Derek followed behind, holding their robes up over their noses. Peter practically fell out of the room, coughing.

"Albus!" Peter said, leaning against the wall.

"What?" Albus yelled, still walking away.

"I didn't know anything could smell so bad..." Holly murmured to Derek, who nodded in agreement. Albus suddenly stopped and looked around.

"Where's Andrea?" He asked to no one in particular. Peter shrugged.

"Hopefully she didn't die in there..." He muttered, and Holly giggled. Albus glared at them both then kept walking.

After Albus had taken a few steps, Andrea came running up behind him and the others. "There you are!" Peter said, turning to look at her.

"Sorry, I had to get a few...things." Andrea said, then smiled at Albus. Albus sighed and rolled his eyes.

"I'm glad you're happy. That had to have been the most miserable experience in my life." He grumbled.

"Agreed..." Derek whispered, and Holly giggled again. Albus clenched his fists at his side and picked up his pace.

"How were you able to stay in there with that...smell?" Peter asked Andrea.

"Professor McGlinnin sucked up all the bad smell with his wand." Andrea said simply.

"Is he mad at me?" Albus asked hesitantly. Andrea shook her head.

"No, he's not mad at you. He said that accidents happen." Albus sighed.

"I just wish they didn't happen to me..." Albus grumbled, and Andrea looked at him sympathetically.

Later, during Transfiguration, Albus was trying to turn a pigeon into a parachute. Andrea was sitting next to him, doing the same thing. All of a sudden, she began coughing. Albus looked over at her as she started coughing harder and harder. Professor McGonagal began walking over to their table when a green spark shot out of Andrea's wand and hit the chandelier hanging on the ceiling. The chandelier turned into a parachute and began floating down on the kids beneath it. Andrea got out of her seat, still coughing, and walked out of the room. Professor McGonagal watched her through the window in the door.

Outside, Andrea reached into her bag and pulled out a small vile filled with green liquid. She took the stopper out of the top and steam came out of it. Just then, Samantha zoomed around the corner. Andrea hid the vile behind her back as she continued to cough.

"Hey there, Andrea." Samantha said as she stopped in front of her. Samantha raised an eyebrow at Andrea and looked above her head. "Why is your head steaming?" Samantha asked, but Andrea couldn't answer because she was coughing too much. "You okay? That cough sounds awfully bad. Kinda like a-" Samantha stopped and looked down in her hands at the scroll she was carrying. "Oh! Hate to chat and run, but I'm supposed to be taking this to Professor Longbottom." Samantha began walking away, and as she passed Andrea, she turned her head and saw the vile in Andrea's hand.

When Samantha had turned the corner, Andrea pulled the vile out from behind her back and drank it's contents. What Andrea didn't know, though, was that Samantha had peeked around the corner and had seen that.

"What in the world?" Samantha asked herself as she turned and continued walking, thoughts swirling in her head.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


:D Have a great new year, guys! My New Year's Resolution: Not to have as many stomach aches. Whoo! :D