Sunday, May 3, 2009

MR Fanfic (MPOV) Chapter twelve

"Okay, everybody up!" I said as I pulled into the McDonalds parking lot. I heard people waking up and I undid my seat belt. "I said, EVERYBODY UP!" I yelled as I turned around to look in the back. Gazzy was rubbing his eyes, Iggy was stretching, and Kalie was gradually waking up.

"You don't have to yell..." Iggy mumbled. I smiled then looked into the very back of the van. Thing 1 was pushing Thing 2 off of her and onto Fang.

"Stop pushing!" Thing 2 whined with her eyes still closed. Fang opened his eyes and looked up at me, then he looked out the windows. I glanced over at Sam and Nudge and gave Nudge a little...nudge.

"Rise and shine, guys!" I said as I opened the door. It was a rather chilly morning, up North.

"Max, close the door!" I heard Angel say. I walked over to her door and opened it, and she practically fell into my arms. Total, who had been on her lap, yelped as he fell out onto the ground.

"Time for breakfast, you guys!" I said as I pulled Angel out. Gazzy came out next, then Iggy, then Kalie, and all the others. Sam and Nudge crawled out of the passenger side door while I ushered everyone else inside. I stood at the door and counted heads, almost losing track of who was who.

We got inside and I walked over to the counter. "Okay, who has money?" I asked as I looked over the breakfast menu. I didn't realize these places opened so early... But by looking at the clock, I realized it was too early... If I was reading it right...

"I've got a little money," Kalie said slowly. She handed me some coins and I began counting them. I heard a sigh and Jasmine came to the front of the group.

"Outta the way, I've got money for ya." She said in a rather bummed-out voice. She pulled out an envelope and looked at the group. "I'll probably be able to pay meal? Two if none of you get greedy." She said with a yawn. I looked down at the envelope. It wasn't that big, so she had better have some big bucks in there...

"Okay, guys, order." I said, moving out of the way for my Flock to order. Gazzy went first, then Iggy, then Nudge, Angel, Fang, then me. After we went, the other group ordered. Starting with Kalie, then Sam, then Thing 1 and Thing 2. Finally, Jasmine rounded out the count. Compared to us, she ordered daintily.

"Are you guys sure you're gonna eat all that?" The guy behind the counter asked. Jasmine nodded.

"They have the metabolism of athletes." Jasmine said shortly. I was getting the vibe that she wasn't a morning person...

After a minute of waiting, we got out food and found a place to sit. We sat in groups: My Flock and the other group with Jasmine. We scarfed down our food in a matter of minutes. I glanced over at the other group and saw that all of them had finished their food pretty quickly too. Jasmine ate a little slower, but I guess that's because she wasn't as hungry as us, probably because she didn't have bird DNA in her. I glanced towards the door just in time to see a group of M-Geeks walk in.

"Guys, M-Geeks." I whispered loud enough for the other group to hear. We stood up and I led my group to the door. The other group followed close behind. "Ready, guys?" I asked in a whisper as the M-Geeks' robot eyes scanned our group.

"Max-HIH-mum Ride," half of the M-Geeks said to me. The other M-Geeks said it to Jasmine, who was standing behind Sam and Kalie. "Come with us." They droned on.

"Not until you learn how to say my name right." I retorted, crossing my hands over my chest. They pointed their arms at us, and I realized they had guns this time. Well, there goes plan A... I thought with a sigh. Angel, I'm thinking that I'm gonna have to give up this one. We can't fight guns...I can't risk that for you guys. I sighed as Angel grabbed onto my arms.

"No, Max." She whispered. I set my jaw and looked straight into the eyes of the first M-Geek.

"All right, I'll go. As long as you robo-brains don't hurt my Flock." I said, gesturing to the entire group. The main M-Geek nodded. I felt Fang tense next to me, and I heard the subtle whispers of the group. Angel, tell them why I had to go after we're gone, okay? I thought to her. I hoped she was still taking my messages...

"You too." Another M-Geek said, pointing his gun at Jasmine. She jumped and looked over at me. I clenched my teeth and looked at the M-Geeks.

"Hey, I'm Max, she's not. She stays." I said firmly. The main M-Geek nodded shortly and took my arm. He put his gun to my back as I walked ahead of him. I heard a few silent sobs, and I knew the group was not happy about this... Come to think of it, I wasn't very happy about it either. When will the bad guys learn to fight fair?

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