Sunday, September 27, 2009

This is a test or the Mii-mergency Blogcasting System

AKA, this is a blog post of random subjects. The first subject: DOES ANYONE SERIOUSLY READ THIS STUPID BLOG?? I wouldn't blame you if you don't, but I would be very happy if you did. AND POSTED OCCASIONALLY. I mean, would it KILL YOU to leave a comment every once and a while? Yes? Well...I'll admit I wasn't expecting THAT answer...

But seriously, the sidebar claims there are eight PWMRLMB, and yet...I think only one of you has posted on more than one blog post...and even that one PWMRLMB only posts ocasionally... It makes Mii so sad... *sniff*

Next Subject: Vacation!!! We went on one last week, for the whole week. First time we've gone away from home for a week since the Mayo trip, and first time we've gone on a week-long REAL vacation. I mean, you can't really count the medical wonders of Mayo a real vacation when I was being poked and proded a lot of the time. *shakes head* But this vacation was waaaaaay fun! We rented a cottage UP North, did a lot of fishing (I get guilty for a short period of time when I catch fish that are actually big enough to keep... >.> Yes, I'm a strange person...), saw some cool sights, did more fishing, lost a hat in the wind, took a ton of pictures, saw some relatives, got a Cabbage Patch doll from grandma (...>.>...<.<...) then came home. *sigh* It was soooooo much fun!! I loved it. Plus, it's not all over yet! Tomorrow we're leaving for a different location for a couple days. =)

Another Subject: Birthday!! I'm having a birthday soon!!! I shall not tell you when it is or how old I will be turning, I shall let you guess. *NOTE* THHers, you don't get to guess correctly, because you'll all ready know. And I don't want any cheating. =P

Final Subject: If any of you read my fanfics, I would love to know what you think of them. If you don't, that's fine. I'll keep writing them anyways.

This has merely been a test of the Mii-mergency Blogcasting System. Thank you for tuning in.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Story Called Life

It's not just a plot twist or a crazy scheme.
It's not just a memory or a forgotten dream.
It's more than how the dice have been played,
And it's more than how the cards have been layed.

Perhaps, in the grand old scheme of things,
Someone has flown away on golden wings.
Maybe, you've thought you had it all planed out,
To find that there's something to make you shout.

But worry not, for it's not random chance.
There's someone above who has had it all planned.
The plot of your life was written by His hands,
Whether we like it or not,
He was watching from the stands.

So even though you think you may have lost,
Or you think that your own dreams have surely been tossed,
Remember that God is there for you with a friend,
Even when it appears that you have...reached your end.

Lame title...wrote it when I found out an Internet buddy of mine had cancer and wasn't supposed to live past this month...decided to post it today.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

MR Fanfic (MPOV) Chapter twenty-seven

I woke up the next morning to the sweet smell of waffles. I opened my eyes and smiled. It smelled soooooo goooood... I hopped off the couch and stretched then looked around. Jazz wasn't on her couch anymore, so I guessed she was all ready up and about. I walked out to the kitchen and smiled at everyone gathered there. Jazz was the only one missing, actually.

"Morning, Max!" Jessie said with a wide smile on her face. There was a pile of waffles on a plate on the table. I wanted to dive into them then and there. "Jazz is in the bathroom changing into some clothes I'm lending her. Well, I guess it's more like giving them to her...'cause I don't think I'll be getting them back... But that's okay. She's good with a T-shirt and old pair of jeans, and I have plenty of those. You can have some if you want, too. You'll have to put wing holes in them, though, because I don't have those in my shirts and stuff..." Jessie continued babbling as Jazz walked into the kitchen. She slid into a chair at the table and smiled at me.

"Nice hair." She said teasingly. I made a face at her that said "Haha, but not really" then turned to Jessie's mom.

"Is it okay if I get changed before eating, too?" I asked, trying my best to be polite. She nodded, her back turned to me and I smiled.

"Come on! I'll help ya get some clothes!" Jessie said, leading me to her room. Turns out, the only thing I wanted from her clothes was a T-shirt and an old pair of jeans. She had all girly clothes...not what I wanted in a fight.

I quickly got changed because I really wanted to eat. I glanced in the mirror and saw my hair was a mess. It was all poofy and weird... I tried patting it down and frowned, then quickly picked up the nearest hairbrush and tried to brush my hair, but it was more like I was ripping hair out of my head. Once my hair was mostly under control, I dashed back to the kitchen and sat down at the small table. Jazz was all ready eating, so I figured I could dig in too. Let me tell ya... I love waffles.

After breakfast, I tried to help with dishes, but ended up breaking my plate, so then I just asked Jessie if I could look at her computer to see if Fang had sent a message back. She turned the computer on for me then let me use it in private, which I thought was rather nice. I immediately opened my messages and saw one from Fang. I smiled and read it, gather where they were. I sent a quick message back then signed out and went back to Jazz and told her what Fang had said (away from the family, of course).

"So, when are we gonna head out?" Jazz asked. I shrugged.

"We'll see what happens, I guess. Maybe we could get them to give us a ride, because you can't fly..." I replied slowly.

"Okay, well, you figure that out and I'm gonna go send an email to my mom." Jazz said with a smile. She stood up and left, leaving me to think out a plan...

Monday, September 7, 2009

>.< I'm such a bad girl...

I've not updated in FOREVER! Bad Mii!

Well, a happy Labor Day to you all. Sorry, no poem or anything for today... I know, lame. I'm so lame! *sobs* School starts tomorrow... That should make life a bit more interresting. You guys excited or dreading it? My brain is in denial that summer is supposed to be over... I don't want it to be over. It hasn't felt like summer... I don't think I've gone swimming at all this summer... *thinks hard* No...I don't think I have... =O It's so sad! =(

Well, I hope you all have a fabulous first day of school tomorrow. And good luuuuck! =)

*Edit! I swam at camp!*