Monday, May 4, 2009

MR Fanfic (MPOV) Chapter thirteen

I flew in a pack of M-Geeks, following the first ones and making sure I didn't get too close to the ones in the back. As we flew, I thought about my Flock. I really hoped they would be okay without me and formulate a plan or something... I had a plan working in my head to get out of whatever place I was put in, but I hoped both of the groups would be okay... Well, this makes it much harder to get Jasmine back to her mom... I thought with a sigh. I glanced over my shoulder at the M-Geek directly behind me and he pointed his gun at me. "I'm flyin', I'm flyin'..." I mumbled as I looked forward again. I really wanted one of them to cry "MUTINY!" and just start taking out other M-Geeks... Unfortunately, that didn't happen.

We flew for hours, and I was starting to get REALLY hungry. I glanced over and saw a bird in the distance...and if it would have been roasted, I probably would have eaten it. "Any of you guys got any food?" I asked rhetorically.

"Negative." The head M-Geek said. I rolled my eyes.

"That was a rhetorical question." I retorted with a snort.

We continued flying until I was ready to drop out of the sky. And I almost did. But I caught myself before the M-Geeks had to grab me. I didn't want their cold, metal arms to touch me. Ugh. Finally, after flying for FOREVER, we saw a big, white, boring looking building down below us. The M-Geeks went into a full out dive, and I was forced to follow, even though every fiber of my being was screaming at me to turn around. But I knew that if I did turn around, I'd be Swiss cheese in about 3.2 seconds. Not a good idea.

We landed on the ground and two M-Geeks grabbed my arms while one led the way and the others pointed their arm-mounted guns at my back. I sighed as I was led through the automatic doors and into a hallway.

"We've captured the mutant 'Max-HIH-mum Ride." The head M-Geek yelled. I winced as he pronounced my name wrong yet again. A man walked up, one I hadn't seen before, but he was wearing a whitecoat, so I knew he wasn't a good guy.

"Excellent!" He said, rubbing his hands together. He looked like he was going to drool. It was rather disgusting. "The boss is gonna be so happy!" He said as he led the M-Geeks and me down another hallway.

"So, who is 'the boss' anyways?" I asked as I was led into a large, white-walled, boring room.

"That's information you don't need to know." The whitecoat said coldly. I rolled my eyes. The whitecoat turned around and eyed me eagerly.

"You'll be staying in here until we're notified to move you. If you behave, we might even get you a bed." The whitecoat said with an evil smile. I glared at him.

"Then I won't count on getting a bed." I growled. The whitecoat looked taken a bit off guard, and that made me feel better. He turned and walked out, and the M-Geeks followed him. The door closed and I heard a couple M-Geeks stay behind to guard the door.

I looked around the room and sighed. There was absolutely NOTHING in there. Not even a spot on the wall to stare at. I sat down against one of the walls and began perfecting my plan...

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