Saturday, May 29, 2010

Guess Those People!

*announcer* That's right, folks! It's time for your favorite game once more! Say it with me! *audience* Guess! Those! People! *announcer* And now, here's your host, Mii Maker!

*Mii walks onto stage and waves to crowd* Thank you, Bill! Now, let's get to the game, shall we? Today, we'll be looking at a few different pictures of three people. What you have to do is correctly tell me who they are, and you'll win a prize! Tell 'em what their prize is, Bill!

*announcer* You got it, Mii! Today's winners will win FIVE Mii points*!

*Mii* Wow! Five Mii points*? What a deal! Now, everyone is eligible for this contest and there can be multiple winners. However, if you're suspected of cheating, you will be disqualified! I'm really not sure how you would cheat on something like this, but I'm sure you guys could figure that out... All right, I'm going to show you the pictures then give you a few brief descriptions to help you figure our who these people are. On with the show!

These first few pictures are pictures of the individual people. The group pictures are after these.

At first, this kid appears normal, but he's got a secret identity as his town's protector and renowned ghostboy!

The humor and tech-geek of the business, this teenager helps his friends fight ghosts, but never knows when to keep his mouth shut...

This goth girl is witty, smart, and has a secret crush on one of her friends... Her family is also stinking rich, even though few people actually know that.

Together, these three friends keep the ghosts that haunt their town in check while making sure that no one finds out about one of their secrets... DUN DUN DUN!
All right, now, submit those answers, people! A colored version will be coming soon!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

MR fanfic (MPOV AND TPPOV!) Chapter 42

Maximum Ride walked out the door and N1C01_43 breathed a sigh of relief. She hadn't seen him, but she had listened to him. She was confused, but she believed at least some of what he had said. He sat down on the dirty floor of the building and rested his head on his knees.

Maximum Ride had been in the same room as him. Maximum Ride had been within inches of him. Maximum Ride had unknowingly touched him on her way out. He didn't know if he should laugh or cry, be overjoyed or so disconsolate that nothing could cheer him up. He decided to smile. Maximum Ride no longer loathed him. She no longer thought of him as scum, or worse, a whitecoat. She no longer knew what she thought of him, but she no longer hated him. And that made him happy.

He decided that he was still in love with Maximum Ride.


After walking outside, I looked around to make sure no one was watching me then flew up to the roof. I saw Jasmine laying on her back, staring up at the blue sky. "Well, well, well, if it isn't the great Maximum Ride..." she muttered, not looking at me. I sighed then landed on the roof and folded my wings in.

"Why are you upset with me, Jasmine?" I asked, walking towards her. She didn't answer until I had sat down next to her. Her arms were folded beneath her head like a pillow.

"I guess... I'm not as upset with you as I am with my situation. I mean, I was kind of ticked at you and Fang and Angel after finishing the book, but I'm also kind of..." she paused and I noted that the whole time she spoke she didn't look at me. "I miss my mom." the way she said it, sounding so much like a pathetic lost kitten, made my whole defensive posture melt away. I had come up here expecting to argue with her, but instead she was here wiping away tears.

"I know how you feel," I said softly. Jazz sniffled and wiped at her eyes again.

"No, you don't! You have your Flock, which is like your big family, and I don't. I mean, I don't fit in with you guys because I'm not a mutant bird freak, I don't work on the same schedule as you guys, and I just kind of feel like I'm a useless slug who doesn't do anything except slow you guys down." Jazz's body shook and she broke down into tears. "I miss my mom and my dad and my brothers and I want to go home!" she sat up and put her hands to her face as she finished.

"Oh, Jazz..." I said softly as my motherly instincts kicked in and I wrapped my arms around her. She leaned towards me and continued to cry, letting out occasional sobs but being fairly quiet. Her body shook, and I did know how she was feeling, though not exactly. I knew what it was like to miss my mom, but I did always have the rest of my family with me. I had everyone around me to love me, depend on me, make me feel like I was needed and there for a reason. Jazz was right... She didn't have that. She was just the extra tire that nobody needed but was kept around, just in case.

She sat there, crying, for a good five minutes. I sat there, trying to think of what to say to her when she stopped crying. When the time finally came around, the only thing I had thought of was--

"I'm sorry."

Jazz sat up again and wiped her eyes. She sniffled again and stared ahead for a minute before responding. "Apology accepted." she said simply. We sat there for a few more minutes in silence as a few lonely clouds drifted overhead. I glanced over at Jazz once more and decided I wanted to tell her about the Voice and the conversation I had just had with him.

"Hey, Jazz, did you ever really think about who the Voice was while you read the books?"

Saturday, May 22, 2010

MR fanfic (MPOV) Chapter 41

"Yes, those headaches were because of me. If it is any consolation, they caused me more pain than they caused you." he said softly.

"Oh, right. I'm sure that the monster headaches that made me think my head was going to EXPLODE caused you more pain than they did me." I retorted sarcastically. I folded my arms in front of my chest and shook my head.

"You may not understand what I mean, but that is beside the point. The point is that after a few attempts, I was able to get inside your head and see what you saw and hear what you heard without causing you pain."

"Wait, what about all of those weird pictures? And that kid's computer? And the TV's?" I asked quickly.

"Those images were my first attempt at telling you to save the world. They actually appeared on the computer screen by accident, but after I found out that I could do that, I purposely projected them onto the televisions. As it turns out I'm a technopath as well as an incredibly gifted telepath."

"Okay, a couple more questions. One, what about the Ouija board? Two, what's a technopath? And three, is telepath a real word?"

"When I saw that you weren't taking me seriously, I thought you might need a little more visual aid to convince you of my legitimacy. By seeing what you were seeing, I was able to use telekenisis--the ability to move things with one's mind--to make the board say what I wanted it to say. I have a great many powers, Maximum. All of them have to do with great mental ability.

"To answer your other questions, a technopath is someone who can control technology with their mind and telepath may or may not be a word used by the general public, but who's to say that's what makes it a real word or not?" There was a smile in his voice as he said this last statement.

"So, you can see everything I see, then...?" I asked slowly, just to make sure I was understanding this right.

"Yes, Maximum, I can see everything you see."

"So...when I, um...go to the--" I began but was interrupted by The Voice.

"Oh, Maximum! No! I would never do something like that! Why would you even think that? Ugh, no, never, Maximum!" he exclaimed suddenly. I let out a sigh of relief.

"Hey, since I have you here, how about a more serious question. How am I supposed to save the world? I mean, I've been doing a lot to raise awareness about Global Warming, but I don't think I can really stop that..." I said while looking around for him again. I heard a soft chuckle coming from behind me and spun around, just to see that he wasn't there.

"Global Warming is not what you are supposed to be stopping, Maximum. It is merely a distraction, created to keep you occupied while things more sinister are going on behind the scenes." I shuddered at the new found darkness of his voice.

"Okay, so what am I supposed to be stopping?" I asked, confused.

"Them." A chill crept down my spine as images of whitecoats and the school were projected into my brain accompanied by that simple proclamation.

"But I already stopped them! Don't you remember book three?" I asked, pushing the pictures out of my mind.

"Who is to say that they can't reform, Maximum? Who is to say that there's not a new plot to take over the world? These people are mad, Maximum, and they will stop at nothing until they have achieved their goals." his voice was rising slowly as he spoke but dropped suddenly towards the end of his last sentence. "Only you can stop them. Only people like you can stop them. Do not think you can do this on your own. You're going to need all of the help you can get. Itex is growing again in the shadows, coming back to life, and you have to stop them."

"What's the point of stopping them if they just keep coming back?" I asked loudly, my voice echoing off of the walls of the building.

"The point is saving the world, Maximum. Saving the world before it's too late. Before they control everything." I swallowed hard and looked around again.

That's all I can say for now, Maximum. This time, The Voice was in my head, and it was The Voice's regular voice, not his real voice. Jasmine is up on the roof. I stood there for a moment more, looking around for him, before I turned and walked outside. As I walked towards the door, though, I could have sworn something touched me...

Friday, May 7, 2010

MR fanfic (MPOV) Chapter 40

"I was created, just as you were, by scientists. I was raised, just as you were, in a lab, living in a cage, just like you did. Unlike you, no one bothered to save me. No one bothered to free me from my prison. In order to survive, I was forced to do what the scientists wanted. I trained my mental abilities, listening in on the thoughts of the scientists and other mutants. One day, quite by accident, I spoke to a scientist in his mind. The others soon learned of it and found out about my abilities, forcing me to train myself more vigorously and tracking my progress.

"I heard much about you during that time, Maximum Ride. You were the most thought about experiment -- especially after you and your friends escaped. The scientists told me to find you, and after a while of searching, I found you." he paused and I thought I heard him swallow.

"And you ratted us out? You're the reason Angel got kidnapped, aren't you?" I asked, my voice rising again.

"No, I found you before that. I'm the reason Jeb left you." he said calmly. "But that's another story for another time A story for Jeb to tell you, not me." I heard him take a deep breath and I wondered when I'd see Jeb again to ask him about this fresh piece of information.

"Anyways, I was assigned to keep track of you and find your exact location. I had been telling them that I couldn't find the address of your home, but they had assumed that there wouldn't be one. What they wanted was a latitude and longitude location, not an address." I was half tempted to ask him about latitude and longitude, but I was too interested in this story to interrupt it. "After a very long while of putting them off, I was forced to either tell them what they wanted to hear or try to outrun the Erasers. I knew I wasn't as fast as an Eraser, so I did what I thought to be the sensible thing and told them where you were. In retrospect, I now think it would have been wiser to have kept my tongue from betraying you.

"They left me alone after that, but I kept reading your thoughts. I stayed with you, even though I wasn't told to. I had grown a bit attached to you, I am embarrassed to admit..." he gave a bit of a nervous cough and I felt my cheeks flush.

"After a week of telling them about you, I was aware that there was a new mutant in the facility somewhere. After reading her mind, I found out that it was none other than Angel. I was ashamed of myself, because I knew I was the reason she was there. I knew that because I had given them what they wanted, she was going through torture. I hated myself, Maximum." he paused again and I heard him take another long breath.

"You should hate yourself..." I muttered. It was because of him that our semi-normal lives had been disrupted.

"I know I made terrible decisions, but if you had been in my position, what would you have done? Think about that and answer it honestly, but not now, because there is more to the story." he said quickly before beginning again. "I focused more on the minds of the scientists and Angel after that, trying to find out how she was and what they were thinking about her. I still listened to what you were thinking and wished I could have talked to you regarding Angel. I was so angry at myself and so...afraid of what would happen because of what I did that I made myself sick. The scarce meals I was fed I refused to eat, causing a few of the scientists to worry. They thought that something was going wrong with my organs and were worried that they were going to lose one of their most 'brilliant' experiments. I was worried something bad was going to happen to you. And then...something did." there was a long pause where the only thing I could hear was my breathing. I held my breath at one point to try to hear him and found that the reason I couldn't hear him was because he was inhaling and exhaling at the same time I was.

"They caught you, Maximum. You and your two friends. They brought you to the same place we were and locked you in a cage in the same room as Angel. The room right next to mine. You don't know how many times I put my fingers through the bars of my cage and touched the wall separating us, trying to feel your presence...wishing I could just phase through those bars and come to your rescue... I realize now that I had become a bit obsessed with you and maybe even...fallen in love with you." My jaw dropped and I stared ahead blankly. The Voice had fallen in love with me before he had even become The Voice. I decided that that was flattering and creepy at the same time. "I continued to listen to your thoughts and the thoughts of the scientists. When they brought you out onto that field I was shaking with fear. I thought you were going to die, and there was nothing I could do about it. But then you escaped, and I had to stop myself from yelling with joy. The scientists thought I was going mad, because they'd never seen an experiment smile like that before.

"After they lost you, I was instructed to tell them where you were going, but I didn't want to. I told them I wouldn't, and they told me they'd kill me. I told them I didn't care, and I knew that they wouldn't do that, because I meant to much to them. I won't tell you what they did to me, Maximum, because the memories are too painful for me to relive. Finally, though, I was broken. I had been practicing a new technique on the scientists, and decided to practice it on you. It was where I would force myself into someone's mind to see and hear what they saw and heard while still listening to their thoughts. Unfortunately, that technique had very bad effects on the person I was using it on, and I think you had a name for that..." he paused and I remembered flying through the air when a monster headache had struck.

"The brain-blasts..." I muttered, starting to put the pieces together. This was turning out to be the most interesting story I had ever heard...


If this chapter sounds weird and kind of choppy, I apologize. If it doesn't totally go with the book, then in my defense, it's been a while since I read book one. >.> I hope you enjoyed it anyways.

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