Wednesday, May 13, 2009

MR Fanfic (TPPOV) Chapter fifteen

Fang opened his eyes and groaned. He looked around and saw Kalie and Sam walking around, making sure everyone was okay. Fang sat up and rubbed his head. It hurt like crazy. Kalie looked over at him and smiled.

"Hey!" She yelled as she ran over. "How ya feelin'?" She asked as she knelt down besides him.

"Awful." Fang replied shortly. He looked past Kalie and saw Gazzy waking up on the ground. Angel was sitting a little ways away, curled up with her head on her knees. She looked like she was crying. Fang turned the other way and saw Things 1 and 2 sprawled out on the ground with Nudge nearby.

"Where are Iggy and Jasmine?" Fang asked, trying to remember what happened. Kalie looked away.

"Well, you got knocked out before you saw, didn't you? Well, um, they wanted to take Jasmine, but she wouldn't go willingly, so they conked her over the head with the barrel of a gun...then they shoved her in a big sack...We tried to get her back, but I got knocked out like, five seconds after Jasmine was in the sack, so I don't know what happened to Iggy..." Kalie looked down and frowned. Fang stood up and hissed in a breath.

"I'm fine." Fang said as Kalie stood up to help him. Fang walked over to Gazzy and looked him over. "You okay?" Fang asked as he knelt down to Gazzy's level. Gazzy nodded and rubbed his head.

"My head hurts, but other than that I'm okay...I think." Gazzy smiled up at Fang weakly. Fang ruffled Gazzy's hair then walked over to Angel.

" okay?" Fang asked slowly. Angel looked up at him with teary eyes.

"No! They took Max, then they took Jasmine! And Iggy's gone too! Where are they all?" Angel asked. She buried her head in Fang's shoulder and sobbed.

"It's okay, Angel. We'll find them. I want you to stay with the others. I'm going to go look for Iggy." Fang said in a whisper. Angel sniffled and nodded then stood up and walked over to Kalie and hugged her. Fang sighed and stood up then opened his wings. He hissed in a breath as he felt the pain it brought, but quickly shook it off. He took to the air and began flying overhead looking for Iggy.

Fang started with circles, then wider circles, then he just started flying around over the field and bordering woods. He didn't see Iggy anywhere. Why would they want Iggy? Fang wondered to himself. He could see why they'd want Max and Jasmine...Max because she was the leader, Jasmine because Max might be a decoy and she could be the real one. But Iggy? Why would they want him? "IGGY!" Fang yelled as loud as he could. He didn't hear a reply. "IGGY!" Fang yelled again. Iggy was like a brother to him, just like Gazzy was. Suddenly, Fang's ears picked up the distant sound of his name being called. "IGGY!" Fang yelled again as he flew towards the sound of the other shout.

"Fang!" Came the reply. It was louder, and it was Iggy's voice. Fang looked around frantically and saw Iggy limp out of the woods below him. Fang dove down and landed in front of Iggy. Iggy smiled weakly at him. Fang noticed he was leaning with one hand on the tree next to him and his other arm wrapped around his side.

"What happened?" Fang asked him. Iggy moved his arm and Fang saw a lot of blood on his side and sleeve. Immediately, Fang took off the hoodie he had been wearing and rolled up the body of it, wide enough to cover Iggy's wound, then wrapped the hoodie around Iggy's waist and tied the sleeves into a knot on the opposite side of the wound.

"They shoved a sack..." Iggy panted. Fang thought he looked paler than normal, if that was possible.

"Can you fly while you talk?" Fang asked. Iggy nodded. "If you start to fall, let me know, okay?" Fang asked as he watched Iggy fly into the air. Iggy managed a pained chuckle as Fang flew up behind him. Fang led the way back to the others as Iggy continued explaining.

"The M-Geeks that had her started to take off, but I grabbed a couple of them by the ankles and screwed up their flight pattern...they bit the dust and I moved onto the ones that were holding the sack. I grabbed a couple more by the ankles, but they were a bit more steady, so they just kept...flying." Iggy took time to catch his breath then continued. "They flew for a minute or two, really fast, and I had to hold on really tight so I didn't fall. Eventually...they realized I was still holding one turned around and aimed his gun at me. I rolled to the I didn't get shot square on...but they hit my side and I fell down...I don't know how far...and I just barely caught myself with my wings..." Iggy finished and sighed. Fang glanced up over his shoulder at Iggy and scowled.

"You shouldn't have done that." Fang said quietly.

"I had to do something. I didn't...want them to take her away...without a fight." Iggy managed to get out. He was getting weaker.

"We're almost there, Iggy. Hang on, okay?" Fang said. He looked down and ahead and saw the faint group in the distance.

"How...far?" Iggy asked, panting.

"Not too far. Just stay with me, Iggy." Fang replied firmly.

"I...don't think...I can...Fang..." Iggy said. Fang looked up at Iggy and saw his eyes fluttering. Fang flew up and caught Iggy, just as he started to drop.

"Iggy, stay with me!" Fang yelled. He looked towards the group again and saw they were getting closer. Fang flew a little lower and tried to keep himself airborne. It was harder when he was carrying twice his weight.

After what felt like forever, Fang landed in the midst the rest of the group. "You found him!" Kalie said. She smiled for a second, then a worried look came to her face. She glanced at Sam, who was already walking towards Fang and Iggy, and Sam nodded. Kalie reached into her back pocket and pulled out a small cellphone.

"What's that for?" Fang asked as he panted. Sam took Iggy and layed him on the ground. Sam began looking over Iggy's wounds as Kalie answered Fang's question.

"For calling 911." She said gravely.

"You have a working phone?" Fang asked unbelieving.

"It can't call anything other than 911. All cellphones can call 911 as long as they have battery life." Kalie said as she finished dialing. "Anyone remember where we are?" She asked, looking around for a sign.

"Ohio." Gazzy chimed in.

"WHERE in Ohio?" Kalie asked. Suddenly, she started talking to a 911 operator.

"Dayton, I think..." Nudge said wearily. She looked at Fang and nodded, meaning she was all right. She walked over to Iggy and helped Sam figure out how bad it was. Sam had shed his shirt to make another bandage for Iggy's still bleeding side. Gazzy and Angel came over to Fang and stood by him while Thing 1 and Thing 2 flew into the air to keep a lookout for the ambulance. Angel put her small, smooth hand into Fang's larger and rougher one. She squeezed it and he looked down at her.

"Will we be okay?" She asked softly. Fang nodded.

"Everything will be okay." He replied. He tried not to think that he didn't actually know that they would be okay...

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