Saturday, May 23, 2009

Grammar, Spelling, and Capitalization

Okay, I realize that some of you (my readers) don't use correct spelling, capitalization, and grammar. And I realize that I sometimes misspell words, forget punctuation, and use improper grammar, but can't people at least make an effort to try to spell right? Or capitalize words at the beginning of sentences? Please? It makes it so much easier to read your posts and everything... I mean, why do people do it? Really? Is it easier to type? Okay, I'm going to try to type in "text talk" for a sentence and see if it's any easier than regular typing.

k this is me typing n txt tlk n no its not easier its the same

Although I do have to remind myself not to put in commas or anything... I mean, seriously, which is easier to read? *sigh* I guess that because I write like a maniac, this just bugs me a little. --_--

Sorry if I offended any of you guys, I just wanted to say it. And I realize that I also forget to spell correctly and everything sometimes. So this is a post about me, too. Just voicing my opinion. No hard feelings. I still love you guys, I just had to get this off my chest. *deep breath* Ah, much better.


Christine said...


i am a grammar freak. i always correct ppls stuff XD

but when it comes to my writing other than story writing, no caps, is just the way i write.

i used to do no commas, but now i often do commas in the wrong places. both give a certain sound to the person reading.

if you're not used to writing this way, then it's almost harder, to remember to. once you do it though, it's harder to write correctly. except when i'm writing a story, then it comes easy O_o wellll

i've been told that my writing was amazing, and asked if i had taken a class or something.

i've also been told that "it's like i can hear your voice." the way i write like this, it really is that way. it's just a style. to me it has more personality, then to write correctly. i guess.

i kinda copied someone, originally. just the way she wrote.. no caps, no punctuation, and random hahas... was amazing. like, you could hear her speaking, it gave her posts come alive, really.

and i started writing like that and ppl felt the same way. since then it's become a lil more, different.. lol.. i pick up stuff from different ppl totally and so i have my own little way of writing. and i'm sorry if it annoys you, i guess i can see that if you're not used to it, but it's just me. Caps sound different to me... it gives a different sound. also, capitalizing the beginnings of sentences looks uneven to me O__o <-- like that lol.
yo anywho, looongg comment sorry i was just like... explaining hahahahah.

Christine said...

aghhh i said then instead of than (pet peeve!) and i wrote gave instead of make. lol.

mii maker said...

...that was a really weird explanation, Applee. I can hear your voice when you type like that, but I can also hear Sadie's voice on THH when she types correctly. Same with all of the others. Yours just takes me longer to read. ;)
;) The Mii Maker ;)

P.S. How can you be a grammar freak if in regular speaking over the internet you don't watch your grammar? *sigh* It all just confuses me...

Christine said...

sadie? she writes with all sorts of bizarreness lol!

and i am a grammar freak. it drives me crazzzyyy when ppl say then instead of than, etc.

and if someone has something somewhat professional, like an essay or something for their story, i am the first one to correct it.

for my story writing, i write like a normal person in your mind. haha.

for just communication writing, i mix it up a little. but i get the right words in the right places at least. and commas, if they're in the wrong place, is really cuz in my mind, there's a space there. like right there, after in my mind, was a space. i actually picked that up from someone... not on purpose, it just happened. lol.

and yes, i can hear other pplz voices when they use proper capitalizing, etc. but it's a different voice from no caps writing. ppl would hear my voice different if i wrote correctly i think lol.

anyway, another long comment XD hopefully you get what i mean better now. maybe i am just a confusing wacked out person lol. heyy i used to have like no commas or periods think about that lol XD actually i think that's a lot of what shaped my voice so that ppl enjoyed reading it.. cuz it had a certain sound. i kinda dropped that for some reason, but i never know when i might go back to something. i doubt i'll go back to correct caps and stuff though. this is just me. lol. i kinda like how it looks better anyway.

i guess we all have dif tastes haha.

Your Friendly Stalker said...

lol so i don't use caps at all. but i'll sometimes shorten words (like i just did with "capitalization") but i normally pay attention to my grammar and my spelling mistakes. i also use periods and commas in the right places....i just don't bother to use capital letters. i use "lol" and faces a lot in my writing (typing, really....) and it's just how i do it, to express whatever i'm writing. so that's just me. and i don't want this post to go super long, so i'm gonna stop now. =)

mii maker said...

*sigh* Why can't I have readers that sympathize with me?
:| The Mii Maker :|
P.S. If you don't capitalize, fine. But it's really aggravating when you can't read what someone's trying to say when they totally forget punctuation and make all their words short. -_-' And Sadie does use correct capitalization and such, she also makes up words. That's how SHE talks.

And I still don't understand how you can write really well in an essay or whatever, but not in regular communicaiton. That just doesn't make sense to me... *confused*

Your Friendly Stalker said...

Because it's no fun if everyone sympathizes with you!! The point is NOT to sympathize with you! It's more fun that way. =P

And about the part where you do it one way in an essay, but another way's like you learn two different languages. You know when to use say, French, and when to use English. Your brain makes the connection and uses whichever makes more sense to use. In the same way, the brain makes the connection to type "normal" in essays and such and uh..."un-normal" like online and such. Got it? =)

(P.S. Notice I used capital letters--just for you, Mii!!)

Christine said...

yeahh great explaining, reesie XD lol

mii maker said... But I appreciate the use of capital letters. :)
;) The Mii Maker ;)

Jay (THH) said...

I write almost exactly the same way as Reesie... the only difference is that I capitalize words that are always capitalized, not just at the beginnings of sentences, like "I" or "Reesie"... but besides that I write almost exactly the same way.