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MR Fanfic (MPOV) Chapter twenty-one

"Max, what did they do to you in there? You haven't been very talkative..." Jasmine said through the wall. I sighed and put my hands in my head.

"I'm sorry...I'm just not feeling all that great." I said quietly, half hoping she wouldn't hear me.

"Okay, what's wrong?" Jasmine said. I kinda wished she would stop talking to me now...

"I had a really bad headache, and weird dream, and found out those whitecoats were 'observing' me in my sleep." I said softly.

"Like, one of those brain blasting headaches?" Jasmine asked me. I nodded, then realized this was like communicating with Iggy. He couldn't see me, and neither could she...

"I just nodded." I said dryly.

"I figured you did." She replied. There was a pause while both of us just sat there. I was thinking about my Flock...formulating an escape...wishing I had less thoughts in my head.

"I want a pencil." Jasmine said suddenly. I just about jumped out of my skin.

"Why?" I asked her.

"Because I'm bored as a fly on a wall when no one's talking." She replied. I forced a laugh then sighed.

"Max...just get out of here, okay?" Jasmine said softly.

"No, we're getting out of here together." I said firmly.

"Okay...but how?" She asked. Suddenly, I got an idea.

"Okay, do the whitecoats come in with MGeeks when they come in to get you?" I asked her.

"No..." She replied.

"Great. Can you beat up the next whitecoat that comes in to get you, then?" I continued, starting to get pumped.

"Depends on how big the next one is...I can try..." She replied slowly and quietly.

"Okay, if you can, take their whitecoat and make yourself look as evil as possible, just like one of them." I spoke the words just as they were forming in my brain. "Then, you go out and come to my room and get me out, then we go from there." I finished and hoped she was up to the challenge. Te plan required a lot on her part...

"Okay, Max...I'll try." She said quietly. Suddenly, I heard the door to her room open.

"You got this one?" I asked her.

"Yeah. He's scrawny." She whispered back. Suddenly, I heard the whitecoat start talking, then a sudden 'oof', then a few grunts, and then someone falling on the floor.

"You got him?" I asked, pressing my ear against the wall.

"Yep. Whitecoat on, clipboard in hand, and evil smile on face." Jasmine said with a cackle.

"Great! Now come get me out of here!" I said with a smile.

"Will do. Ooh, look at this big loop of keys on his belt..." I could hear her laughing still, and it was funny. I heard her walk out, close the door, then begin walking towards my door. I heard her talking to the MGeeks outside my room, then the door opened. I got up and ran over to the door, happy to be getting out of here.

"Okay, what's the plan, Stan?" She asked in a whisper as we began walking away.

"Honestly...I didn't think we'd make it this give me a minute to think." I replied, hoping my brain would work fast.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

HP, Chapter 7 (You thought I'd forgotten about them, hadn't you?)

If you don't remember where I left off on this, do what I did and read back. :P (Yes, I had to read back to remember what last happened!)

After all of their classes, Albus and Andrea were led up to Professor McGonnagal's office by Professor Longbottom. Andrea looked downright ashamed, where as Albus just looked scared. They came to a stone gargoyle and Professor Longbottom stopped them. "Pumpkin cakes." He said simply, and the statue began to move. As it did, a staircase rose from beneath it. After the staircase was done moving, Professor Longbottom led them up to Professor McGonnagal's office. Professor Longbottom knocked on the door and sighed, looking down sympathetically at Albus and Andrea.

"Come in." Professor McGonnagal said from inside. Longbottom opened the door slowly and pushed Albus and Andrea inside. McGonnagal was sitting behind a large desk, and there were portraits all around the room. Albus and Andrea walked up to the desk and McGonnagal glanced up at them from a scroll she was reading.

"So, what did you two do to earn you a visit to my office?" She asked softly.

"We broke some rules..." Albus said quietly. He heard Andrea sniff beside him.

"What did you do?"

"We were out of the common room when we were supposed to be in it, and we were in a forbidden corridor..." Albus said slowly. McGonnagal sighed.

"Well, then you get to help Hagrid tonight." She said quickly.

"Doing what...?" Albus asked warily. He knew working with Hagrid could only be a punishment if they were doing something terrible.

"You'll see when you get there. You can go down to his cabin now and he'll tell you what to do." McGonnagal said shortly. The two kids nodded and Longbottom began leading them out. Albus glanced around the room as they walked out and noticed most of the portraits appeared to be asleep. There were two that were watching them carefully, though. One was an old man with white hair and a beard, the other had dark hair, a pointed nose, and no beard. Albus's eyes locked with the eyes of the black-haired portrait for a minute, then Albus looked away.

After they were back down the stairs, Longbottom looked down at Albus and Andrea and sighed. "Good luck, you two." He said in a whisper, then walked off.

"Come on." Andrea said glumly. She led Albus down the hall to the large door leading outside. Suddenly, Peeves swept down and floated in front of the two children.

"Congratulations on your first offense!" He said, reaching for Albus's hands. Albus stared at him, slightly confused.

"Go away, Peeves." Andrea said in almost a growl. Peeves stuck his tongue out at her then flew away. They continued on until they got to the door. It was open to the warm evening air. The sky was still light, but you could tell the sun was starting to set. Albus and Andrea slowly made their way down to Hagrid's hut. Hagrid was standing outside with an enormous black dog that Albus knew as Fang.*

"Well, good evening, you two." Hagrid said as they reached his cabin. "Din't expect to see you two 'ere for a punishment, though. 'Ave to admit that." He said with a small smile. Andrea sighed and Albus stuck his hands in his pockets.

"What are we supposed to help you with?" Albus asked warily.

"Findin' a Skrewt's all." Hagrid said quickly.

"Where?" Andrea asked slowly.

"In the Forest." Andrea gasped as Hagrid turned around and started walking towards the Forbidden Forest.

"Um, not to be rude, but last time someone went looking for a Skrewt in there they almost ended up dead." Andrea said.

"Been years since then, yer gunna be fine!" Hagrid said, walking more towards the Forbidden Forest. "Besides, ya got yer wands on ya, right?" He glanced over his shoulder and Albus and Andrea nodded. "Then yer gunna be fine! Now come on!" He said, leading Fang with him. Fang was an old dog, and slow, but it made Hagrid go slower, so Albus didn't mind it.

A few steps into the Forbidden Forest and it was almost completely black. "Stick to the paths, you two." Hagrid said, walking off.

"Where are you going?" Albus asked him.

"To look for the Skrewt! You two stay together!" Hagrid called. Andrea gaped after him as he just walked off, calm as could be.

"I'm scared." Albus whispered. Andrea nodded then sighed.

"Come on. Let's keep moving." Andrea pulled out her wand and said a spell quickly, and the end of her wand lit up. Every time they heard a movement, she shined the light in the direction. Usually it was nothing. Sometimes, though, they thought for sure it was something...

After a few minutes of walking, they came into a small clearing. "Do you know where we are?" Albus asked softly.

"No, but I know how to get back." Andrea said. She sniffed the air and grimaced. "Do you smell that?" She asked in a whisper.

"Yes. What is it?" Albus replied, just as quietly as Andrea had asked her question.

"I don't know, but I'm guessing we'll find out..." Andrea replied. Suddenly, Albus heard a snap behind them. He and Andrea spun around and looked frantically around. Albus saw something out of the corner of his eye and spun to look at it. There was nothing there.

"Andrea, did you see-" He was cut off, though, by a piercing scream. Albus spun around to look for Andrea and didn't see her anywhere.

"Andrea?" He called out. There was no reply. "ANDREA!" He yelled. Suddenly, he pulled out his wand and pointed it towards the sky. A red spark shot out of it and exploded into fireworks above the trees. Albus waited and watched until he heard footsteps pounding towards him. Albus was so scared, he was shaking. He turned and saw Hagrid bound up to him, Fang on his heels.

"Where's Andrea?" Hagrid asked, looking around wildly. Suddenly, Albus burst into tears.

"I turned away from her for a minute, and then she was gone! She screamed, and then she was gone!" Albus threw himself at Hagrid and Hagrid picked Albus up. Hagrid tried to calm him down, but it didn't do any good. "It's all my fault!" Albus wailed. His head was buried in Hagrid's enormous coat, so he didn't see where they were going. He just knew they were walking out of the Forest.

"Wait, we have to find her!" Albus sobbed out.

"No, we have to go tell the teachers. I knew this was a bad idea." Hagrid muttered the last part, and Albus tried to stop crying. He wondered what would happen now...

*Fang is funny as a dog's name. *giggles*

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Grammar, Spelling, and Capitalization

Okay, I realize that some of you (my readers) don't use correct spelling, capitalization, and grammar. And I realize that I sometimes misspell words, forget punctuation, and use improper grammar, but can't people at least make an effort to try to spell right? Or capitalize words at the beginning of sentences? Please? It makes it so much easier to read your posts and everything... I mean, why do people do it? Really? Is it easier to type? Okay, I'm going to try to type in "text talk" for a sentence and see if it's any easier than regular typing.

k this is me typing n txt tlk n no its not easier its the same

Although I do have to remind myself not to put in commas or anything... I mean, seriously, which is easier to read? *sigh* I guess that because I write like a maniac, this just bugs me a little. --_--

Sorry if I offended any of you guys, I just wanted to say it. And I realize that I also forget to spell correctly and everything sometimes. So this is a post about me, too. Just voicing my opinion. No hard feelings. I still love you guys, I just had to get this off my chest. *deep breath* Ah, much better.

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MR Fanfic (TPPOV) Chapter twenty

Fang and Gazzy walked into the cafeteria, and Fang could hear Gazzy's stomach growl. Fang glanced down at Gazzy, and Gazzy blushed. Fang smiled quickly then led Gazzy over to a long counter with food all behind it. Fang grabbed a tray and Gazzy followed his lead. They began making their way along the line, getting as much food as they could fit on their trays. When they got to the end of the counter, they came to a line of people waiting to pay.

"Oh..." Fang said quietly. He had forgotten about having to pay for all of this...

"I have some change in my pockets that I've found on the ground and stuff..." Gazzy said, glancing up at Fang. Gazzy always seemed to know what was going on. He couldn't read minds, but he always knew what you were thinking anyways. Fang cast a small smile at him then looked back to the line.

"I might have to go see if the others have any cash on them..." Fang said quietly. They kept taking baby-steps forward until they got to the front of the line. When they did, the guy at the counter looked at them like they were crazy.

"Do you have enough money for all of that?" He asked, raising an eyebrow.

"We'll see." Fang said, setting his tray on the counter. Fang began digging in his pockets and Gazzy followed his example.

"I think your total comes to..." The guy stopped and stared at the small screen with the price on it. The total came to roughly $100. Fang swallowed hard and glanced down at Gazzy.

"Can you run back and see if any of the others have some money on them, Gazzy?" Fang whispered. Gazzy nodded and dashed off to where the others were. Fang sighed and glanced up at the guy.

"How many people are you feeding?" He asked Fang while glancing down at his tray.

"A few." Fang replied shortly. He wasn't in the mood to talk with this kid. The only kid he was really in the mood to talk to was Gazzy...or Iggy...or Max. He missed Max. He hoped she was okay.

After a few minutes, Gazzy came back, panting. He handed Fang a wad of money and and looked over at the guy behind the counter. "Hopefully that's enough." Gazzy said. "If not," he reached into his pockets and pulled out some change, "here's some more. Not much more, but some more." Gazzy said, smiling. Fang handed the money to the kid behind the counter and the guy began counting it.

"Lucky you," he began after he finished counting the money. "You have just enough here." The kid stuck the money into the cash drawer then smiled at Fang. "Enjoy your meal...s..." He added the "s" as an after thought. Fang nodded then picked up his tray and Gazzy followed suite. Then, they walked back to the others.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

MR Fanfic (MPOV) Chapter nineteen

I finally crawled over to my tray of food and ate it. I was getting bad enough hunger pains that if I didn't, I figured my stomach would eat through my skin... So, I ate the radioactive waste. Once I had finished, I crawled back over to the wall and sat down against it. "You eat yet?" I asked Jasmine.

"No." She replied.

"It's actually not half-bad. That might be the drugs kicking in, but I don't actually mind that." I replied sarcastically. I heard Jasmine sigh and crawl over to the middle of her room and get her food.

"You're right!" I heard her call. "It's not half-bad! It's all bad!" I smiled and closed my eyes...and before I knew it, I was asleep.

I woke up and heard Angel crying. I stood up and walked to where the sound was coming from. It was pitch black in the room, and I had to walk slowly to avoid tripping on things. "Angel...?" I said sleepily. I heard her...but I had no idea where she was. I looked around and couldn't find her. "Angel." I said a little louder.

"Max!" I heard her yell. She sounded scared.

"Angel! Where are you?" I yelled into the darkness. My adrenaline was starting to pump.

"Max!" I heard her sob.

"Angel!" I yelled again. This time there was no reply. "Angel!" I yelled again, desperate for any sound.

Suddenly, I heard a yell, but it came from me. It felt like my head was exploding. It was one of those headaches I hadn't had in a of those that I thought I had gotten past. I knelt down on the ground and screamed. My head hurt so bad... But why? It hadn't hurt like this in ages!

It'll be okay, Max...

I moaned as the Voice talked to me. I cradled my head in my arms, wishing for someone to comfort me but at the same time thankful that no one could witness this...

Suddenly, light flashed in my eyes. I was in a white room, on a table, looking up at the ceiling. I looked around and saw some whitecoats looking at me. Others were discussing things among themselves. My head hurt like crazy...but it had all just been a dream... Or had it?

"How long have I been in here? What's going on?" I asked fiercely.

"You've been in this particular room for a few hours. And we're just examining you. You talk in your sleep. Well, it was more like a moan." The stupid whitecoat I hit in the face with the glass said. He had a massive bruise on his head and his whole forehead was red...

"Examining me sleeping??" I asked, trying to get up. I realized I was strapped down.

"Yes. Seeing how you react to certain things." He said.

"What 'certain things'?" I asked as I glared at him. He smiled an almost evil smile and turned away. I glared at the back of his head as another whitecoat came over to me and undid the velcro straps holding me down. I got up quickly and glanced around the room. There were lots of medical things and viles of colored liquid all over the room. The whitecoat took my arm and I growled at him, then he led me out and back to my room.

I don't know if you've seen this, but...

IT'S AWESOME!! Dude, if you don't like some acapella after this, you have no soul. :P

I love Star Wars songs...

If the link didn't work, please tell me. I don't know if I've ever done that sort of thing on my blog before...

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I told her I was gonna write it, so here it is. Bear with me. :P

Mom, I said I'd write it, so just take a seat.
Just find a comfy chair and plant your little feet.
You say you don't like poetry, but please bear with me,
Because you're getting a poem, so just don't flee from me.

When life gave me lemmons, I didn't really know what to do.
So, I brought 'em to ya, and you told me what I should do.
Usually in a song, or a silly rhyme,
But that was the type of thing that helped me pass the time.

You're crazy, and you're goofy, and a little bit insane,
But that's why I love you, you're no 'ordinary Jane'.
You're fun, and you're helpful, you're also kind of odd,
But you are a gift from heaven, given to me from God.

Even though when I grow up, I'll probably need therapy,
(I know I won't be alone though, you have a sister, see?)
I'm still glad God gave me you, and I didn't have to pick,
Because He gave me the perfect mom, the one He knew would click.


MR Fanfic (MPOV) Chapter eightteen

I was almost asleep when I heard Jasmine wake up in the other room. I knew she had woken up because she groaned. Usually, people only groan when they're waking up, not asleep. Although Gazzy does talk in his sleep sometimes, it's never a groan. "Jasmine!" I said while knocking on the wall.

"I hear the angels calling to me..." She mumbled, still sounding half-unconscious.

"I'll take that as a compliment. It's me, Max! I'm in the next room over!" I said, tapping on the wall again after I finished. Jasmine groaned again.

"I hurt all over..." She said. I figured she was just laying on the floor...I didn't hear her moving closer to me, but I could hear her just fine from where she was.

"Yeah. I figure you flew into the back of the wind tunnel when you wouldn't 'whip out your wings'." I said, imitating the voice of one of the whitecoats at the last part. Jasmine snorted.

"Yeah, that's 'cause I don't have wings. When do you think they'll realize that?" She asked. I heard her slowly make her way closer to the wall.

"When they do an X-ray and actually see that you have a normal amount of bones in your body." I replied dryly. I heard her lean against the wall heavily. "Do you think anything's broken?" I asked her hesitantly.

"No, just bruised. I'd know if anything was broken. Well, I like to think I'd know, anyways..." Jasmine replied. I half-smiled then sighed.

"We need to come up with an escape plan." I said to her.

"Okay, here's the plan. Ditch me, get the others, come raid the place, get me, then leave again." Jasmine said. I wasn't sure if she was being serious or not, but I didn't like that plan.

"I'm not gonna leave you hear by yourself." I replied firmly.

"Relax, Max! I'll have plenty of whitecoats to keep me company!" She said. That time I knew she was joking. She chuckled then continued. "'Relax' and 'Max' rhyme." She said with a smile in her voice. I rolled my eyes and realized it didn't have much effect through a wall...

"I just rolled my eyes at you." I said to her, like I had said to Iggy many a time.

"I figured as much." She replied quietly. " you have a plan of escape for the both of us?" She asked quietly.

"...Not yet..."


"...Yeah..." I leaned back and sighed.

"It's okay, Max. We'll get out. Where there's a will, there's a way." She was trying to encourage me, but I wasn't really getting encouraged. I mean, we were trapped in some nut house with...well, a bunch of nut jobs. Plus, I couldn't count on just flying away. Not with Jasmine here. I probably wouldn't be able to carry her while flying. I figured she weighed more than I did, since she was a regular person.

"We just need to figure out a plan..." I said quietly. I could almost feel her thinking. It was like, a vibe that penetrated through the was cool. In an un-cool situation...

"Are they gonna do more tests on me?" Jasmine asked suddenly.

"Probably." I replied shortly.

"Fudge." She said. I laughed.

"'Fudge'?" I asked her, smiling.

"Yeah. It's my 'alternative swear word'." She sounded like she was smiling, too. See? Even when faced with multiple difficulties, I can still smile and laugh. Danger, I laugh at thee! Death, I laugh at thee more! Ha ha ha!

Suddenly, the door opened and a tray of food slid in on the floor. The door closed as quickly as it had opened. "It's dinner time!" I said through the wall, more quietly than I had been talking before.

"What do you think the mashed potatoes are laced with?" I heard Jasmine asked quietly. I chuckled then looked back at the food.

"Those are mashed potatoes? I thought that was...radioactive waste..." I said slowly. I heard Jasmine laugh and it brightened my spirits to know she wasn't all down about this. She was laughing in the face of danger, like me. Which started to show me just how much like me she really was...

Friday, May 15, 2009

MR Fanfic (TPPOV) Chapter seventeen

The medics had loaded Iggy into the ambulance and hooked him up to all kinds of things. There was only enough room for Fang, Nudge, Gazzy, Angel and Total to be in the ambulance with Iggy and the paramedics. Angel was squeezing Fang's hand over and over, Nudge had tears in her eyes, but Gazzy looked the worst. Iggy was basically his best friend, and Gazzy was scared he was going to lose him.

"It'll be okay." Fang mouthed to Gazzy. He pushed the bad thought out of his mind because Angel was sitting right next to him. Angel sniffed and rubbed her eyes with her free hand. The other group was flying overhead, supposedly. Fang closed his eyes and thought about Max as the ambulance sped along. Finally, after what seemed like years, they pulled into the hospital-ambulance parking lot. Fang scurried out of the back of the ambulance with Angel, Gazzy, Nudge, and Total, while the paramedics hurried Iggy into the ER.

"Come on." Fang said as the other group landed behind them. They ran inside the ER and asked the woman at the desk where they had taken Iggy.

"I'm sorry, but you can't see him. They have to check over his wounds, and it's just easier without everyone in there." The woman replied in her helium-voice. Fang glared around the room then turned back to the woman behind the desk.

"When do we get to see him?" He asked quietly.

"When the doctors say you can." She replied shortly while typing on the computer in front of her. Fang sighed then led the others over to a group of empty chairs. They all took a seat and tried their best to pass the time.

Angel and Fang were on a small, two person couch, and Angel leaned over and rested her head on Fang's lap. "I'm scared, Fang." She whispered so only Fang could hear. Fang rubbed her head and looked away from her.

"It'll be okay. Just relax." Fang replied quietly. Angel sighed and Fang felt her body relax. In minutes, she was asleep.

Fang leaned back and tried to relax, but there were way too many thoughts going through his head to relax. "You okay, Fang?" Kalie asked in a whisper. Fang nodded, because physically, he was. Mentally, he was a wreck.

"Fang..." Gazzy began slowly.

"Yeah, Gazzy?" Fang asked quietly.

"I'm hungry." Gazzy said as he picked some dirt out from underneath his fingernails. Fang smiled and sighed.

"Okay, you and me will go find some food. We'll bring some back for the rest of you guys, too." Fang said as he gently stood up and layed Angel's sleeping body on the couch. "Come on, Gazzy." Fang said as he stepped lightly past Gazzy. Gazzy stood up an followed Fang to the desk where they asked where they cafeteria was. After receiving this information, the two walked off to get some food, still thinking about Iggy.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

MR Fanfic (MPOV) Chapter sixteen

The firsts tests I went through were strength tests. They had me lifting weights, pulling things, just plain old pain. After lifting and pulling as much as I could, I was exhausted. But do whitecoats care? No. So then they took me to a room with a treadmill in it. I got hooked up to a bunch of wires then I was told to run. So I did. Problem was, they kept jacking the speed up. Not cool. Finally, I just couldn't go anymore. So I stopped running, whipped my wings out, and took down two whitecoats behind me as I went down. It was classic.

After that, I was taken back down the hallway to my room. On the way we passed a door with a small window on it. I peeked through and got a glance of Jasmine. She was in some kind of She looked scared, but angry too. The whitecoat tried to get me moving, but he was such a weenie that he backed off after one glare from me. I watched as Jasmine's hair started to blow behind her, and I realized she was in a wind tunnel thing. She yelled something, but I couldn't make out what it was. She appeared to be struggling against the wind...

"They want to see if she has wings too..." I whispered. They thought Jasmine was me...and that I was like, a decoy or something! That's why they grabbed Jasmine!

"Okay, enough looking." The whitecoat said finally. I glared at him, but I didn't really want to see how this would end anyways, so I walked. I was led back to my boring room, and I stepped in. There was a glass cup on the floor.

"Lookie there! You got a cup!" The whitecoat said with moc-enthusiasm. I picked up the glass and in one swift motion I turned around and chucked it at him. It hit him square in the face.

"OW!" He screamed. Like a girl, I might add. He glared at me and an M-Geek picked up the cup. "No more privileges for you." He growled. I smiled sweetly and shrugged.

"Oh no! What ever shall I do?" I said sarcastically. The whitecoat glared a little bit more then stormed off, the door closing behind him. Right now, I was surprised I wasn't in a cage... Which led me to wonder, who was I kidnapped by this time? Itex was out of the picture, right? So was this Mr. Chu's organization? Or someone completely knew? They had M-Geeks, so I was betting on Mr. Chu...

I sat down against the door again and rubbed my head. I knew I'd be asleep pretty fast. I was exhausted... But I wanted to stay awake long enough to try to hear where they were keeping Jasmine. I figured she couldn't be too far away. And there was a room next door...if she was staying in there we could work out a plan by talking through the walls. Suddenly, I heard a door open and someone walking out.

"Wow, either she really doesn't have wings or she's not ever going to let us see them..." I heard an unfamiliar voice say. Male voice...

"Yeah, I was quite surprised at that. But, also not. I mean, where would they find another human/avian hybrid that looked just like Experiment One?" That was a female annoying female voice. I heard the two sets of footsteps make their way to the room next door. One set was light and hard to detect, the others were loud and heavy sounding. I figured the guy was carrying Jasmine... I heard the two people walk into the room next door then after a minute they walked back out. I crawled over to the wall between the two rooms and tapped on it lightly.

"Jasmine." I said. My first inclination was to whisper it, but then I remembered she wouldn't actually hear that... "Jasmine!" I said a little louder. I figured she was unconscious. I sighed and leaned against the wall.

"Well, then. I'll wait for you to wake up." I said softly. I then realized I had just talked to myself.

You know what they say, talking to yourself is the first sign of insanity. The Voice said. It sounded like it was smiling.

Shut up. I thought wearily. The first sign to insanity is a voice in your head OTHER THAN YOUR OWN. And I don't mean Angel. I growled while thinking. Man, that Voice could really be annoying sometimes...actually, all the time.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

MR Fanfic (TPPOV) Chapter fifteen

Fang opened his eyes and groaned. He looked around and saw Kalie and Sam walking around, making sure everyone was okay. Fang sat up and rubbed his head. It hurt like crazy. Kalie looked over at him and smiled.

"Hey!" She yelled as she ran over. "How ya feelin'?" She asked as she knelt down besides him.

"Awful." Fang replied shortly. He looked past Kalie and saw Gazzy waking up on the ground. Angel was sitting a little ways away, curled up with her head on her knees. She looked like she was crying. Fang turned the other way and saw Things 1 and 2 sprawled out on the ground with Nudge nearby.

"Where are Iggy and Jasmine?" Fang asked, trying to remember what happened. Kalie looked away.

"Well, you got knocked out before you saw, didn't you? Well, um, they wanted to take Jasmine, but she wouldn't go willingly, so they conked her over the head with the barrel of a gun...then they shoved her in a big sack...We tried to get her back, but I got knocked out like, five seconds after Jasmine was in the sack, so I don't know what happened to Iggy..." Kalie looked down and frowned. Fang stood up and hissed in a breath.

"I'm fine." Fang said as Kalie stood up to help him. Fang walked over to Gazzy and looked him over. "You okay?" Fang asked as he knelt down to Gazzy's level. Gazzy nodded and rubbed his head.

"My head hurts, but other than that I'm okay...I think." Gazzy smiled up at Fang weakly. Fang ruffled Gazzy's hair then walked over to Angel.

" okay?" Fang asked slowly. Angel looked up at him with teary eyes.

"No! They took Max, then they took Jasmine! And Iggy's gone too! Where are they all?" Angel asked. She buried her head in Fang's shoulder and sobbed.

"It's okay, Angel. We'll find them. I want you to stay with the others. I'm going to go look for Iggy." Fang said in a whisper. Angel sniffled and nodded then stood up and walked over to Kalie and hugged her. Fang sighed and stood up then opened his wings. He hissed in a breath as he felt the pain it brought, but quickly shook it off. He took to the air and began flying overhead looking for Iggy.

Fang started with circles, then wider circles, then he just started flying around over the field and bordering woods. He didn't see Iggy anywhere. Why would they want Iggy? Fang wondered to himself. He could see why they'd want Max and Jasmine...Max because she was the leader, Jasmine because Max might be a decoy and she could be the real one. But Iggy? Why would they want him? "IGGY!" Fang yelled as loud as he could. He didn't hear a reply. "IGGY!" Fang yelled again. Iggy was like a brother to him, just like Gazzy was. Suddenly, Fang's ears picked up the distant sound of his name being called. "IGGY!" Fang yelled again as he flew towards the sound of the other shout.

"Fang!" Came the reply. It was louder, and it was Iggy's voice. Fang looked around frantically and saw Iggy limp out of the woods below him. Fang dove down and landed in front of Iggy. Iggy smiled weakly at him. Fang noticed he was leaning with one hand on the tree next to him and his other arm wrapped around his side.

"What happened?" Fang asked him. Iggy moved his arm and Fang saw a lot of blood on his side and sleeve. Immediately, Fang took off the hoodie he had been wearing and rolled up the body of it, wide enough to cover Iggy's wound, then wrapped the hoodie around Iggy's waist and tied the sleeves into a knot on the opposite side of the wound.

"They shoved a sack..." Iggy panted. Fang thought he looked paler than normal, if that was possible.

"Can you fly while you talk?" Fang asked. Iggy nodded. "If you start to fall, let me know, okay?" Fang asked as he watched Iggy fly into the air. Iggy managed a pained chuckle as Fang flew up behind him. Fang led the way back to the others as Iggy continued explaining.

"The M-Geeks that had her started to take off, but I grabbed a couple of them by the ankles and screwed up their flight pattern...they bit the dust and I moved onto the ones that were holding the sack. I grabbed a couple more by the ankles, but they were a bit more steady, so they just kept...flying." Iggy took time to catch his breath then continued. "They flew for a minute or two, really fast, and I had to hold on really tight so I didn't fall. Eventually...they realized I was still holding one turned around and aimed his gun at me. I rolled to the I didn't get shot square on...but they hit my side and I fell down...I don't know how far...and I just barely caught myself with my wings..." Iggy finished and sighed. Fang glanced up over his shoulder at Iggy and scowled.

"You shouldn't have done that." Fang said quietly.

"I had to do something. I didn't...want them to take her away...without a fight." Iggy managed to get out. He was getting weaker.

"We're almost there, Iggy. Hang on, okay?" Fang said. He looked down and ahead and saw the faint group in the distance.

"How...far?" Iggy asked, panting.

"Not too far. Just stay with me, Iggy." Fang replied firmly.

"I...don't think...I can...Fang..." Iggy said. Fang looked up at Iggy and saw his eyes fluttering. Fang flew up and caught Iggy, just as he started to drop.

"Iggy, stay with me!" Fang yelled. He looked towards the group again and saw they were getting closer. Fang flew a little lower and tried to keep himself airborne. It was harder when he was carrying twice his weight.

After what felt like forever, Fang landed in the midst the rest of the group. "You found him!" Kalie said. She smiled for a second, then a worried look came to her face. She glanced at Sam, who was already walking towards Fang and Iggy, and Sam nodded. Kalie reached into her back pocket and pulled out a small cellphone.

"What's that for?" Fang asked as he panted. Sam took Iggy and layed him on the ground. Sam began looking over Iggy's wounds as Kalie answered Fang's question.

"For calling 911." She said gravely.

"You have a working phone?" Fang asked unbelieving.

"It can't call anything other than 911. All cellphones can call 911 as long as they have battery life." Kalie said as she finished dialing. "Anyone remember where we are?" She asked, looking around for a sign.

"Ohio." Gazzy chimed in.

"WHERE in Ohio?" Kalie asked. Suddenly, she started talking to a 911 operator.

"Dayton, I think..." Nudge said wearily. She looked at Fang and nodded, meaning she was all right. She walked over to Iggy and helped Sam figure out how bad it was. Sam had shed his shirt to make another bandage for Iggy's still bleeding side. Gazzy and Angel came over to Fang and stood by him while Thing 1 and Thing 2 flew into the air to keep a lookout for the ambulance. Angel put her small, smooth hand into Fang's larger and rougher one. She squeezed it and he looked down at her.

"Will we be okay?" She asked softly. Fang nodded.

"Everything will be okay." He replied. He tried not to think that he didn't actually know that they would be okay...

More pictures!

These are my dolls! This was at a mother/daughter tea party we had at our church. Mom and I decorated, and this was part of the decorations! Aren't they cute? Having their own little tea party!
Here they are with the flowers and food on their little plates...

Mmmmmmm...this was the food for the actual people. These were the "cold" trays that we had. We also had trays with hot food on them. Man, that was good...
And THESE are the desserts. These were better than the real food. Mom made the little things with the strawberries on them. And the yellow lemon squares. *starts drooling* I wish we had brought more food home... Oh, and I helped plate the food. :D Looks purty purty, don't it?
Oh yeah, we had a LOT of food. There were a lot of people there. People from two churches! *sigh* good times...
NO, I DID NOT DRAW THIS. I merely colored it. :) Angel wanted someone to color it for her, so I used my colored pencils and did it. :D It was fun to do, but the camera kinda takes out some of the cool shading I did...
I don't know if she's Faith, Hope, or Peace...

Okay, here's the full story. The other day, me, Cody, and my baby brother (he will now be named Guy, just because I'm sick of writing "baby brother") went to our grandparents house. Cody and grandpa started cleaning up around the outside of the house while me, grandma, and Guy took a walk out to take the trash/composteystuff/whatever out to where it was supposed to go. When we got back to where the other boys were, we went over and started talking to them. We talked for a little then grandpa said, "[Cody's real name here] is a home wrecker!""Did you get a wasps nest?" Grandma asked."Nope." Grandpa said."Bees?" "Nope." "It wasn't hornets?" "Nope." "...was it a nest?" Grandma asked a little quieter. If it had been bees or hornets or wasps, I wouldn't have felt so bad...but a bird's nest...? "Yep. You know that piece of metal we found that had come off of the side of the house? Well, we found where it came from, and a bird had gone in there a built a nest. I went and pulled it out-it was a pretty good nest, in a really good spot, really warm in there-and there were three eggs in it." Grandpa explained. By this time, grandma and I were all ears, but Guy was still goofing off and just talking up a storm. We weren't paying much attention to what he was saying, though."I kept pulling brush out of there, and a forth egg rolled right out! I didn't realize it was there, and it hit the ground and broke." Grandpa continued, and I felt a little bit of a pain for the mama bird. I mean, it's just sad...isn't it?"Where are the other eggs?" Grandma asked."In the barn," Grandpa replied."Well, get out the incubator!" Grandma said this a couple times with much determination. Grandpa shook his head."Was it ours?" He asked rhetorically. Grandma sighed."No, it was the schools..." My spirits dropped again. What was gonna happen to those little eggs?"How far along were they?" Grandma asked to grandpa and Cody."Now sure...did you see anything in that egg that fell?" Grandpa asked Cody."I think a little bit..." Cody replied uncertainly. The conversation kept going with us trying to figure out what to do with the eggs."Can we go look at them?" I asked finally."Yep, they're right in on the counter in there." Grandpa said with a nod of his head. We all got up and went into the barn, which was a short walk away from where we had been sitting. Cody and I went in and walked right over to the eggs, which were a light turquoise and oblong in shape. There were three there. I picked them up and looked at them. They had cooled down a bit, it felt like... We looked at the eggs and noticed one had a small dent in it. When we showed it to grandma, she knew it wouldn't grow into a bird at all. I wrapped the eggs up in a light blue washcloth that grandpa handed to me and I put them in my hands. I tried to keep them as warm as I could, and me-the frozen handed girl- actually got those eggs pretty warm! When grandma did see the dented egg and told us it wouldn't survive at all because it's space had been invaded, she opened it up and looked inside. Sure enough, there was actually a little white dot in there. The beginning of a baby bird.When we came home, we had the eggs. There was a nest nearby where we do our schoolwork and where mom works. We compared the eggs to those that we knew were robin's eggs for a fact, and our eggs were bigger and a different shade of blue. But after doing some research, we found that they were still robin eggs. We kept the eggs at our house over night, wrapped in a washcloth and a towel and put under the small lamp in my room. Then, this morning, we took them to the other nest. Mama Robin hasn't seemed to mind them, but I just hope that the two little eggs will grow up to be little birds.
And then...about a week later...
UPDATE: Okay, guys. Here's the update: Today I went to check on the nest because I looked out the window and saw a little bit of blue and knew she wasn't on it, but when I went out and looked at it, there was only one egg in the nest! The others were on the ground! I saw four of the five that should have been on the ground, but I didn't look for the last one. I think the three original eggs that Mama Robin had were pretty far along, too. I don't know what happened, but the nest was tipped a bit, so we don't know if something tried to get the eggs or if they all fell over or what. Cody and Guy followed me out and Guy heard a bird and said "The bird is crying!" then imitated the noise. And it did sound like crying. It was sooo sad, and I think Mama Bird abandoned the nest...

Well, I hope you enjoyed these pictures from yours truly! :D If not, oh well! :P

Enjoy!! :D

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Happy Mothers Day, mom!

This is a post for my mom, just because she rocks, and I love her sooo much. I mean, she's done so many cool things for me. She's loved me, fed me, clothed me...all those important things. I mean, she's the best mom ever. She's crazy, and weird, and goofy, but it just makes me love her more. I couldn't have chosen a better mom, so I'm glad God chose her for me. :) So, Mom, this is a post for you. I love you so so so so so so so much! I love you!! Thanks for all you do for me, and thanks for always being there. :) I <3 you, Mom! *hugs and kisses to mommy*

Thanks Mom. :) I'll come up with a sappy poem for you later. :)

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MR Fanfic (MPOV) Chapter fourteen

I woke up with a start after I heard screaming in the hallway. I must have fallen asleep while formulating my plan. I got up and walked to the door and gently put my ear against it. I listened hard and heard a familiar voice...mine.

"Let me go, you-you-you stupid, little-" I was grunting between every word. But it wasn't me, because I was here... Then I got it. They went back and got Jasmine. I pounded on the door and yelled.

"HEY! You were supposed to leave her and the others alone!" This really messed up my plan. I could get out easily if I only had to worry about me. But if I had to worry about her...that would mean I'd have to rethink our escape...and I had to take into account that she didn't have wings or anything... This was going to be difficult.

"Max!" I heard Jasmine yell. She was right outside my door. I could hear her kicking and punching.

"Let her go you dumbots!" I yelled, banging on the door some more.

"Max!!" Her voice was high-pitched and scared...and farther away. They were taking her to another room. Down the hall...

Fudge. I thought as I slid my back against the door and sighed. I put my hands in my head and groaned.

Just calm down and think, Max. The Voice chimed in. You know when you want to punch something? Now was that time for me. I wished I could punch the would make my life so much easier...

I'm trying, but all of this junk just makes it harder! I thought. I just wanted to sleep... I wish I could sleep...

Suddenly, the door opened and I fell backwards. I looked up and saw that doofy whitecoat from before. "Ready for your tests?" He asked with a twisted smile. I sneered at him and growled. "I'll take that as a yes!" He grabbed my arm and pulled me up. He began leading me down the hall and the two M-Geeks followed. I sighed and tried to work out a plan to get out of here with Jasmine...

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I'm in the midst of a Star Wars obsession...

If you can guess who these adorable little chibbis are, you will receive a cookie! :P

MR Fanfic (MPOV) Chapter thirteen

I flew in a pack of M-Geeks, following the first ones and making sure I didn't get too close to the ones in the back. As we flew, I thought about my Flock. I really hoped they would be okay without me and formulate a plan or something... I had a plan working in my head to get out of whatever place I was put in, but I hoped both of the groups would be okay... Well, this makes it much harder to get Jasmine back to her mom... I thought with a sigh. I glanced over my shoulder at the M-Geek directly behind me and he pointed his gun at me. "I'm flyin', I'm flyin'..." I mumbled as I looked forward again. I really wanted one of them to cry "MUTINY!" and just start taking out other M-Geeks... Unfortunately, that didn't happen.

We flew for hours, and I was starting to get REALLY hungry. I glanced over and saw a bird in the distance...and if it would have been roasted, I probably would have eaten it. "Any of you guys got any food?" I asked rhetorically.

"Negative." The head M-Geek said. I rolled my eyes.

"That was a rhetorical question." I retorted with a snort.

We continued flying until I was ready to drop out of the sky. And I almost did. But I caught myself before the M-Geeks had to grab me. I didn't want their cold, metal arms to touch me. Ugh. Finally, after flying for FOREVER, we saw a big, white, boring looking building down below us. The M-Geeks went into a full out dive, and I was forced to follow, even though every fiber of my being was screaming at me to turn around. But I knew that if I did turn around, I'd be Swiss cheese in about 3.2 seconds. Not a good idea.

We landed on the ground and two M-Geeks grabbed my arms while one led the way and the others pointed their arm-mounted guns at my back. I sighed as I was led through the automatic doors and into a hallway.

"We've captured the mutant 'Max-HIH-mum Ride." The head M-Geek yelled. I winced as he pronounced my name wrong yet again. A man walked up, one I hadn't seen before, but he was wearing a whitecoat, so I knew he wasn't a good guy.

"Excellent!" He said, rubbing his hands together. He looked like he was going to drool. It was rather disgusting. "The boss is gonna be so happy!" He said as he led the M-Geeks and me down another hallway.

"So, who is 'the boss' anyways?" I asked as I was led into a large, white-walled, boring room.

"That's information you don't need to know." The whitecoat said coldly. I rolled my eyes. The whitecoat turned around and eyed me eagerly.

"You'll be staying in here until we're notified to move you. If you behave, we might even get you a bed." The whitecoat said with an evil smile. I glared at him.

"Then I won't count on getting a bed." I growled. The whitecoat looked taken a bit off guard, and that made me feel better. He turned and walked out, and the M-Geeks followed him. The door closed and I heard a couple M-Geeks stay behind to guard the door.

I looked around the room and sighed. There was absolutely NOTHING in there. Not even a spot on the wall to stare at. I sat down against one of the walls and began perfecting my plan...

Sunday, May 3, 2009

MR Fanfic (MPOV) Chapter twelve

"Okay, everybody up!" I said as I pulled into the McDonalds parking lot. I heard people waking up and I undid my seat belt. "I said, EVERYBODY UP!" I yelled as I turned around to look in the back. Gazzy was rubbing his eyes, Iggy was stretching, and Kalie was gradually waking up.

"You don't have to yell..." Iggy mumbled. I smiled then looked into the very back of the van. Thing 1 was pushing Thing 2 off of her and onto Fang.

"Stop pushing!" Thing 2 whined with her eyes still closed. Fang opened his eyes and looked up at me, then he looked out the windows. I glanced over at Sam and Nudge and gave Nudge a little...nudge.

"Rise and shine, guys!" I said as I opened the door. It was a rather chilly morning, up North.

"Max, close the door!" I heard Angel say. I walked over to her door and opened it, and she practically fell into my arms. Total, who had been on her lap, yelped as he fell out onto the ground.

"Time for breakfast, you guys!" I said as I pulled Angel out. Gazzy came out next, then Iggy, then Kalie, and all the others. Sam and Nudge crawled out of the passenger side door while I ushered everyone else inside. I stood at the door and counted heads, almost losing track of who was who.

We got inside and I walked over to the counter. "Okay, who has money?" I asked as I looked over the breakfast menu. I didn't realize these places opened so early... But by looking at the clock, I realized it was too early... If I was reading it right...

"I've got a little money," Kalie said slowly. She handed me some coins and I began counting them. I heard a sigh and Jasmine came to the front of the group.

"Outta the way, I've got money for ya." She said in a rather bummed-out voice. She pulled out an envelope and looked at the group. "I'll probably be able to pay meal? Two if none of you get greedy." She said with a yawn. I looked down at the envelope. It wasn't that big, so she had better have some big bucks in there...

"Okay, guys, order." I said, moving out of the way for my Flock to order. Gazzy went first, then Iggy, then Nudge, Angel, Fang, then me. After we went, the other group ordered. Starting with Kalie, then Sam, then Thing 1 and Thing 2. Finally, Jasmine rounded out the count. Compared to us, she ordered daintily.

"Are you guys sure you're gonna eat all that?" The guy behind the counter asked. Jasmine nodded.

"They have the metabolism of athletes." Jasmine said shortly. I was getting the vibe that she wasn't a morning person...

After a minute of waiting, we got out food and found a place to sit. We sat in groups: My Flock and the other group with Jasmine. We scarfed down our food in a matter of minutes. I glanced over at the other group and saw that all of them had finished their food pretty quickly too. Jasmine ate a little slower, but I guess that's because she wasn't as hungry as us, probably because she didn't have bird DNA in her. I glanced towards the door just in time to see a group of M-Geeks walk in.

"Guys, M-Geeks." I whispered loud enough for the other group to hear. We stood up and I led my group to the door. The other group followed close behind. "Ready, guys?" I asked in a whisper as the M-Geeks' robot eyes scanned our group.

"Max-HIH-mum Ride," half of the M-Geeks said to me. The other M-Geeks said it to Jasmine, who was standing behind Sam and Kalie. "Come with us." They droned on.

"Not until you learn how to say my name right." I retorted, crossing my hands over my chest. They pointed their arms at us, and I realized they had guns this time. Well, there goes plan A... I thought with a sigh. Angel, I'm thinking that I'm gonna have to give up this one. We can't fight guns...I can't risk that for you guys. I sighed as Angel grabbed onto my arms.

"No, Max." She whispered. I set my jaw and looked straight into the eyes of the first M-Geek.

"All right, I'll go. As long as you robo-brains don't hurt my Flock." I said, gesturing to the entire group. The main M-Geek nodded. I felt Fang tense next to me, and I heard the subtle whispers of the group. Angel, tell them why I had to go after we're gone, okay? I thought to her. I hoped she was still taking my messages...

"You too." Another M-Geek said, pointing his gun at Jasmine. She jumped and looked over at me. I clenched my teeth and looked at the M-Geeks.

"Hey, I'm Max, she's not. She stays." I said firmly. The main M-Geek nodded shortly and took my arm. He put his gun to my back as I walked ahead of him. I heard a few silent sobs, and I knew the group was not happy about this... Come to think of it, I wasn't very happy about it either. When will the bad guys learn to fight fair?

MR Fanfic (MPOV) Chapter eleven

I woke up as dawn started to creep upon us. I felt the sun in my eyes and opened them. Nudge was still asleep on top of me, so I couldn't really move much. I looked over at the drivers seat to see that Fang wasn't there. It was Sam. He looked tired, but alert. "How ya doin'?" I asked him in a mumble.

"Fine." He mumbled back. Wow, we were a talkative group.

"When did you start driving?" I asked him as I stretched my arms over my head.

"Not sure. It was still pretty dark out." He replied as he turned on the left blinker. He turned carefully around the corner and I looked around for a sign.

"Where are we?" I asked him, still looking for some sign to tell me.

"Ohio." I said. We were heading North, because that's where we had picked up Jasmine. I looked back at her and saw she was still asleep by the window. Thing 1 and Thing 2 were squished together next to the other window, and Fang was planted right in between Thing 2 and Jasmine. I felt my heart beat a little harder. No, I wasn't jealous I was...just...protective.

"What's he doing back there?" I asked as I turned back to Sam.

"Thing 2 was bugging Jasmine, and although they weren't loud enough to wake everyone else up, they were keeping Fang awake, so he moved back there to break them up. It was all Thing 2's fault, so don't worry about him trying to get cozy with Jazz, okay?" He replied. I wondered if he could read minds... I really hoped he couldn't, because I really didn't need a new guy reading my mind. I already had Angel to do that, and I didn't like it. I glanced back at Fang again, and he did look uncomfortable... That was reassuring.

"How'd you sleep?" Sam asked me as I turned back around.

"Fine." I replied. Truthfully, I had slept goooood. Like, really good.

"Great, then you can take over driving." Sam said as he pulled over to the side of the road. It wasn't busy on this road at this time of day, so traffic wasn't a problem for us. Sam came around to my side of the car and waited for me to get out. I moved slowly and lifted up Nudge's head so I didn't wake her up. Sam crawled into the seat and immediately closed his eyes. He was tired, so I'd let him sleep. I walked around to the driver's side of the car and crawled in. And we were off again.

Do you know how reassuring it is to hear your Flock snore in peace? No? Well, it's wonderful. Except it makes you wish you were asleep. I heard someone yawn and sit up behind me, and I glanced into my rear-view mirror to see Gazzy waking up. "Max, I'm hungry." He whispered while rubbing his eyes. I smiled.

"Me too. We'll pull off and get some food soon, okay?" I replied to him. He nodded and slumped back over, leaning his head on Iggy's shoulder. I chuckled. Iggy was being practically every one's pillow. Gazzy on one side, Kalie on the other, and Angel on his lap. Was it safe? No. Did I care? Not really. I began looking around for a place to eat...somewhere fast and cheap. And I saw it: A good ol' Micky Ds, also known as McDonalds.