Tuesday, May 19, 2009

MR Fanfic (MPOV) Chapter nineteen

I finally crawled over to my tray of food and ate it. I was getting bad enough hunger pains that if I didn't, I figured my stomach would eat through my skin... So, I ate the radioactive waste. Once I had finished, I crawled back over to the wall and sat down against it. "You eat yet?" I asked Jasmine.

"No." She replied.

"It's actually not half-bad. That might be the drugs kicking in, but I don't actually mind that." I replied sarcastically. I heard Jasmine sigh and crawl over to the middle of her room and get her food.

"You're right!" I heard her call. "It's not half-bad! It's all bad!" I smiled and closed my eyes...and before I knew it, I was asleep.

I woke up and heard Angel crying. I stood up and walked to where the sound was coming from. It was pitch black in the room, and I had to walk slowly to avoid tripping on things. "Angel...?" I said sleepily. I heard her...but I had no idea where she was. I looked around and couldn't find her. "Angel." I said a little louder.

"Max!" I heard her yell. She sounded scared.

"Angel! Where are you?" I yelled into the darkness. My adrenaline was starting to pump.

"Max!" I heard her sob.

"Angel!" I yelled again. This time there was no reply. "Angel!" I yelled again, desperate for any sound.

Suddenly, I heard a yell, but it came from me. It felt like my head was exploding. It was one of those headaches I hadn't had in a while...one of those that I thought I had gotten past. I knelt down on the ground and screamed. My head hurt so bad... But why? It hadn't hurt like this in ages!

It'll be okay, Max...

I moaned as the Voice talked to me. I cradled my head in my arms, wishing for someone to comfort me but at the same time thankful that no one could witness this...

Suddenly, light flashed in my eyes. I was in a white room, on a table, looking up at the ceiling. I looked around and saw some whitecoats looking at me. Others were discussing things among themselves. My head hurt like crazy...but it had all just been a dream... Or had it?

"How long have I been in here? What's going on?" I asked fiercely.

"You've been in this particular room for a few hours. And we're just examining you. You talk in your sleep. Well, it was more like a moan." The stupid whitecoat I hit in the face with the glass said. He had a massive bruise on his head and his whole forehead was red...

"Examining me sleeping??" I asked, trying to get up. I realized I was strapped down.

"Yes. Seeing how you react to certain things." He said.

"What 'certain things'?" I asked as I glared at him. He smiled an almost evil smile and turned away. I glared at the back of his head as another whitecoat came over to me and undid the velcro straps holding me down. I got up quickly and glanced around the room. There were lots of medical things and viles of colored liquid all over the room. The whitecoat took my arm and I growled at him, then he led me out and back to my room.

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