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Chapter 3...again :P

Albus was practically being dragged across the lawn by his skrewt as it pulled and tugged against the leash it was on. He and Andrea were sharing a Skrewt, Derek and Holly had one, and Peter was by himself, it looked like. Albus felt bad for him. He was so teeny, and that Skrewt really WAS dragging him.

"Poor Peter..." Andrea said what Albus was thinking. Hagrid was chasing after him and his Skrewt...who was now dragging him through the mud.

After the Care of Magical Creatures lesson, the kids quickly went to clean up. As they walked to their common room, they bumped into Samantha and James.

"How were Skrewts?" Samantha asked with a smile. Albus, Andrea, Peter, Derek, and Holly all glared at her.

"You were the one that yelled, weren't you?" Peter asked. Samantha nodded.

"It was completely obvious." James began. "I mean, she's the only one in school with that funny accent." Samantha gave him a look that said "snap your trap or I'll do it for ya." And immediately James obeyed.

"Well, we have to go get cleaned up, we'll see you later!" Albus said as they continued their journey to the common room.

The rest of their lessons went smoothly compared to Care of Magical Creatures. They had lunch, (which was very tasty) then more classes, then it was time for dinner.

"I'm not eating that." Samantha said as she eyed her food.

"And why not?" James asked. Samantha gave him a look that said "Duh!"

"Dude, it's Yorkshire pudding!"

"And your point is...?"

"DON'T YOU KNOW WHAT A YORKIE IS?!?" Samantha yelled. That drew the attention of everyone in the room, including the teachers. James smiled sheepishly then glared at Samantha.

"Sush!" He hissed and she returned the glare. "Just try it, it's not a dog, all right?" Samantha sighed and dropped her shoulders dramatically.

"Fine." She said. She scooped up a bite of food onto her fork and stuffed it in her mouth. Albus watched curiously as her cheeks were pudged out and she decided whether or not she licked it. Suddenly, she spit out the food back onto her plate and crinkled up her nose.

"You didn't like it?" Holly asked, more like a statement than a question.

"Nope. Are there any cheese balls around this joint?" Samantha replied. The group of first years around them looked at her like she was insane.

"That would be Samantha-eise for 'Do you have any cheese balls?'" James said. The group said "Oh!" at the exact same time.

"Sorry, no." Peter said seriously. Samantha looked at her plate sadly for a moment then glanced warily around the room. James and the others watched her suspiciously as she pulled out her wand and waved it over her plate. She whispered something Albus couldn't hear and waved her wand. Suddenly, a bag of cheese balls flew through the door and landed on her plate. Samantha glanced over at the teacher's table to see that the only one who had noticed was Percy. He was glaring at her and shaking his head. She chuckled then turned back to the bag of cheese balls and began to eat them.

"Yum..." She said happily. James rolled his eyes but reached over and grabbed a ball of cheese from the bag.

"Hm, not bad..." James mused. Just then, Holly reached for one, then Derek, the Albus, then Peter, and Andrea followed last. As they all munched on the cheese balls and other assorted things at the table, a large boy came up behind James and Samantha.

"So, you two going to be trying out for Quidditch this year?" He asked, putting a very large hand on either of their shoulders. He was tall, and wide, about the shape of a brick. He had short brown hair, and he was rather handsome.

"You know it, Wood," James replied while Samantha nodded.

"Great! I can't wait! How about any of you?" He asked the first years around Samantha and James. They all stared at him with their mouths open. Holly had just put a cheese ball in her mouth, so she looked especially funny.

"'Wood'? The son of THE Wood?!?" Albus finally spoke. Wood nodded.


"What's your first name?" Holly inquired. Wood blushed a little bit but it quickly fled from his cheeks.

"I prefer 'Wood'" He said quickly. Holly nodded then continued chewing.

"I might try out..." Albus said quietly.

"GREAT!" Wood boomed. Everyone jumped. He looked over Peter and smiled. "What about you?" He asked him.

"Oh, no, not me." Peter said, shaking his head. "I'm deathly afraid of heights..."

"Well, you can be moral support then!" Wood said with a smile. Peter went pale at this statement. Wood thumped Samantha and James on their backs then turned and walked back to his own seat. "See you all at tryouts!" He called as he sat down.

"This outta be fun," James mused to himself.

"So, you've ridden a broom before, Albus?" Samantha asked him.

"Oh, yeah, at home I rode on the older brooms alot with James and dad. I never went very high up though." He replied through a mouthful of food.

"Cool, good luck at tryouts then." Samantha said, then she and James got up and walked out of the room.

"Well, that was odd..." Derek said quietly. Holly nodded. Andrea stood up and stretched.

"Well," she began softly, "I'm going up to work on my homework, see you all when you get up there." She walked off and Albus saw a Remus crawling onto her shoulder as she went. Albus and the others finished up as well then walked up to their common room to work on their own homework.

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:P:P:P:P:P:P Okay, for all of you that have seen the silly Paris Hilton commercial, then you'll know what the title means. :P Okay, so I don't know how many of you are into politics, but whatever way you vote, history's gonna be made! McCain's VP pick, is a WOMAN!!! *le gasp!* Well, that's all...enjoy your day!

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GO MICHEAL PHELPS!!! Okay, people, the Olympics are now over, but the spirit still lingers on...MICHEAL PHELPS!!! WOOOOO!!!! See what I mean? If you didn't catch the opening ceremony, you should totally look it up on you tube. I'm sure it's on there somewhere. (and I'm pretty sure that the Prez of China is thinking "HA! BEAT THAT!" :P) anyhoo, congrats to all the winners, and even to those who just participated. I mean, that's gotta take guts. I couldn't do it. O_O Well, that's all. (GO MICHEAL!!!!!!!)

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Chapter 3! (Of HP!)

"That was the hardest thing to understand in all of the world." Albus said with wide eyes. He and his little group were walking out of the Potions lab, Albus in the lead.

"I rather enjoyed it," Andrea said with a smile.

"That's because your partner had an IQ higher than a loaf of bread." Peter said indignantly.

"I suppose my partner was fine..." Derek said softly. Holly just "humphed" at his side.

"She hates me." Holly said angrily.

"What?" Derek said, not believing his ears.

"She sat down, looked at me, then said 'I hate you'" Holly explained quickly. "She didn't even give me time to speak!" Holly was red at this point, and Derek began searching in his bag for something. He pulled out a small, pink bunny and handed it to Holly. Holly looked at it with softer eyes for a moment then took it from him and stuck it in the inside pocket of her robe. Peter and Albus each gave Derek an odd look and he just shrugged.

The group of them then went outside for their Care of Magical Creatures class. They walked down the grassy slope to Hagrid's hut, looking at everything they could possibly take in at once. Albus enjoyed the fresh smell of the grass and clean pureness of it all...until they got closer to the hut. Then the smell became something of a much more terrible sort. Albus crinkled up his nose and saw the others do the same.

"Well, come on, first years!" Hagrid yelled, waving all of them over. All of the first years reluctantly drew nearer.

When Albus was close enough, he saw that there was a small box in front of Hagrid, and that was what the horrible smell was emanating from. Hagrid was beaming from ear to ear, while everyone else was covering their noses with the collar of their shirts. "I'm frightened..." Holly whispered to her brother. Albus could see him nod out of the corner of his eye.

"Today I've got a real treat fer ya," Hagrid began, beaming. He pulled the lid off of the box and everyone gave their own interpretation of the word "Ew" Albus did what the rest of the group did: he took a large step back. "Blast Ended Skrewts!" Hargrid proclaimed it like they were his babies. Albus saw a hand shoot out of the crowd. It belonged to Andrea.

"Um, not to be rude or anything," she began shyly, "but wasn't there a dreadful disaster with Skrewts awhile ago?" Andrea finished and images of burnt kids began reeling in Albus's brain. He felt his eyes get wider and decided that he didn't really want to stop it. Hagrid seemed to mull the question over for a bit then answered.

"Well, we do Skrewts with all the classes. So, you'll have to do 'em too." Hagrid finished and began looking through the crowd for a student. Albus wanted more than anything at that moment to disappear into the ground. Hagrid spotted someone.

"You, come on over here." Hagrid motioned a small little boy over to the box. That boy was Peter. Peter slowly stepped closer to the box and Hagrid, his body rigid. Albus couldn't see his face, but he imagined a look of pure agony plastered on it.

"Don't be shy, come on, come on," Hagrid said loudly. Everyone watched breathlessly as Peter came right up to the box. Hagrid nodded to him and he bent over. Peter looked into the box and Albus thought he saw his face turn a shade nearer to green. Hagrid began to go over some rules about handling Skrewts, then he told them how to pick them up and hold them and such, then he told Peter to pick one up. Peter gawked at him like the rest of the children and just stood there. Albus thought for sure that Peter was going to throw up. But, suddenly, a voice called out.

"YOU CAN DO IT, PETER!!!" Everyone turned and looked behind them. Albus tried to see who was yelling, because it obviously wasn't someone in their group. Suddenly, through heads, he could see a faint face. He couldn't make out who it was, just the voice yelling "GO ON!! BEAT THAT SKREWT! SHOW IT WHO'S BOSS!!!" and cheering wildly. The other first years turned back around and also began to cheer Peter on, until, slowly, slowly, he reached in, snatched a Skrewt, and cradled it in his arms. The first years went positively bonkers. Albus thought he had lost hearing because Holly was cheering so loudly for him.

"Good job," Hagrid patted Peter on the back then told everyone else to either get their own Skrewt or share one with a friend. Today, they were walking them.

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To my sister, MAKE UP YOUR MIND ALREADY! i think this song was specially written for you. :P Nice tune though...

Yeah, we fight, BUT I DON'T HATE YOU! Just remember that, okay? WE'RE SISTERS FOR PETE'S SAKE! We fight, we scream, we storm away, we lock ourselves in our rooms and (possibly) cry (or just fume to our pillows) then try not to let anyone notice. Then, after about an hour, WE MAKE UP! HELLO!!! YOU'RE FORGETTING THAT ASPECT! DON'T! I still love ya like a sistah, we just had a squabble. YOU'RE NOT GETTING RID OF ME THAT EASILY!!!!!

And another thing, IF YOU NEED HELP, ASK! I'm here for ya, girl! All ya gotta do is ask. I mean, I'm older, so I've more than likely gone through this stuff too. You may beg to differ, but you know it's true.

And finally, I AM SO ALWAYS RIGHT! :P And I do love ya sis, you're not ruining anything. *hugs*

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Chapter 2, continued...maybe my chapters will be as long as JK's...

The owls swooped and soared over the tables, first years craning their necks to watch. A few different owls landed on the table that Albus, James, Derek, Holly, Andrea and Samantha were all seated at. Albus looked at the owl in front of him and smiled. It was teeny. It was a small, white owl with two letters tied to it's legs. Albus untied them then handed one to James. The other he read to himself.

Dear Albus,

I hope everything is going well. Your mum and I are so happy you got put into Griffindor! This owl is yours, by the way. (In name departments, I'm especially fond of the name "Hedwig" for an owl.) Your mum and I send our love. And so does Lilly. (She also sends cries of "I WANT TO GO TOO!")

With lots of love, Dad.

Albus smiled and looked at the owl. He petted it nicely on the head and it hopped right onto his shoulder. He handed it a piece of bacon then it flew off out the window. Albus glanced around the table as Holly, Derek, Andrea, and James finished reading their letters. Albus glanced over at Samantha.

"What? No mail for you?" He asked, slightly surprised. Samantha got a huge smile on her face.

"Oh, don't worry, it's coming." She said as she glanced over Peter's head. Suddenly, the biggest bird that Albus had ever seen flew in and landed on the table, whapping Peter on the back of the head on re-entry.

"Ouch!" Peter said, rubbing the back of his head. The others just stared at the bird before asking what it was.

"An eagle." Came Samantha's satisfied reply. James shrugged.

"Better than last year..." He said quietly.

"What was last year?" Derek asked him. James looked at him for a moment then shook his head.

"You DON'T want to know..." He answered warningly. Samantha rolled her eyes and sighed. She took a letter from the eagle (the letter was actually in an envelope, instead of a scroll) Samantha opened the envelope and pulled out the letter. As she read it to herself, Albus glanced over at Peter.

"No mail today?" He asked him. Peter shook his head and shrugged simultaneously.

"I don't expect much mail..." Peter replied softly. Albus decided to not push the subject and looked down at his food.

The Griffindor first year's first class for that day was Potions, so all of the first years headed that way. Albus, Andrea, Derek, Holly and Peter all stood outside the door in a small group. Albus didn't know how they all came to be such good friends so quickly, but they had, and he liked it.

The door to the Potions room suddenly opened and all of the gathered first years walked inside. They all shose seats with their desired partners then glanced around the room. Albus looked around and saw the room had no windows and it was dark. He also noted that it was exceptionally chilly and very damp. He hated everything about it. He was sitting with Andrea, Derek and Holly were with each other, and Peter was sitting in between the two groups. Albus looked up to the front of the room and was startled to see that the teacher was standing at the front of the room. Albus was sure he wasn't there before.

"Hello, first years," the man at the front of the room began. He smiled at the class, sweeping his dark eyes over them. He was a tall man, lanky, and looked very happy for a Potions teacher. "I'm Professor McGlinnin, potions master, and head of Slytherin house." He finished. Albus looked at him with curiosity and decided he would rather have Professor Longbottom for head of house than him.

Professor McGlinnin began telling them about things they would be needing through the year, and what they would be learning. He also said that he was going to pair them up himself.

"As you can see, there are Griffindors in this room and Slytherins. I will be partnering each Slytherin with a Griffindor and that will be your partner for the year. Griffindors, when I call your name, stand up and your Slytherin partner will come to you." Professor McGlinnin finally finished and Albus gulped. He was sure there were a bunch of mean Slytherins and he was going to get the meanest of them all. Professor McGlinnin began calling on Griffindors, and they would stand. then he would call a Slytherin, and they would go and sit with the Griffindor. It was a bit confusing, but it worked. Andrea ended up being paired with Scorpio, Derek with a boy that Albus didn't recognize, Holly with a rather pretty girl, Peter with a VERY big boy, and Albus with a small, fair skinned boy and a wide smile.

"You're Albus Potter, right?" He said as he sat down next to him. Albus nodded, thinking it was a rather stupid question since he had stood up when his name was called. "And your dad is Harry Potter, right?" He continued. Albus nodded slowly and the boy's smile grew wider, if that was at all possible. "Cool. I'm Jacob Calgary." He held out his hand for Albus to shake. Albus shook it and smiled. Then, the potions lesson began.

Once in a lifetime

You don't have to be fast, or a great swimmer, or a super-strong person. You don't have to go to the Olympics for a once in a lifetime opportunity. Every story you write, every picture you draw, every smile you make, is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Every day is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so treat it that way.

This deep thought is brought to you be yours truly.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

"The Meeting at the Cafe"

Vanessa's alarm on her watch went off, and she began to wake up. She slowly lifted her head off of the laptop's keyboard and looked around the room sleepily. She wiped the bit of drool on the side of her mouth off of her face with her sleeve then looked at the computer's screen.

"Coolio, got all the work done, and in my sleep to!" Vanessa chuckled to herself. She glanced down at her watch then back at the computer. Suddenly, she did a double take and looked down at her watch again.

"OH NO!" She yelled as she jumped out of her chair. she began rushing around her small apartment like a mad woman, brushing her hair, stuffing stuff into her backpack and brushing her teeth for about thirty seconds. She looked at herself in the mirror in the bathroom and sighed. She pulled off her sweatshirt then immediately threw a long-sleeved, blue-jean jacket on.

"You're going out in public, you need to look decent!" She muttered to herself. She grabbed her tennis shoes and shoved them into her backpack and quickly threw on a helmet and some elbow and knee pads. She put on a pair of roller skates, put on a tan trench coat, slung her backpack over her shoulder and grabbed an umbrella then was out the door.

She skated down the hall with all of her things, looking slightly ridiculous. She came to the stairs and put all of her strength into her legs as she jumped onto the railing, avoiding the startled people.

"Vanessa!" The apartment manager yelled, "how many times have I told you not to skate down the stair rail?"

"Sorry, Mr. Gritchin!" Vanessa called as she landed on the ground. Everything that wasn't a room in the apartments was outside, including the hallways and stairs, so when Vanessa landed, she was already outside. She put up her umbrella then skated down the sidewalk to her destination.

When Vanessa reached the cafe, she was relieved to see that none of her friends were there yet. She went inside, still wearing her roller skates, and sat down at a small circular table. She pulled off her skates and replaced them with her tennis shoes. She then took off her pads and helmet and pulled out her laptop. She opened it up and began playing around on it when the door to the cafe opened.

A teenage girl, wearing a long black coat, walked in, carrying an umbrella. She had dark brown hair, almost black, pulled back into a pony tail. She glanced over at Vanessa and smiled, then quickly walked over to the table.

"Hey, Rachel," Vanessa said with a smile. Rachel sat down across from her at the small table and smiled wide.

Hey, V! Have ya seen anything yet?" Rachel finished in a whisper.

"Nope, you're the first person to walk through the door since I got here."

"When did you get here?" Rachel inquired. Vanessa hesitated.

"About three minutes ago..." She replied slowly. Rachel's shoulders fell a bit.

"V, you were supposed to be here early!" She exclaimed.

"I was earlier than you." Vanessa pointed out. Rachel nodded and shrugged her shoulders at the same time. "Besides, I was up all night with this stupid project..." Vanessa's voice drifted off as she looked at the computer screen.

"I would've helped, but you know how good I am at that stuff...not at all..." Rachel said sadly.

"Yeah, well, I got it all done, so no biggie." Vanessa reassured her friend. The door opened again and another girl walked in. She had curly brown hair that went past her shoulders and a navy blue raincoat on. She glanced over at the two girls and waved then walked over.

"Hey, guys!" She said happily.

"Hey, Alex," Rachel said, then gave her friend a small hug.

"Anything?" Alex asked hopefully.

"Just got the project done, that's all." Vanessa replied with a sigh.

"Oh..." Alex said, disappointed.

"Hey, Rachel, do you think you could get me a hot chocolate, please?" Vanessa asked.

"Sure," Rachel got up and walked over to the counter and began ordering. As soon as she was at the counter, the door opened yet again and two teenage boys walked in.

"Dude, I don't see how you CAN'T like it!" One said to the other rather loudly. The other boy looked over at Vanessa and Alex and nodded.

"Yo, Chandler," Rachel called to the boy who was talking. He looked over and smiled.

"Yeah?" He asked as he began walking towards her.

"Help me out here, will ya?" Rachel asked, trying to balance five cups.

"Oh, sure." Chandler took two of the cups from Rachel and helped her carry them over to the table.

"Hey, guys!" Chandler said as he set the cups down.

"Wassup, C.D.?" Vanessa asked. Chandler shrugged then glared at the other boy.

"I say noszing, I hear noszing, I know noszing..." He said with a funny accent. Vanessa chuckled while the others just looked at him like he was crazy.

"Hey, Jasper," Alex said with a smile. Jasper nodded in greeting then glanced around the cafe.

"Vanessa, this is for you," Rachel pushed one of the cups towards Vanessa, "Alex," she repeated the process with Alex, then Chandler, and finally Jasper.

"Thanks, Rae." Vanessa said, taking a sip of her hot chocolate. Chandler and Alex said thank you as well and Jasper nodded.

"You're welcome, guys." She said then nodded at Jasper.

"So, what's going on?" Chandler asked.

"I got the project done, but nothing other than that." Vanessa replied quietly.

"When did the email say to be here?" Alex asked, getting slightly impatient. Vanessa sighed then pulled up her email. The others all leaned closer as she pulled up one labeled "Agent" and began reading it in a whisper.

Agents L, C, D, R, and M,
On the fifth of April, meet at the Charlotta Cafe at 12:00 p.m. Another agent will meet you there between 12 and 1 to give you an important message. Good luck, agents.

"So, that's it..." Alex began. "We just, wait?"

"Yeah," Vanessa nodded her head and sat back. "We should spread out, but first..." Vanessa pulled up her backpack from the floor and set it on the table.

"Won't people get suspicious if you give us spy stuff?" Rachel asked, whispering.

"No, because it doesn't look like spy stuff." Vanessa replied, pulling out five pairs of sunglasses. She handed one pair to everyone then put one on herself.

"Sunglasses?" Chandler asked in disbelief.

"Just put them on." Vanessa commanded quietly. Chandler shrugged and put his on obediently.

"Cool!" He said, looking through them.

"Here," Vanessa then handed everyone an earpiece and cellphone.

"Free cellphone, sweet! How many minutes do we have?" Alex asked with a silly smile.

"Ha ha." Vanessa laughed dryly. "Those are actually mini-computers. You can find out a lot with those, and they act as a video screen to communicate with other members of the group." She explained quickly. The others put their earpieces in their ears and stuck their new cellphones in their pockets.

"All right, let's do this thing!" Chandler said as he and Jasper moved to a booth across the room. Rachel and Alex moved to separate tables, and Vanessa stayed put.

"Mii Maker, can you read me?" Vanessa heard Rachel's voice coming through her earpiece.

"Loud and clear," She replied.

"Cool! Can everyone hear us?" Rachel asked.

"Only if you want them to." Vanessa pushed a button on her earpiece and began talking into it again. "Guys, to let everyone into the conversation on your earpiece, push the red button, otherwise you'll just talk to me." She explained. Murmured "Okay"'s came from her earpiece and she switched it back to her and Rachel.

Alex picked up a magazine and began reading it absentmindedly, while Rachel picked up a newspaper.

"Why can't I read Twilight, again?" She asked.

"Because you wouldn't stay focused on anything else!" Vanessa hissed. There was a sigh on the other end and Vanessa rolled her eyes. She glanced over at Chandler and Jasper, who were in a heated discussion about...something she didn't care about. Vanessa looked back at her computer when the sound of the little bell above the door ringing suddenly caught her attention.

A man with a long black trench coat walked in. He had short, spiked black hair that was red on the ends. He walked up to the counter and ordered something in a cup then walked to an empty table and sat down.

"Whoa, what's up with that dude? Is is just me, or are you getting a bad vibe about him?" Rachel asked over the earpiece.

"I don't know, he does look awfully suspicious..." Vanessa replied as she watched him pick up and old newspaper and begin reading it. "Hm, old newspaper..." Vanessa mussed.

"Whoa! Look who just walked in!" Rachel exclaimed. Vanessa slightly turned around to see yet another man walk in. He had on a tan trench coat and a detective's hat on his head and a brown mustache on his face.

"Rae! That's Detective Austin!" Vanessa exclaimed quietly.

"Seriously?!?" Rachel asked in disbelief. Detective Austin glanced around the room and met Vanessa's eyes. He nodded slightly then walked over to Alex. He sat down at the table she was at and discretely slipped her a note. Alex took it then walked over to Vanessa.

"Fall in, guys." Vanessa whispered. The rest of the group walked over to her as Alex handed her the note.

"What does it say?" Chandler asked. Vanessa read it quietly to the others.

Congrats on your first official mission. Travel to London to Buckingham Palace, and you will receive further instructions. Good luck, and don't let anyone stop you.

"Whoa, London?" Alex asked. "That's kinda far away..." The others gave her a look like "Duh!" When she finished.

"I'll work on tickets," Vanessa began typing on the computer, looking through different travel sites.

"How long is it gonna take?" Chandler asked.

"Not long at all..." Vanessa said absentmindedly.

"Can you give us a certain time? Like, a couple minutes, an hour-"

"Done." Vanessa cut Chandler off and he stared at her.

"How'd you do that so fast?" He asked quietly.

"Simple: Computer Wiz." She replied.

"Okay, we've got two hours until the flight starts. I suggest we go home and pack." Vanessa continued.

"Oka-" Rachel stopped when she saw the guy with red spikes practically jump out of his chair and run out the door. She looked at Alex who nodded. "Do you mind?" Rachel asked Vanessa.

"Go ahead." She replied.

"I'll go get a taxi!" Chandler exclaimed as the two girls dashed out the door. Vanessa chuckled then looked at Jasper.

"So, whaddaya think?" She asked. He shrugged.

"Fun." He replied simply. Vanessa laughed then packed up her computer, then she and Jasper walked outside.

Chandler was already in the taxi when they got outside, and he was motioning for them to jump in. Vanessa slid in next to Chandler, and Jasper got in after her. Vanessa immediately flipped open her computer and began pushing random buttons. Suddenly, an image of the guy with red spikes crawling up a fire escape. The image turned into a choppy video as the person with the camera climbed up after him.

"Rae, what's going on?" Vanessa asked through her earpiece.

"He's running!" Rachel replied.

"No he's not, he's climbing up a fire escape." Vanessa corrected.

"Right-wait, how'd you know?" Rachel asked as she continued climbing.

"I can see him right now." The video image looked around frantically.

"Where are you?" Rachel asked.

"In a taxi no where near you."

"Then how can you see him?"

"Your sunglasses." Vanessa replied simply.

"Ooooh!" Rachel continued climbing and made it to the roof of the building. She ran towards the guy, who promptly jumped off of the building. Rachel ran to the edge as he flew up with a jet-pack on his back.

"Whoa," Rachel said in disbelief.

"Yeah," Vanessa agreed. The guy with red spikes flew away, and Rachel could do nothing but watch.

"Well, that was interesting." Chandler said. He had been watching over Vanessa's shoulder, as had Jasper.

"Whose house are we going to first?" Jasper asked.

"Uh, mine," Vanessa replied slowly. Jasper gave the taxi driver the address and they began moving. Vanessa saved a picture of the jet-pack, which was very interesting in design. She decided that she needed to study it more, and find out more on the guy with red spikes...

Friday, August 1, 2008

More pics!!!

"Me and the 'Munks" We're just lookin' at the can almost hear Theo now...

I think that one's self-explanitory...heh heh heh...

Bowling: If you can't read the writing, Alvin is saying "He may be smart, but he sure can't bowl!"

That's my bro as a chipmunk. :D (My younger but older bro :P)

LOOK!! IT'S MII!!! AND MY HAIR LOOKS SO AWESOME! Is it just me, or am I the cutest? :P

Alvin, tricky as always! Looks like he's cooking up a scheme, doesn't it?

That would be my cousin, Rachel. Wearing her fave color, too.

This is just a starry night picture of a dad with his daughter. *NOTE! It's not me and my dad, even though the dad does resemble mine...and I love my dad dearly, but that little girl isn't' mii. :(

Rae said that she couldn't read this, which means that it probably won't be easy to read for anyone, so here's what happens.
Frame 1: Theodore: Where are we? Simon: I don't know, but whatever you do, don't panic!
Frame 2: Alvin: I know where we are!
Frame 3: Alvin: Look, see?
Frame 4 is just writing in the book
Frame 5: Simon: Alvin, that is a fictitious place. There are no magical creatures, no ninjas- Theodore: Uh, guys...
Frame 7: Simon: Who are you? ninja dude: I was about to ask you the same thing...
My bro wanted the first and second frames to go like this: Frame 1: Theodore: Where are we? Alvin: Well, I think Dave remodeled our bedroom! I like it, big and open- Frame 2: Theodore: Uh, but where did the T.V. go? Simon: Give me a break. We're in a building, Theodore. :P That was his idea. :P
Yeah, this is the SECOND pic of mii...suprisingly the same as the first...but edited differently.

I put up two of each pic because I edited them differently and I didn't know which one was better, and I also apologize for the poor quality on the computer. They are LOADS better in real life. As I have said before and will say again, I have to take pictures of the pictures with my camera, and they don't turn out so well. *glares at camera* I love it, yet I hate it...I probably love it more though...Well, Enjoy! :D