Saturday, November 7, 2009

Things I have learned from life

1. I'M AN IDIOT. You know it's true.
2. Even when I think I'm being smart, I'm usually not.
3. Life's not all about me. Duh.
4. Sometimes it's just better to shut up.
5. I can agree with something someone says without actually liking them, but I always have to love them.
6. Crushes are stupid, but unavoidable.
7. Goals are good.
8. Procrastination gets me no where.
9. Music solves lots of mental problems.
10. Brothers weren't meant to be enemies.
11. My best friend can be my mother. =)
12. The only opinion that really matters is God's.
13. Bad days happen, but I just have to look at them with a smile to make them better.
14. Some people are just mean, but I have to be nice back.
15. All I can do is tell someone what I believe, I can't make them believe it.
16. Calling someone stupid doesn't make them anymore stupid than me. =P
17. Ironing is very relaxing...
18. The world may be a sad place, but that doesn't mean I have to be sad.
19. Writing is the thing I'm best at. That, and folding laundry.
20. I can dwell on the bad things, but I need to be thankful for that which God has given me.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

MR Fanfic (MPOV) Chapter thirty-one

I woke up a while later (not sure how much later) and realized it was starting to get dark out. "Are we there yet?" I heard Jazz ask on from the other side of the car.

"Almost." Chad replied, sounding a little tired. I looked around and saw buildings fly by. Gas stations, hotels, restaurants... My stomach growled as we passed a Bob Evans.

"Can we stop for some food?" I asked.

"We already did." Jessie said, handing me a bag. I looked inside and the thing was full of food. Good smelling food. Unhealthy food, but good smelling food. I pulled out some fries and started eating like there was no tomorrow. (Which with my life, there might not be.) I finished off the fries and unwrapped a burger and started to chomp down on it. It was so good. I was almost afraid to keep looking out the window after seeing Ari, but it was so weird to look at things going by this fast at ground level. I was ready to get out and fly, though...being in cars made me feel all squashed and stuff.

"Are we there yet?" Jazz asked again. I looked over at her and smiled.

"We'll get there when we get there!" Chad said, squeezing the steering wheel tight. He took a deep breath and made a nice right turn.

"Are you just gonna drop us off in Ohio?" I asked, looking around. These guys should have been heading home by now.

"No, we're taking you to the closest hospital, dropping you off, and then leaving." Chad answered. "You're on your own from there." He still sounded kinda agitated, and I assumed Jazz had something to do with that.

"I wish we could stay with you longer, though..." Jessie said as she looked down at her hands. I was almost done eating by this time, I was just finishing off a little apple pie thingy.

"Yeah, it's been kinda cool to hang out with a fan." I said with my mouth full. Jessie smiled at me.

"Really?" She asked, obviously wondering if I was lying.

"Yep." I replied, taking another bite of my apple pie. Jessie's smile widened.

"Okay, NOW we're here." Chad said, pulling into a hospital parking lot. "We'll come in with you guys to see if they're here." He said as he parked the car. We unbuckled our seat belts and got out of the car. I almost ran inside, but I refrained from that.

We got inside and I walked right up to the front desk. "Hi, I'm wondering if you've seen a group of-"

"MAX!" I heard my voice called and spun around to see Angel running at me, her arms out wide.

"Angel!" I yelled, scooping her up in my arms. I hugged her tight and she hugged me back.

"I missed you so much!" She said. I could tell her voice was breaking.

"I missed you too, baby." I whispered to her. Gazzy was hugging me now, too, and the others from the other group were walking towards me. I counted heads and realized Fang, Nudge, and Iggy were missing.

"Where's Fang, Nudge, and Ig?" I asked, looking down at Gazzy.

"Nudge and Fang are in Iggy's room." He replied, not letting go of me.

"We haven't talked to him, so we don't know how he's doing." Angel said, reading my mind. I put her down and Jazz and Jessie walked over.

"Guys, I'd like you to meet Jessie, one of my biggest fans." I said, putting an arm around Jessie's shoulder. She stared at everyone with her mouth hanging open for a minute. Finally, she spoke.

"EEEEEEEEP!!" She squealed and everyone covered their ears. "I'm, like, the luckiest girl EVER!" Jazz smiled as Jessie continued. "I'm sooo happy to meet you guys!" Jessie shook Gazzy's hand then went on to Angel. Angel smiled and Gazzy looked at Jessie like she was insane. Jessie then turned to me, a big smile smacked onto her face. "I wanna meet Fang and Nudge! And Iggy! Pleaaaase Max?" She asked, looking at me with Bambi eyes, much like Angel's. I sighed then smiled.

"I guess that can be my thank you to you." I said, turning around to look at the woman behind the desk. Angel spoke up, though.

"Can they go see Timothy?" She asked. I looked down at her with a "thanks" expression on my face. She smiled.

"If the other two come out." The lady replied. Angel closed her eyes for a moment, and a minute later, Fang and Nudge appeared walking through the double doors on the other side of the room. I ran at Fang and Nudge and hugged the two of them tight. Fang stiffened up a bit but Nudge hugged me tighter than ever.

"Max! I missed you sooo much!" She said, squeezing me tight.

"I missed you guys too." I said, burying my face in her hair. Fang loosened up a bit and gave me a small hug. I smiled a little wider. "Oh, there's someone here who wants to meet you guys." I said after a moment. I stepped to the side and Jessie smiled at them. Fang gave me a confused look and I shrugged. "She's a big fan." I said simply.

"EEEEEP!" Jessie said, running forward. "Hi, I'm Jessie! I'm a huge fan!" She said, looking between the two of them. Fang gave her a look that was kind of like the one Gazzy gave her, but Nudge smiled.

"Nice to meet you." Nudge said, shaking Jessie's hand. Jessie shook her hand then turned to Fang. Her expression suddenly changed from ecstatic to angry. She suddenly smacked Fang on the shoulder and he jumped in surprise. I was surprised too, I'll admit.

"What was that for?" Fang asked, rubbing his shoulder.

"For book four and what you did in Antarctica with Brigid! How could you do that to Max, you jerk?!" Jessie said angrily. I couldn't help but laugh at Fang's bewildered expression. He'd never been smacked by a fangirl before. Jessie then turned to me and smiled again.

"Can I go meet Iggy now?" She asked me.

"As long as you don't hit him..." Fang mumbled, still rubbing his shoulder.

"Sure, let's go." I said. I took a deep breath and Fang walked forward to lead us to Iggy's room. This was the moment of truth... I desperately hoped Iggy was okay...

Sunday, November 1, 2009

MR Fanfic (TPPOV) Chapter thirty

Fang and the others ate quickly, stuffing as much food as they could into their faces. "This is sooo goood!" Nudge said through a mouthful of pancakes. Gazzy nodded, stuffing a full pancake into his mouth.

"Gazzy, small bites." Fang mumbled as he chewed a sausage.

"Ahm eatin' fo' Iggy." Gazzy said almost incoherently.

"Fang, have you heard anything from Max?" Angel asked as she took a bite of sausage.

"Yeah, I think she's coming to meet us. She's okay." Fang replied, stabbing another sausage with his fork.

"Great, hopefully she'll be here by the time we're leaving tomorrow. We are leaving tomorrow, right?" Kalie asked. She licked off her fingers and looked at Fang, who shrugged.

"If the doctors say it's okay." He said simply.

"I don't know if I wanna leave that soon. I LOVE THIS FOOD." Nudge said, shoveling more of it into her mouth. "And it's not from a dumpster! Bonus!" Nudge got numerous shushes as she made the last remark. She didn't care, though, she was eating, and that made her happy.

After everyone had eaten until they thought they were going to burst, the group walked back to the waiting room they had been in before. Fang let Gazzy and Angel have his computer to play some games on while he went up to the desk. "Can a couple of us go back and see Ig-Timothy?" Fang asked, almost forgetting Iggy's fake name. The woman behind the counter nodded. Fang motioned for Nudge to come with him and she dashed over.

"He may not be awake, though." The woman warned as Fang and Nudge went back through the doorway. Fang led Nudge down the hallway and to Iggy's room, where Iggy was still laying on the bed.

"Iggy? You awake?" Fang asked, walking up to his bed.

"No." Iggy mumbled. Nudge squealed.

"You are to awake! Yay! How are you feeling?" She asked, dashing over next to him.

"I feel like I got shot." He replied, his eyes closed.

"You did get shot." Fang pointed out.

"I know. It feels like I've been run over by a bus, too." Iggy muttered then sighed. "When do I get to get out of this joint?" He asked, looking up at Fang. His eyes couldn't see Fang, but he liked to look at the person he was talking to.

"Maybe tomorrow if the doctors say it's okay for us to get outta here." Fang replied quickly.

"Where are Max and Jazz?"

"Don't know. They're supposed to be coming to meet us, though." Fang replied. Nudge took one of Iggy's pale hands and squeezed it.

"Don't worry, Iggy, it'll be okay. You're gonna be okay." She said, almost sounding like she was going to cry. Iggy smiled weakly and closed his eyes again.

"Yeah, I know. Thanks, Nudge." He said softly. "Guys, I'm kinda tired...I think I'm gonna go back to sleep. You can stay, sleeping self likes to know someone is taking first watch." Iggy said, cocking a bigger smile. Fang smirked and he and Nudge went to sit down in the chairs in the room.

"You bet, Iggy. Just go to sleep, bud. And heal fast." Fang said and Iggy chuckled. Fang watched as Iggy's body relaxed and he fell asleep. Nudge leaned over and rested her head on Fang's shoulder.

"He will be okay, right?" She whispered.

"Yeah, he'll be fine."

"And Max will be here soon, right?"

"Yeah, she will be." Fang didn't know if the second answer was true or not, but he figured Nudge didn't have mind reading powers, so she wouldn't know the difference. Unless, of course, Max didn't come back...

Saturday, October 31, 2009

MR Fanfic (MPOV) Chapter twenty-nine

"Chad, do you think you could give us a drive to Ohio?" I asked bluntly. It was Chad's day off, so I was hoping he could give us a bit of a ride.

"Ohio?" He asked, looking at me like I was nuts. "You're in Illinois...and that's quite a drive..." He said, rubbing the back of his neck.

"We could make a trip out of it, Dad!" Jessie said excitedly. We were all in the living room, sitting in our respective chairs.

"I could pack some lunches..." Marie said, looking at a very thoughtful Chad. He sighed then shrugged.

"Okay, but we have to be back here tonight, because I do have to work in the morning." He said. Jessie squealed like a little girl and I held back a groan. It's not that I don't love my fans, it's just that I don't want to stuck in a small car with one. I mean, if it was just Chad driving me and Jazz, one of us could sit in the front and the other could have the whole back to themself. But Marie and Jessie were coming, so we three girls had to be crammed in the back. I don't know if you remember this or not, but I'm a wee bit claustrophobic. Okay, I'm a lot claustrophobic.

Marie smiled and walked out to the kitchen, followed closely by Jessie. I looked at Jazz and gave her a rather pathetic look. She raised an eyebrow at me. "Max, you'll be fine. You can sit by one door and I'll sit by the other, Jessie in the middle. That way, we can make a quick escape if we need to." She said softly.

"Huh. You're starting to learn the way of life." I said, patting Jazz on the arm. "But you still have much to learn, young padawan." I finished and she smiled and rolled her eyes. I stood up and walked out to the kitchen.

"We're gonna go get in the car, okay?" I said. Marie nodded and Jessie looked up at her mother. I quickly pushed Jessie towards the door. We ran out to the car and Jessie followed close behind. I groaned before she was close enough to hear it.

After much talking where I pretended to be interested, everyone was in the car and we were on our way down a small road. Jessie was sitting in between me and Jazz, like we had planned, but I was now wishing that Jazz was sitting next to me, so I wouldn't lose my sanity. Jessie was much like Nudge in the way that she WOULDN'T SHUT UP. I leaned against the window, wishing this would just end.

Maximum, she just wants to be your friend. Friends are necessary in this game we call life. I sighed as the voice suddenly spoke up.

No, it's a game YOU call life. I call it by a different name. I thought back to it, glaring at nothing. Besides, I have all of the friends I need.

Do you? I thought about the Flock as the Voice asked that question. I had Fang, who was my best friend; I had Iggy, my go-to guy for anything that blows up; I had Nudge, my entertainment and sometimes annoyance; I had Gazzy, my little trooper; and I had Angel, my baby.

Yeah, I've got all the friends I need. I bit my lip as I felt tears suddenly enter my eyes. I blinked furiously and realized that my breath was starting to fog up the window... Suddenly, my breath caught in my throat. I twisted my neck to see behind the car, but saw nothing unusual. I swallowed hard and realized I was breathing in gasps. My heart was pounding hard.

"Max, you okay?" Jessie asked. I looked over at her and saw she and Jazz were both looking at me, concerned expressions on their faces. "You got kinda quiet..."

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just a little tired..." I said, lying.

"Maybe you should take a nap..." Jessie said slowly. I looked up at Jazz and locked on her eyes, wondering if mine always looked that way. She reminded me of Fang for a minute with that look she was giving me... I quickly turned away and closed my eyes, an image burned onto the back of my eyelids. It was the thing I thought I had seen on the side of the road, waving at me, a menacing smile on its ugly face.

It was Ari.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

MR Fanfic (TPPOV) Chapter twenty-eight

"Nick?" Fang looked up at the nurse standing in front of the group of still-sleeping kids. Fang had tried to fall asleep, but it just hadn't quite worked out. Too many strange noises in this hospital, he decided.

"Yeah?" He asked after a moment. They had used their fake names when they checked brought Iggy in. Well, the Flock had used fake names, and Thing 1 and Thing 2 had used fake names, but Sam and Kalie had used their real names. Iggy was Timothy, Gazzy had picked the name Alexander for himself, Angel chose Melanie, and Nudge had, of course, chose Krystal.

"Timothy made it through surgery all right and appears to be doing fine. He lost quite a bit of blood, though, and we were wondering if one of you might like to give him blood, since you said you're all related." She gave Fang a meaningful look that meant the doctors had run Iggy's blood to see what type it was so they could give him some and had found out it wasn't any regular type at all.

"Yeah, I'll give him some blood." Fang stretched and closed the laptop then stood up. He put the laptop down on the small couch where he was sitting and stepped over the sleeping people on the floor. He looked at Sam, who was awake, and nodded. Sam nodded in reply and Fang walked away with the nurse. They went through a couple big doors and down a hallway, then entered into a small room. Iggy was laying on a hospital bed with all sorts of things connected to him. Fang's heart started to beat harder. Iggy was wearing a hospital gown. That meant that these people had changed his clothes. That meant they had seen his wings. Fang swallowed hard and looked at the nurse. He was the same height as her, and she was wearing heels, so he looked right in her eyes.

"If you'll have a seat, I'll draw some blood so we can give it to your frien- er, brother." She winked at Fang and he sat down.

"Who all saw his wings?" Fang suddenly asked.

"Only me and the people who performed the surgery. Your secret - whatever it is - is safe with us." She said, giving him a reassuring smile. Fang still wasn't totally believing her, and he looked straight at Iggy's paler-than-normal face as she began drawing his blood. Fang didn't know how much she got out of his body, but when she was done, he was feeling a little light-headed. She handed him a small glass of orange juice and he drank it without taking his eyes off of Iggy.

"Is he going to be all right?" Fang asked when he was finished with the orange juice.

"He should be, but we're going to have to keep monitoring him. With his amount of blood loss, he could go into shock, so the next twenty-four hours will be critical." The nurse replied. Fang frowned.

"Twenty-four hours? You mean we have to stay here another day?" He asked, trying not to sound too surprised. The nurse nodded and Fang scowled.

"Do you and your family want some breakfast?" The nurse asked. Fang looked up at her and nodded. "Well, then, you take this and get what you need." The nurse handed Fang a little card and smiled. "We figured that since you wouldn't tell us who your parents were, you were orphans of some kind, and you all looked pretty worn out and hungry when you came in, so some of us pitched in some money to get you this card. It'll pay for some meals here, depending upon how much food you get at each one." Fang looked at the card. It looked just like a plastic credit card with the name of the hospital on it. Fang turned the card over in his fingers, trying to process all of this. Was this a trap? Why was this lady being so nice to him? What was going on here? Fang swallowed and finally spoke again.

"Thanks." He said quickly. He stood up and the nurse rubbed his shoulder.

"You're welcome." She said softly. She looked like she meant it, but Fang knew that even if someone looked innocent, that didn't mean they were.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

HP, Chapter 14, continued

That night went by slowly for Albus. All through the night the werewolves howled, and at one point, Albus could have sworn he heard something yelp out in pain. Whether it was human or not, he couldn't tell. His brain had gotten so tired that all it heard was howls...over and over again... The moon was getting lower on the horizon, and a chill went up Albus's spine. He turned around and saw Derek, Holly, and Peter all squashed onto one of the large chairs with Holly in the middle and the boys on either side of her. They were sleeping softly, the boys using Holly's shoulders as pillows, and Holly, in turn, was using Peter's head as a pillow. Albus looked over at the other chair and noticed that James was sprawled across it with his legs dangling over one of the armrests, sleeping. Albus looked around for Samantha and saw her sitting by the table. She appeared to be reading three things at once...two books and a scroll. Albus was interested, but not enough to pull himself away from the window.

Suddenly, Albus heard the soft sound of a flute. He looked around and saw no one except his friends, and none of them were playing any sort of instrument. The tune was beautiful...soft...sweet. For the first time, Albus felt himself getting tired. He leaned against the wall near the window and rubbed his eyes. He wanted to stay awake, but he just felt that he couldn't keep his eyes open any longer... He felt his back sliding down against the wall then he bumped the floor... Albus opened his eyes for a moment and saw the light from the table where Samantha was reading, then it all went dark as the drifting melody from no where lulled him to sleep...


"Albus..." Albus looked around, trying to peer through the darkness. A weak voice called out to him in a moan.

"Who's there? Where are you?" Albus asked, wondering where the light had gone.

" hurts..." the voice came again. Albus swallowed hard and tried to feel where he was. The only thing he could feel was the ground beneath his feet.

"What hurts?" Albus called out to the voice.

"EVERYTHING!" It yelled, and Albus jumped awake. He looked around at the Common room and sighed. It had all been a dream... No one was in the Common room, but the chairs were still where they had been last night - right by the window. Albus stood up and stretched then looked out the window. It was late morning, by the looks of it. Suddenly, the door to the Common room burst open and Derek ran in.

"Albus! You're awake!" He said with a small smile. He ran up and grabbed Albus's arm. "Come on! We're going to be late for class! You slept past breakfast, but I got you a muffin." Derek said, pulling a blueberry muffin out of his book bag. The muffin was rather squashed.

"Thanks..." Albus said slowly, looking at the muffin hesitantly.

"No time now! We've got to GO!" Derek said, dragging Albus back to the door.

"But I don't have my books!" Albus said, pulling his arm free from Derek's grasp.

"Then go get them!" Derek yelled, running back to the door and opening it. "I'll meet you in transfiguration!" Albus ran up to his room as Derek ran out the door. In a minute, Albus had all of the books he needed in his book bag and was dashing out the Common room door. He sped down the hall past a few other late students (most of them first years) and a few ghosts. Peeves flew right in front of him, and Albus didn't turn fast enough to avoid running through Peeves. If Albus wasn't awake before that, he was certainly awake afterwards. He felt as if he'd just ran through an icy waterfall. Albus turned a corner and dashed through the door into the transfiguration classroom. He ran over to sit next to Peter, just as Professor McGonagal walked in from the back. Peter looked Albus over and made a face.

"Didn't you wake up soon enough to change your clothes?" Peter hissed. Albus shook his head. "I suppose it's safe to assume you didn't brush your hair, either, then?" Peter raised an eyebrow and gave Albus a look. Albus licked one of his hands and tried to pat his hair down. It was only then that he realized how messed up the back of his hair must have been. He heard a giggle and turned around to see a Ravenclaw girl giggling at him. Albus moaned softly and turned back to the front. He decided then and there that today was probably going to be a bad day.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

HP, Chapter 14, continued

James and Samantha managed to move some of the chairs from in front of the fireplace over in front of one of the windows in the common room with a levitation spell while the others talked in hushed tones.

"You know, it's so much easier to move stuff with magic, it's not even funny." Samantha said, putting her hands on her hips.

"Yeah, but then I think of all the Muggles doing it by hand and it's funny again." James said with a smile. Samantha smiled back then looked at the others. None of them were smiling.

"Guys, she'll be okay." Samantha said to them. None of them responded. Holly walked over to one of the chairs and sat down in it. Albus walked over to the window as Derek and Peter walked over to the other chair and had a whispered duel as to who got to sit in it. Albus sighed as the moon rose higher into the sky. Albus glanced around the common room to see that their small group was the only group down there. Not even a ghost in sight. Suddenly, a howl pierced the silent night.

"Did you all hear that?" Albus asked in a whisper, as if speaking too loud would attract it. Peter, who was left standing, nodded.

"Hear what?" Samantha asked, clearly pretending she hadn't heard the howl. James rolled his eyes. Holly glanced up from a book she was reading then looked back down at it quickly. More howls sounded and Albus felt his heart pumping.

"Werewolves are really loud tonight..." Derek mumbled, rubbing his right arm with his left hand as another howl rang out.

"That one wasn't a werewolf, Derek." Holly said softly.

"Well then, what was it?" Derek asked, giving his sister a look.

"A Grim." She replied simply.

"Oh, just great, so she's probably surrounded by werewolves with a death omen right in front of her! Perfect!" Albus said sarcastically.

"Albus, it's a common misconception that Grims are death omens." Holly said. Samantha turned away from the window, looking interested. Derek groaned.

"What are they, then?" Peter asked. Holly smiled.

"Well, I first heard it from my mum, but I'll try to tell it to you all, if you'd like." Holly said happily. Derek was the only one showing any opposition to this, so Holly began to tell the story.

"Long ago, there were two friends, Jezabell and Miria. The two were very close and shared many things with each other, and many secrets. One day, Jezabell told Miria a very different secret. She told her that she was somewhat like an animagus...that she could turn into a big black dog. But she had never really learned how, she just always knew how. Miria thought this was amazing, so Jezabell continued. She went on to tell her friend about her dreams... In all of her dreams, Jezabell spoke with people. Most of them were no longer living in this world, so Jezabell assumed they were figments her mind had created to keep her company in the night. The strange thing was, though, all of the dream-people where very close to Jezabell's friends in this world. Maria was curious, but slightly nervous about this. She didn't know what to say.

"After the two grew old, Miria decided to tell her grandchildren about the story, and in turn, they told their children, and so on and so forth. As these things go, the story got twisted around and the big black dog became known as a Grim...a death omen." Holly finished and Albus couldn't help but shudder. The story was fine, but oddly spooky...

"Okay, if the Grim isn't a death omen, how come all of those people who have seen it have died?" Derek said, voicing Albus' scepticism.

"Because they think it's a death omen, so they do something stupid that ends up getting them killed. It's their own stupid mistakes that gets them dead. Remember Uncle Albert?" Holly said, raising an eyebrow. Derek rolled his eyes.

"What happened to Uncle Albert?" Samantha asked quickly.

"He thought he saw a Grim, thought he was going to die, so he went skiing as a last hurrah. But he'd never been skiing before, so he ended up tumbling down a few too many times and he...uh...broke his neck." Holly finished softly.

"That's awful!" Samantha said, looking suddenly sad. Albus noted that sadness looked odd on Samantha. He guessed this was because she was always so happy...

"Nah, it's all right, we didn't really know him that well anyways." Derek said with a shrug.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

I am about to change the world!

With two words. Are you ready?

Are you SURE you're ready?

These words are pretty intense...

I don't know if you'll be able to handle it...

Are you absolutely POSITIVE you want to keep reading?

I mean, you might be scared out of your MIND!!

You're sure you wanna see these two words? Okay,'re the one who kept scrolling...

Here they come....


Here they are...


Thanks for reading this post, peeps. =)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

This is a test or the Mii-mergency Blogcasting System

AKA, this is a blog post of random subjects. The first subject: DOES ANYONE SERIOUSLY READ THIS STUPID BLOG?? I wouldn't blame you if you don't, but I would be very happy if you did. AND POSTED OCCASIONALLY. I mean, would it KILL YOU to leave a comment every once and a while? Yes? Well...I'll admit I wasn't expecting THAT answer...

But seriously, the sidebar claims there are eight PWMRLMB, and yet...I think only one of you has posted on more than one blog post...and even that one PWMRLMB only posts ocasionally... It makes Mii so sad... *sniff*

Next Subject: Vacation!!! We went on one last week, for the whole week. First time we've gone away from home for a week since the Mayo trip, and first time we've gone on a week-long REAL vacation. I mean, you can't really count the medical wonders of Mayo a real vacation when I was being poked and proded a lot of the time. *shakes head* But this vacation was waaaaaay fun! We rented a cottage UP North, did a lot of fishing (I get guilty for a short period of time when I catch fish that are actually big enough to keep... >.> Yes, I'm a strange person...), saw some cool sights, did more fishing, lost a hat in the wind, took a ton of pictures, saw some relatives, got a Cabbage Patch doll from grandma (...>.>...<.<...) then came home. *sigh* It was soooooo much fun!! I loved it. Plus, it's not all over yet! Tomorrow we're leaving for a different location for a couple days. =)

Another Subject: Birthday!! I'm having a birthday soon!!! I shall not tell you when it is or how old I will be turning, I shall let you guess. *NOTE* THHers, you don't get to guess correctly, because you'll all ready know. And I don't want any cheating. =P

Final Subject: If any of you read my fanfics, I would love to know what you think of them. If you don't, that's fine. I'll keep writing them anyways.

This has merely been a test of the Mii-mergency Blogcasting System. Thank you for tuning in.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Story Called Life

It's not just a plot twist or a crazy scheme.
It's not just a memory or a forgotten dream.
It's more than how the dice have been played,
And it's more than how the cards have been layed.

Perhaps, in the grand old scheme of things,
Someone has flown away on golden wings.
Maybe, you've thought you had it all planed out,
To find that there's something to make you shout.

But worry not, for it's not random chance.
There's someone above who has had it all planned.
The plot of your life was written by His hands,
Whether we like it or not,
He was watching from the stands.

So even though you think you may have lost,
Or you think that your own dreams have surely been tossed,
Remember that God is there for you with a friend,
Even when it appears that you have...reached your end.

Lame title...wrote it when I found out an Internet buddy of mine had cancer and wasn't supposed to live past this month...decided to post it today.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

MR Fanfic (MPOV) Chapter twenty-seven

I woke up the next morning to the sweet smell of waffles. I opened my eyes and smiled. It smelled soooooo goooood... I hopped off the couch and stretched then looked around. Jazz wasn't on her couch anymore, so I guessed she was all ready up and about. I walked out to the kitchen and smiled at everyone gathered there. Jazz was the only one missing, actually.

"Morning, Max!" Jessie said with a wide smile on her face. There was a pile of waffles on a plate on the table. I wanted to dive into them then and there. "Jazz is in the bathroom changing into some clothes I'm lending her. Well, I guess it's more like giving them to her...'cause I don't think I'll be getting them back... But that's okay. She's good with a T-shirt and old pair of jeans, and I have plenty of those. You can have some if you want, too. You'll have to put wing holes in them, though, because I don't have those in my shirts and stuff..." Jessie continued babbling as Jazz walked into the kitchen. She slid into a chair at the table and smiled at me.

"Nice hair." She said teasingly. I made a face at her that said "Haha, but not really" then turned to Jessie's mom.

"Is it okay if I get changed before eating, too?" I asked, trying my best to be polite. She nodded, her back turned to me and I smiled.

"Come on! I'll help ya get some clothes!" Jessie said, leading me to her room. Turns out, the only thing I wanted from her clothes was a T-shirt and an old pair of jeans. She had all girly clothes...not what I wanted in a fight.

I quickly got changed because I really wanted to eat. I glanced in the mirror and saw my hair was a mess. It was all poofy and weird... I tried patting it down and frowned, then quickly picked up the nearest hairbrush and tried to brush my hair, but it was more like I was ripping hair out of my head. Once my hair was mostly under control, I dashed back to the kitchen and sat down at the small table. Jazz was all ready eating, so I figured I could dig in too. Let me tell ya... I love waffles.

After breakfast, I tried to help with dishes, but ended up breaking my plate, so then I just asked Jessie if I could look at her computer to see if Fang had sent a message back. She turned the computer on for me then let me use it in private, which I thought was rather nice. I immediately opened my messages and saw one from Fang. I smiled and read it, gather where they were. I sent a quick message back then signed out and went back to Jazz and told her what Fang had said (away from the family, of course).

"So, when are we gonna head out?" Jazz asked. I shrugged.

"We'll see what happens, I guess. Maybe we could get them to give us a ride, because you can't fly..." I replied slowly.

"Okay, well, you figure that out and I'm gonna go send an email to my mom." Jazz said with a smile. She stood up and left, leaving me to think out a plan...

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I've not updated in FOREVER! Bad Mii!

Well, a happy Labor Day to you all. Sorry, no poem or anything for today... I know, lame. I'm so lame! *sobs* School starts tomorrow... That should make life a bit more interresting. You guys excited or dreading it? My brain is in denial that summer is supposed to be over... I don't want it to be over. It hasn't felt like summer... I don't think I've gone swimming at all this summer... *thinks hard* No...I don't think I have... =O It's so sad! =(

Well, I hope you all have a fabulous first day of school tomorrow. And good luuuuck! =)

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HP, Chapter 14

Albus slumped down in the chair in front of the fire and sighed. He closed his eyes for a minute, recalling the events that had just happened. Scorpio was an angry little man... He was about an inch shorter than Albus and much paler, but that didn't mean he wasn't scary. He could probably pull off more with a wand than Albus could... And that was probably the scariest part. They hadn't even started learning spells you could use in a wizard duel...

"Are you all right, Albus?" Derek suddenly asked. He had appeared next to Albus while his eyes were closed.

"Oh, yeah, I'm fine..." Albus said softly, coming out of his daze.

"You don't look fine..." Derek came up so he was standing right next to Albus's chair, studying him closely.

"Just...don't worry about it, okay?" Albus finished quickly. Derek looked around uncomfortably until a sudden crash made both him and Albus jump. And everyone else in the room. Everyone turned to see who it was, and to none of Albus's surprise, it was Samantha. She was standing next to a small, tipped over table, cringing. She slowly looked around the room and smiled sheepishly. James suddenly walked up behind her, put a hand on her shoulder and shrugged with a smile.

"What can I say? She's a clutz." He said simply, then pulled her away from the scene of the crime.

"Sorry..." Samantha said softly as everyone started turning back to their previous conversations. James led Samantha over to Albus and Derek and smiled. The two stared back at him blankly. James and Samantha both raised an eyebrow at the same time.

"So, how have you two been?" James suddenly asked, faking enthusiasm. Neither of the other boys answered. James looked at Samantha awkwardly, and she looked back with the same expression.

"You know what would be cool?" Samantha randomly said after a moment.

"What?" James asked.

"If I could break out into song and dance randomly and people wouldn't give me those weird looks." Samantha replied. Suddenly, she gasped and her eyes lit up. "Life should be a musical!!" She exclaimed, looking at James excitedly. James stared at her, confused for a moment, then a mischevious light danced in his eyes.

"You just gave me the most brilliant idea..." He said, looking around the room with a suspicious smile on his face. Samantha looked at him with a confused expression on her face.

"What kind of an idea?" Holly's voice suddenly asked from behind him.

"None of your buisness. Yet." James replied, then he grabbed Samantha's arm and dragged her to a corner of the room no one was gathered in.

"That was weird..." Derek said slowly. Holly nodded.

"Where's Peter?" She suddenly asked.

"Don't know." Albus replied with a shrug. Suddenly, as if on cue, Peter appeared.

"Guys, I've got some bad news." He said, panting.

"Define bad news." Derek said as they all turned to look at him.

"Tonight's a full moon." He replied, a rather worried expression on his face. The others all stared at him with wide eyes. "You know what that means, right?" He whispered.

"It means the werewolves will be out tonight..." Holly breathed. Albus swallowed hard. He didn't like the sound of that...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

HP, Chapter 13

"Scruffy, how did you become a werewolf? If you don't mind my asking..." Andrea asked. They were all roasting fish over the fire, and it looked rather uncivilized. But it was food, and Andrea needed to eat it. But she didn't want to eat it raw. She never had been a fan of sushi...

"Well, the becomin' part ain't that long of a story..." Scruffy mumbled, rotating the stick with the fish on it. "So I suppose I could tell it to ya." He finished and took a deep breath.

"I was about four years old when it happened. I was sittin' outside in the front yard. We lived waaay out in the country, mind you, so we didn't have any close neighbors. So, it was dark, I was outside with my family, and all of a sudden, outta the woods came a werewolf. Came right at me, probably because I was the smallest. And closest. Mum came runnin' at the beast, but dad got their first with his riffle in hand. Now, he didn't kill the thing, just shot it in the leg and knocked it over the head with the butt of the gun.

"Mum ran right up and scooped me up in her arms. Dad stopped the bleedin' on both me and the werewolf, then we all rushed to the hospital via the floo network. Dad actually brought the beast along with us. Amazing man, my dad was..." Scruffy gazed into the fire for a moment before continuing. "We got the funniest looks in the hospital, mum told me, because dad had a werewolf slung over his shoulder.

"They worked on me that night to close up my wounds and try to help stop me from becomin' a beast too... Still got some of the scars from when I got all scratched up by the thing." Scruffy rolled up his sleeve all the way to reveal a scar running down his shoulder. "'Course, I still am a werewolf... They didn't stop that." Scruffy rolled down his sleeve and shrugged.

"Archie says you're not a bad werewolf, though... How is that possible? And what's the difference between a good werewolf and a bad one?" Andrea asked, glancing up at Scruffy then quickly looking away.

"Well, my family starting searchin' high and low for a possible cure or somethin' to help me with not bein' a vicious monster. My mum came across a potion that can help a bit, and started me on it right away. I think the book said I was only supposed to take it during the week of a full moon, but mum and dad had me on it every night. Took it the same time, every night of every week. When the first full moon came around, I was a monstrous little thing. 'Course, I don't remember it, but everyone told me I was a fuzzy little rascal. They tried to train me, but I kept trying to bite my older brother and sister, so they had to lock me up in a kennel. It was for my own good, really. I'd wake up the next morning in the kennel and cry until someone woke up and got me out. By then I'd be all right and not remember a thing...

"After a while, I started to be less and less wild. I got calmer, and I think a good part of that isn't just owed to the potion, but also to my family. They helped quite a bit, I reckon. Since I took the potion every night, I just sort of... Settled down over the years. Granted, while I was in school during full moons, I had to sleep in a dungeon cell, but that was just for safety purposes." Scruffy shrugged and pulled his fish-on-a-stick towards him.

"Fascinating story..." Andrea said softly. Archie nodded as he pulled his own stick towards him. "So, did you two go to school at about the same time as Harry Potter, then?"

"Yes, although I was a year or so younger than him..." Archie said.

"I had a few classes with 'im. Fascinating boy. I suppose he's a man, now, though." Scruffy chuckled as he pulled apart his fish.

"What houses were you two in?" Andrea asked, pulling her fish away from the fire and inspecting it.

"Hufflepuff." Scruffy replied promptly.

"Ravenclaw." Archie said through a mouthful of fish.

"Hm..." Andrea said, picking a small bite off of her fish and eating it. She had many more questions to ask these two...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

HP, Chapter 12, continued

Potions was even more horrid than ususal. For one thing, Professor McGlinnin looked awfully sad and gloomy, which gave the whole dungeon an even sadder and gloomier look. Scorpio kept glancing in Albus's direction, and Albus couldn't help but look back, so Albus had a terrible time concentrating on the lesson. His hands shook, so his notes looked like dragon scratches and he accidentally put too much pansy powder into the potion they were making, which made the thing start to boil over the top of the cauldron. It burned a hole through Albus's pants and practically disintegrated his partner's shirt. When it got to the floor, everyone had to crawl up on their chairs to avoid the stuff eating through their shoes. Thankfully, Professor McGlinnin was fast with his wand and the gunk didn't get far.

"Well, I think that will be all for today..." Albus was grateful when those words exited McGlinnin's mouth. He grabbed his book bag, shoved his potions book into it, then dashed out the door. "Albus Potter, wait, I'd like a word with you!" Albus cringed and slowly turned around. Derek, Holly, and Peter walked past him, looking sorry.

"You'll be fine, mate." Derek whispered. Holly gave him an attempt at an encouraging smile. It turned out more like a look you would give someone who was about to be sent to Azkaban for life.

"Yes, professor?" Albus asked as he walked back into the classroom. McGlinnin glanced up at Albus and motioned for him to come closer to the desk. Albus practically crawled forward.

"Are you feeling all right, Albus?" Asked McGlinnin. Albus nodded. "Really? Not feeling... Sad or scared or hurt or...regret?" Albus thought for sure McGlinnin's eyes were looking straight into his soul.


"Hm... You know, Albus, it's all right to feel sad or scared or hurt... But regret is one thing that will eat at your soul faster than anything else. It's not your fault that whatever happened out there happened."

"But it is!" Albus practically yelled. He felt like he wanted to cry again. He had no idea if Andrea was even alive or not, and she was one of his best friends. And probably Scorpio's best friend as well. If not his only friend. "I was the one that said we should go out of the Common Room! I was the one that-"

"Yes, Albus, you suggested it. But the fact that something happened to her out there in the Forbidden Forest is not your fault!" Professor McGlinnin interrupted Albus. McGlinnin put his hands on Albus's shoulders and bent down to his level to look into his eyes. "You can't regret what happened then. You have to think of ways to not let it happen again or fix the problem. Regret is not an option, Albus." Albus sniffed and blinked back the tears in his eyes. His potions teacher was right. And much smarter than Albus had ever thought. "Albus, do you understand what I'm trying to tell you?" McGlinnin finished and Albus nodded.

"I understand." Said Albus softly.

"All right, you can go, now." McGlinnin stood up straight and gave Albus a small smile. Albus sniffed one last time then walked out the door.

The rest of the classes went relatively normally after that. Of course, Peter, Derek, and Holly wanted to know what McGlinnin had talked to Albus about, but Albus didn't want to talk about it. Care of Magical Creatures was interesting, because they were no longer on skrewts. They had gotten far too big to be used for teaching anyone anything other than the fact that skrewts were a pain in the rear. Instead, they had begun on faeries. Hagrid had actually gotten one to come to class. It was quite fascinating.

Care of Magical Creatures was their last class, so Albus decided to stay afterwards to ask Hagrid about Andrea. "Have you seen any sign of her out there?" He asked softly. Hagrid shook his head.

"No... Ain't a whole lot of leads, though. From what we can tell, she just up 'n disappeared. Did find somethin' else interestin' though. Sad, but interestin'." Hagrid replied quietly.

"What did you find that was sad but interesting?" Asked Albus. He was curious to see if it had anything to do with Andrea.

"Dead unicorn." Hagrid replied shortly. Albus's heart skipped a beat.

"Did someone kill it or..." Albus began, but Hagrid shook his head, so he stopped talking.

"Looked like it was killed. Not sure how, but it was sliced open and looked like it'd been dead for a couple days, at least. Blood all over the place... Someone wanted the poor thing dead." Explained Hagrid, a sad look on his face.

"Why? And who would want it dead?"

"Why? 'Cause unicorn blood is magical. It'll save ya from the worst of injuries if ya drink it. Can practically bring ya back to life, that stuff can. But, o' course, it comes with a price. Ya drink it, and ya live a half-life. A cursed life..." Albus listened intently to Hagrid as he spoke. He was getting goosebumps. "Who would want it dead? I dunno, Albus. Someone who wanted to live that bad, I s'pose." Hagrid sighed and shook his head. "I think that the person who killed the unicorn probably has somethin' to do with Andrea disappearin'." Albus swallowed hard as Hagrid finished. He hoped that whoever killed the unicorn wouldn't kill Andrea too.

"Well, I'll see you later, Hagrid." Albus said as he turned around and walked up the hill to the castle. He had knots in his stomach as he walked through the doors and down the hallway, making his way towards the Griffindor Common room.

"POTTER!" Someone yelled at Albus from behind. Albus turned around just as a hand grabbed his shoulder and slammed him into the wall. Scorpio Malfoy was surprisingly strong, Albus concluded as he gazed into Scorpio's angry eyes. "You lied, Potter. She's not in there. I went and looked." Scorpio sounded angry, hateful, and on the verge of tears at the same time. Albus plastered himself against the wall as Scorpio pulled out his wand and held it up. No one else was in the hallway... For some odd reason, the place was deserted.

"Where is she, Potter?" Scorpio growled.

"I-I don't know!" Albus exclaimed, trying to become the wall. He was sure that Scorpio was trying to kill him with his eyes.

"I don't believe you, Potter. You had your chance to tell me the truth and you lied! Where is she? Where's my best friend?" Scorpio was practically yelling now. Albus hoped it would attract a teacher or someone.

Scorpio and Albus stared at each other for the longest time. Scorpio maintained his glare, and Albus was sure he looked like a deer caught in some one's headlights. "You lost her out there... Didn't you?" Scorpio said softly. Albus didn't reply, so Scorpio yelled it. "Didn't you?!" Albus turned his face away and flinched.

"I didn't loose her! They think someone took her!" Albus yelled back. Scorpio scowled hard and pulled his wand back. Albus thought for sure Scorpio would kill him. Just then, Sir Nicholas rounded the corner. Scorpio quickly let go of Albus and put his wand away.

"Everything all right down here, boys?" Nick asked, looking over the two of them.

"Yeah, just peachy." Scorpio growled. He gave Albus one last glare then stormed off down the hallway. Albus sighed then glanced up at Sir Nicholas.

"Thank you, Nearly Headless Nick. I think you just saved my life." Said Albus, truly grateful. Sir Nicholas stared at him, puzzled, but didn't have time to ask a question, because Albus quickly ran off.

MR Fanfic (TPPOV) Chapter twenty-six

Fang sighed at the laptop screen. Everyone else was asleep either on the floor, on a chair, or on top of someone else, in Angel's case. She was using Gazzy's lap as a pillow. Gazzy and Fang were sitting on a small couch, and Gazzy was slumped over the armrest. Nudge was sprawled over the floor on her back in a star shape. Thing 1 and Thing 2 were laying on the floor facing each other. Sam looked rather uncomfortable, because he was asleep sitting upright, and Kalie was laying over two chairs. Fang had offered to take first watch, mostly because he knew he wouldn't sleep, knowing his brother was in the ER and his girlfriend was... He didn't even know where she was.

Max, where are you? Fang asked in his mind. He wondered if she could develop mind reading powers like Angel and answer him. He was looking at his blog, and he suddenly got his answer. There was Max's official icon... Fang stared at the screen, forcing his eyes to read the comment.

"fang its max and i sent u a mesage don't wory ull know it's me im fine btw love u" Fang read and re-read the message and realize Max had terrible grammar. Not that he had much better grammar most of the time... It also sounded like she was in a bit of a hurry. Fang quickly checked his hundreds of messages, searching for one from Max. Hers was right near the top, so he didn't have to search for very long.

"fang, its me..." Fang continued to slowly read the message. Slowly because 1. He wasn't a fast reader and 2. The grammar and spelling in the thing was horrible. He knew that none of the Flock had ever gone to real school for very long, but they'd learned enough about grammar that Max should have written a little bit better! Then Fang decided to look at the time. It explained something. Max had sent it at 11:54 P.M., which probably had something to do with the poor word choices and such... Fang finished the message and decided to send one back to Max. She hadn't specified where she was because she didn't know, so Fang had to tell her where he was.

"Max, I got your message. The Flock and I (And the other little group) are in a hospital waiting room. I'll let you guess who got hurt. Iggy, if you didn't guess right. He tried to stop them from taking Jazz. They shot him in the side. We brought him here and we're now waiting for him to come out of ER. We're in Ohio...Dayton, we think. Come find us, okay? We'll try to wait here for you. I love you and miss you. Be safe, okay? Love, Fang."

Fang sent the message to Max and sighed. Hopefully she'd get it and come meet them soon. He glanced at his watch then over at Nudge. She had offered to take the second watch. Fang stood up, set the laptop down next to Gazzy, and woke up Nudge. "Nudge, time for your watch." He whispered, trying not to wake up the others. Nudge moaned and rolled onto her side, away from Fang. Fang sighed and wondered if a good kick in the butt would get her moving.

"I'll take second watch, Fang." Sam suddenly said. Fang looked over at him and shrugged. He didn't completely trust Sam, but he thought he'd stay awake better than Nudge. Fang walked back over to the couch, turned off the laptop, then got as comfortable as he could and tried to fall asleep. He only ever got halfway there, though...

Saturday, August 1, 2009

HP, Chapter 12

Albus woke up in the chair he had fallen asleep in. He hadn't felt tired at all... He had just...fallen asleep. He stretched then looked around. There was no one else in the Common room, and the fire was out. Albus glanced down at his watch and noted it was time for breakfast, which was probably why no one was in the Common room... Albus got up slowly. He wasn't in any hurry. He knew that by going through the day like nothing was wrong would be a lie... But he knew he had to.

Albus entered the Great Hall and sighed. Only two people were missing from the teacher's table. Hagrid and Professor Longbottom. Albus slumped over to the Griffindor table and slid into the seat next to James.

"Hey, little brother." James said, smiling at him. Albus nodded and took a waffle off a nearby plate and plopped it onto his own. "How'd you sleep?" James asked, trying to start up a conversation. Albus merely shrugged again while poking at his waffle.

"Hey, Albus!" Albus swallowed hard and turned in his seat to see pale little Scorpio Malfoy standing behind him, wearing a small smile.

"Oh, hello, Scorpio..." Albus said slowly while looking away.

"Um, where's Andrea?" Scorpio asked, looking around the Griffindor table. Albus reviewed the story in his head before answering.

"She tripped on a root that she didn't see and scratched herself up REALLY badly. She's in the hospital wing right now, but there's a curtain around her bed because her face is all scratched up and she's kinda embarrassed about how it looks, so you probably shouldn't go see her."

"I don't care how she looks, I just want to talk to her." Scorpio replied. Albus couldn't tell if Scorpio bought the story or not.

"Well, she's not in the best shape for talking if you ask me." James interjected. "Right, Sam?"

Samantha stopped chewing her bacon and glared at him.

"Right..." Albus said, looking slowly away from Samantha.

"Why isn't she in the best shape for talking?" Asked Scorpio. He evidently hadn't bought the story, Albus decided. Albus opened his mouth to reply when the owls all flew in, soaring over the heads of the students.

"Look! Mum and dad must have sent us a letter, Derek!" Holly cried, looking up. A auburn colored owl swooped down and dropped a letter and a small package in between Holly and Derek. Holly picked them up gingerly and handed the letter to Derek. It had his name on it. The package had Holly's name on it. Albus turned to watch as Holly opened the package. Anything to use as an excuse to look away from Scorpio was good for him.

"Oh!" Holly exclaimed, an excited smile appearing on her face. She pulled out a piece of thin rope that was tied at the back to make it a circle. Holly put it around her neck and looked at the small medallion hanging off of it.

"That's a pretty cool necklace, Holly. Did your mom or dad get it?" Asked Samantha with a smile. Holly pulled a small note out of the box the necklace was in and read it.

"It's from mum." She said softly. "Says it's a charm to keep the nargles away." Holly smiled and fingered the charm fondly. "I've been wanting one for ages."

Derek shook his head while all of the others stared at her like she was insane.

"I'll see you later, Albus." Scorpio said softly as he turned and walked away. Albus sighed and James thumped him on the back.

"Good job, Albus! That just about sounded like a true story!" James said more loudly than Albus would have liked.

"Yeah, brilliant job of LYING." Samantha said, glaring in Albus's direction.

"I don't feel good about it, all right?" Albus said glumly, looking down at his food. He had suddenly lost the little bit of appetite he had left...

Friday, July 31, 2009

Book suggestions

For you girls, I suggest... For Young Women Only.

For Young Women Only is an insightful book on how guys think. The authors have taken surveys of guys from ages 15-21 and have had small groups with guys of that age range. The book talks about what guys wish girls knew about them. It's very informative and helps girls to understand the mystery of the male mind. It can help you with dating relationships, friendships, and even relationships with your annoying brother. I greatly recommend it for any girl who wants to know how guys think.

And... Sexy Girls: How Hot is Too Hot?

I've not finished this book, and it doesn't have a lot of relevance to me because I'm so completely *coughoverthetopcough* modest. But if you have modesty issues (whether you know it or not) you should definitely read this book.

For you guys I suggest... For Young Men Only.

Basically the same thing as For Young Women Only but for guys. I haven't read it, obviously. =P

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

HP, chapter 11, continued

Albus ate all of the roll and a few bites of the green beans and noodles on the plate. Nothing really tasted good to him, though. He sighed and leaned his head back on the chair as Holly sat down in a chair near his. Albus closed his eyes and heard the Common room door open and a few sets of footsteps walk in. Albus opened one eye and saw James at his side.

"You feeling any better?" James asked softly. Albus shrugged as he looked forward again.

"It's not your fault, Albus..." Derek said softly. Albus closed his eyes again and shook his head.

"I don't want to talk about it." He mumbled. Just then, the Common room door flung open and someone ran in. Albus heard someone breathing heavily over his shoulder and he opened his eyes and looked up. It was Percy.

"Hello, you lot." He said, forcing a smile. He was still panting and leaning on the back of Albus's chair. Percy cleared his throat then continued. "Listen, Professor McGonagal doesn't really want word spreading about... Well... Andrea." He said slowly.

"I know." Samantha said quickly. Percy gave her a confused look then continued.

"She wants us to come up with a story that sounds believable but-"

"Isn't the truth. In essence, you want us to lie to the student body. Do you realize you're just digging yourself a deeper grave?!" Samantha asked, clearly angry. "I know she doesn't want the parents to find out, I can understand that! People would think she wasn't right for the job anymore, but I will NOT lie to my fellow students. I'm not gonna sink to that level." Samantha was almost yelling, and Percy was looking around frantically to make sure no one was listening. There were a few other people in the Common room, and a couple of them were staring. Percy glared at Samantha and clamped his hand over her mouth. She glared back at him, looking almost evil.

"Listen, I've come up with an idea. All you have to do is tell it to whoever asks about Andrea. You lot are her main group of friends, so I suspect there won't be many questions. Now, just listen and tell me if it's believable." Percy paused to clear his throat then continued.

"Andrea tripped on a raised root while in the forest. She scratched herself up pretty badly, so she got taken to the hospital wing. She's still in pretty bad condition, so there's a curtain hanging around her bed. She'd prefer not to have visitors, because she scratched up her face badly and is a bit embarrassed about the whole thing." Percy sighed then forced another smile. "Make it sound believable, all right? Add in your own phrasing, but don't change stories." Percy gave them all a warning look then released his hand from Samantha's mouth.

"You're so lucky I didn't grow fangs and bite you." She growled angrily. Percy faked a laugh, and Derek, James, and Peter chuckled. Albus sighed and stared ahead glumly. Percy bent down next to him and looked at him sympathetically.

"I'm sorry you have to do this, Albus..." Percy began in a whisper. "But, please, do it for the school, all right? And for the safety of the students. I mean, if they know what really happened, some of them might go out into the forest to find her themselves. They could be seriously hurt. I just need you to do this. Please?" Percy finished and patted Albus on the shoulder, then stood and looked over the others. He nodded to them all then quickly walked out of the room.

"You know what this is?" Samantha asked, glaring at the now closed Common room door.

"What?" Derek asked, glancing over at her.


Sunday, July 19, 2009

HP, Chapter 11

Albus stared out the window sadly. He saw the Forbidden Forest and wondered where Andrea was in it. He wondered if she was still alive. "Aren't you hungry?" Someone asked from behind. It was a high voice, and soft, so Albus knew right away that it was Holly. Albus shook his head and sighed. A plate of food slowly floated up beside him and he looked away.

"I'm not hungry, Holly." He said softly. He heard Holly sigh from behind him.

"You didn't even look to see that I was using the levitation spell, did you?" She asked, sounding cross. Albus glanced over his shoulder and realized that there was no hand attached to the plate. Albus raised an eyebrow in surprise then smiled slightly.

"Good job, Holly. You've got the levitation spell down, don't you?" Albus said, still speaking softly.

"Yes, Peter helped me with it. It's quite easy after you know what to do." She said, still from behind Albus. The plate of food began to spin around in the air, then it began to bounce up and down.

"Um, Holly, please stop..." Albus said as he backed into the chair more. The food didn't stop flying all over the place, though.

"You know, Albus, you really need to eat something. And you need to get your mind off of Andrea. It wasn't your fault, and moping about it isn't going to help." Holly said. Evidently she was talking with her hands, as well as her mouth, because the food kept on flying.

"Um, Holly..." Albus's eyes went wide as the plate of food stopped right over his head.

"Yes, Albus?" Holly asked from behind.

"Will you please stop flinging the plate around?"

"Oh, sorry..." The plate came to a stop on Albus's lap and he breathed a sigh of relief. Holly walked around the chair and stood next to Albus. "Are you going to eat any of it?" She asked softly. Albus shook his head.

"Not now..."

"Oh, okay." Holly looked down at her shoes then back up at Albus. She looked sad, and Albus figured that was because of him. He sighed and picked up a roll that was on the plate and took a bite out of it. Holly smiled triumphantly.

"There, happy?" Albus asked through a mouthful of roll. Holly nodded and giggled in reply.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

HP, Chapter 10, continued

"They're so beautiful." Andrea said softly. The unicorns didn't seem to be paying much attention to them anymore.

"I don't think I've ever seen them this close before..." Archie whispered. "Have you, Scruffy?" Scruffy shook his head.

"Not alive, at least." He replied with a frown. Andrea looked startled.

"What do you mean?" She asked in an urgent whisper.

"Remember how I told you that Scruffy thought he smelled something dead before we found you?" Archie asked. Andrea nodded. "After we brought you back to our camp and took care of you, Scruffy went looking for it. He was going to bury whatever it was-"

"Mostly because of the stink." Scruffy interrupted, looking away. Archie rolled his eyes.

"He's such a softy under all the fur." Archie sighed then continued. "Anyways, he found it, and it was a dead unicorn." Andrea gasped and put her hand over her mouth.

"Who would kill a unicorn? And why?" Scruffy shrugged in reply.

"Well, the why is pretty easy. See, unicorns have magical blood. And if you drink it, it can save you from death. Even if you're knocking on death's door, it can save you." Archie explained.

"So, it's like some super healing potion?" Andrea asked Archie.

"Yes, that's one way to look at it..." He replied slowly. "But it doesn't come for free... Drinking a unicorn's blood puts a curse on you. A curse where you're only able to live a 'half-life'." Archie finished quietly and solemnly.

"What's a 'half-life'?" Andrea asked in a whisper. Archie shrugged.

"I suppose it would be a life of... Pain." He replied simply. "I don't know beyond that."

"Why would you do something like that, though? I think I'd rather die than live a half-life..." Andrea said as she rested her head on her knees.

"If you're really desperate and want to live, then I guess you'd do it. Well, I wouldn't, and you wouldn't, but someone who doesn't care and wants to live would." Scruffy said quickly.

"I actually have an idea on who would want to..." Archie began slowly. Scruffy and Andrea both looked at him with confused expressions on their faces. "Do you remember anything at all from last night? Because I'm wondering if maybe you were pulled in here by another human. Not a creature. And I'm wondering if maybe you fought back hard enough to seriously wound the person trying to kidnap you." He explained slowly. Andrea looked down at the clear water in the lake, focusing on the stones at the bottom of it.

"I remember being with my friend Albus... And he turned around for a second, and something grabbed me. They were hands, so it was at least partially human. And I could only let out a little scream before I couldn't talk anymore..."

"A silencing spell." Scruffy cut in quickly. Archie nodded before Andrea continued.

"Then I got dragged away... And it all went black for a while, then I heard someone say some spell and...I said something...then they screamed..." Andrea finished slowly.

"What did you say?" Archie asked quickly.

"I don't know... I can't remember all of it..."

"Memory charm?" Scruffy whispered. Archie shook his head.

"Have to be a partial one, but even then they wouldn't be able to pick and choose what she remembered. Just what she forgot past a certain amount of time..." He replied with a thoughtful look on his face. Andrea glanced up from the rocks at the bottom of the lake and gasped as she noticed the unicorns were gone.

"Oh... They left..." She said softly. Scruffy chuckled.

"They have a tendency to do that." He said with a smile. Andrea bent over the water and peered into the lake. It was crystal clear...

"Is the water safe to touch?" She asked.

"Well, I hope so! Archie and I been swimin' in there for I don't know how long." Scruffy replied.

"Scruffy splashes like there's no tomorrow." Archie said with a glare at his companion. Scruffy smiled like a schoolboy who just got away with a prank. Andrea shrugged then reached into the water and pulled out a handful of rocks. She began looking at them one by one. Some of them looked like gems and others looked like regular rocks... Except that they were all so smooth. Andrea picked up one and looked at it closely. It had markings on it. She wondered if the markings on it had been carved in or were some kind of a fossil... She put the rocks in the pocket of her robe then dried her hands off on her shirt.

"Um, I think I'm getting a bit hungry..." Andrea said softly. Scruffy smiled wide.

"Perfect! I get to show you my skills at catching fish!" Scruffy said with eagerness in his voice. Andrea giggled and realized she was actually starting to like these two... But she wasn't going to let her guard down completely. After all... One of them was still a werewolf.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

HP, Chapter 10

Author's Note: Okay, I know there are at least a few people who read my blog... I mean, it claims that I have eight PWMRLMB, so do any of you people read these little Harry Potter fanfic chapters?? If so, I would appreciate a comment. The one person that used to read it has stopped reading it as far as I know. Is it really that bad? =(

Andrea woke up and looked around. Archie and Scruffy were gone. Suddenly, Andrea panicked. She didn't know if she liked those two, but she knew she didn't want to be alone out here. Andrea stood up and looked around frantically. "A-Archie?" Andrea called out. "Sc-Scruffy?" She yelled a little louder.

"Yes?" Archie called from ahead of Andrea. Andrea peered ahead but didn't see him. It was afternoon now, so it wasn't that dark, but the thick foliage that consisted of the tree's leaves made it darker.

"Where are you?" Andrea asked.

"Here." Archie stepped out into the small clearing and Andrea sighed.

"Where's Scruffy?" She asked, looking around.

"He went to the lake to get some more fish. Sometimes he fishes just for sport... Throws them back in, though..." Archie replied, glancing up at Andrea.

"Can we go to the lake?" Andrea asked after a moment.

"I suppose so." Archie replied, walking towards Andrea. Andrea strained herself to not back away. She didn't know how long she was going to be stuck out here, but she figured she needed to make the most of it while she was here. Andrea followed Archie at a safe distance. She let her eyes wander all around her, taking in every tree, flower, and bug she saw.

"Just stick with us and you'll be safe here, all right?" Archie said softly. He walked so quietly through the forest that Andrea almost couldn't hear his footsteps. "We know most of the things that live in here, not by acquaintance, just by hearing them or seeing them from a distance. We also know where they've made their territory, so stick with us and you should be fine." Archie continued explaining.

"What kinds of things live out here?" Andrea asked, speeding up a bit.

"Well, werewolves, unicorns, one giant, a few enormous spiders - and by a few I mean a few dozen - centaurs, a few faeries, and maybe another vampire or two. Vampires and werewolves can't survive too well out here, especially vampires, because there aren't many humans out here or regular animals. And... Well, you know..." Archie said, his voice trailing off as he finished. Andrea swallowed hard and looked around again.

"Will they come and try to get me?" She asked softly. Archie shook his head and glanced over his shoulder.

"No, they know our territory. On an occasional full moon, Scruffy will have to chase off a few werewolves, but nothing too serious." Archie replied.

"How come Scruffy never tried to...uh, get you?" Andrea asked softly. Archie sighed and suddenly, sunlight fell onto Andrea. They had reached the lake. There was a border of trees around the lake and a few large rocks scattered here and there. Scruffy was sitting on a rock nearby. He looked over at the two of them and put his pointer finger to his mouth to tell them to be quiet. He then pointed across the river and Andrea gasped. There, getting a drink, was a large unicorn. It lifted up it's head and looked at the group of three, then put it's head down again and took another drink from the lake.

"It's so beautiful..." Andrea whispered. Just then, a small unicorn walked out from among the trees and walked up next to the larger one. "It has a baby!" Andrea cried softly.

"That must be it's mother." Scruffy said quietly. The three of them watched intently as another small unicorn walked up to the lake.

Monday, July 13, 2009


AAAIIIIEEEE!!! WE GOTST A PUPPY TODAAAAAYZ!!! IT MAKEZ MEH FEELZ LIKE TALKIN LIKE THIIIIIZ!!! *girlish squeal* It's a white maltipoo, and he's so cute! He has no name as of this second, although the littlest brother thinks he should be named Bolt. =P (Suggestions are welcome, not necessarily going to be used, though...) The puppy is only, like, four pounds! (And maybe a half) He is so cute and mellow! He's only barked a few times since he's been here, which is good. He's also, like, 95% potty trained, and he hasn't gone tinkle on the carpet! =P He's been outside a few times today, and he likes to chew on sticks, but that's about it. He's tired right now because he's had a busy morning. (We just got him today, after all!) And my littlest brother has been pretty much attached to the puppy. He won't let him nap in peace, and he wants to keep holding him and everything! I've only got to hold the puppy for a little bit today. =P The puppy is napping on mom's lap right now, though, I think. He's lots of fun, and I'm so glad we got to get him!

I'll post pictures of him when I can. Right now, my camera's all full (I only have like, four pictures left in it...) and I haven't downloaded it yet today. The puppies really soft, too. =) He's just adorable. So there will be pictures!

Feel free to suggest good doggie names. His name right now is Squirt, but we don't like that name for him. *shakes head* last time... (you may want to cover your ears) EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

MR Fanfic (MPOV) Chapter twenty-five

After dinner (which was fabulous, by the way) we went out to the living room and watched a movie. Jessie sat in her chair, Jazz and I sat on the couch, and Chad and Marie sat on a smaller couch next to ours. The movie we watched was Kung Fu Panda, and I laughed my fool head off. Seriously. Jazz did as well. Okay, so we all did. I wasn't done being tense, but I did enjoy the movie. We got to eat popcorn while watching the movie, too, so it was all good with me. Except that I needed to find my Flock...

After the movie, we talked for a while. "So, where are Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gassman and Angel?" Jessie asked from across the room. I sighed and looked at the popcorn kernels in my bowl.

"I don't know. We split up for like, five seconds in a mall, and they took off with her." I pointed at Jazz with my thumb as I spoke. "So I had to go on a hunt for them, then I found them, and some other birdkids, then right after I met up with them we had to fight a group of M-Geeks, then we started driving and then we stopped at a restaurant then I got kidnapped then she got kidnapped and it's all a big mess that I call 'My life'." I finished and breathed deeply. I glanced over at Jazz, who was looking at me with an expression that was saying something sarcastic. I didn't look at her long enough to find out what the sarcastic comment was, though.

"Wow..." Marie said softly. She was looking at me with caring blue eyes. I nodded and sighed. "Do you need a place to stay?" She suddenly asked. She looked at Chad quickly and he shrugged, then she looked back to me.

"Uh, well, yeah..." I said slowly.

"I think the correct answer is 'Yes, please'." Jazz said with a smile. I rolled my eyes and shook my head at her. "You don't have to be so reluctant to accept help." She muttered, resting her head on the arm of the couch. I sighed then looked back at Marie.

"Yes, please." I said with a small smile. Marie smiled at me then stood up.

"We'll, we don't have a guest room, but we do have a living room and Jessie's room. You can take your pick." Marie said, looking between me and Jazz. I glanced over at Jazz to see if she had any opinion, but her eyes were closed and she looked like she was sleeping.

"Um..." I said slowly, taking into account everything. The living room was right near the door, but had no windows in it. Jessie's room was down the hallway and probably had one small window, probably not big enough to crawl through quickly. I pondered this for a minute then answered.

"The living room is fine." I said with a smile.

"All right, then I'll go grab a couple more blankets and some more pillows." Marie said, walking off.

"You took the living room because it had more escape exits, didn't you?" Jessie asked. I nodded sheepishly.

"Don't worry, Max, we're not gonna hurt you." Chad said with a chuckle.

It's not you guys I'm worried about... I thought, taking into account their sizes. Unless they were Erasers, I could beat 'em all easily. But the Erasers weren't around anymore, so I wasn't that concerned about that. Suddenly, my brain reeled.

"JAZZ!" I screamed, shaking her awake. Chad and Jessie both jumped at my exclamation. Jazz opened her eyes and looked around, slightly panicked.

"What?" She asked, sitting up.

"The screen had a wolf on it!" I said quickly.

"Okay...?" She said, shaking her head. I sighed and groaned at the same time.

"They're making a new batch of Erasers!!" I exclaimed. Jazz's expression went something like mine would go if I heard that news.

"Maybe they were just trying to make a new type of wolf or studying a new type of wolf or something..." She said, looking worried. I shook my head.

"I doubt it."

"But, Erasers means Itex."

"And you beat Itex in the third book." Jessie pointed out. Jazz and I both turned to look at her. "I kinda thought that the storyline went downward after that. And the fourth book was so short... I mean, Itex was the best badguys as far as the story goes." I stared at Jessie in disbelief as she spoke.

"Well, I'm sorry my life has a bad storyline." I said snidely. Jessie looked taken aback. Jazz poked me hard in the arm. "Ow!" I said, rubbing my arm while glaring at her.

"Be nice. She didn't think you were real. And for a great deal of the time I was reading the series, I didn't either." Jazz said quietly. I slumped down into my chair and glared at Jazz. She was right...

"Do you ladies want something pajama-like?" Chad asked, standing up and stretching.

"Uh, sure, I guess..." I said slowly, looking at Jazz.

"I have some extra pajamas you could borrow! I bet they'd fit!" Jessie said, jumping up. "Do either of you like bright colors?" She asked quickly.

"What ever you have is fine with me. As long as it's decent, I mean." Jazz said with a smile. I nodded in agreement with her.

"Okay, I'll be right back!" Jessie said, then she ran off through the kitchen and down the hall. Marie walked back into the room with some blankets in her arms and a couple pillows on top of them.

"Here you ladies go!" She said, setting the pillows on the other couch. I stood up and smiled at Marie, and Jazz slowly followed my example.

"Thank you." We both said simultaneously. I looked at Jazz, slightly freaked out. We sounded exactly the same... Marie giggled and Chad chuckled.

"Are you girls sure you're not twins?" He asked, stretching.

"I have no idea if we have any relation." I replied softly. I looked over at Jazz and she shrugged.

"Okay, I have a couple options!" Jessie said, running back in. She was holding a few shirts and pants in her arms. She held up a shirt and a pair of pants as she spoke. "Option one, any takers?" She asked, looking between me and Jazz. It was a pink long-sleeved shirt that was made of fleece, and the pants had lots of different bright colors. The pants were also made of fleece.

"Uh..." Jazz said slowly. I wasn't gonna wear that pink in a million years.

"Okay, option two then." Jessie said, holding up another pajama option. It was a green t-shirt with Mickey Mouse on it and black flannel pants with Mickey Mouse all over them.

"Dibs!" I yelled, reaching out for the pajamas. Jessie handed them too me then held up the last option for Jazz to see. The last option consisted of a dark purple t-shirt with three light blue stars in the middle of it. The pants were also dark purple and had little blue stars all over them.

"Works for me." Jazz said, taking the pajamas from Jessie. Jessie smiled and began to bounce up and down.

"Okay, who wants to use the bathroom first? I would suggest you get in there before Dad because he takes for-EH-ver." Jessie whispered the last part and Jazz giggled.

"I heard that." Chad said, faking sadness.

"I'll go get ready first if that's all right with you peoples. I'm beat..." Jazz said, yawning. I nodded and Jazz walked off to the bathroom. I followed her a minute later, just to secure the fact that I was going in next. I stood outside the bathroom door and looked at the Mickey Mouse on the t-shirt in my arms. Suddenly, I heard singing. It was some of the most lovely singing I had ever heard...and it was coming from the bathroom.

"Were you singing in there?" I asked Jazz as she came out, all star-ey-fied.

"Yeah..." She replied slowly, looking at me suspiciously.

"It's kinda funny, because you sing really well, but I don't, and we have the exact same voice." I said dryly.

"I bet if you sang more you'd sound better." Jazz said, walking past me. I snorted as I walked into the bathroom.

"Doubt it." I muttered as I closed the bathroom door.


I settled down on the longer of the two couches and sighed. Jazz was on the other couch, and it sounded like she was already asleep. Jessie came out and stood next to the couch for a minute, just looking at me.

"What?" I asked, trying not to sound annoyed. She shrugged.

"I dunno. I just wanted to say goodnight, I guess..." She said softly. I nodded then began thinking about my Flock... How we did the fist stack before we went to bed... Suddenly, I sat bolt upright.

"Do you have a computer or a laptop or something?" I asked Jessie urgently. She nodded. "Can I use it?" I asked. She nodded again. I stood up and let Jessie lead me down the hallway to the room at the end of it. It looked like a little office. I saw the computer sitting on a desk and ran over to it. I turned it on and waited for it to boot up. It felt like it took forever. After it was all booted up, I brought up the Internet and went to Fang's blog.

"What are you doing?" Jessie asked, looking over my shoulder.

"Leaving a message for Fang." I said. I left a comment on his blog then sent him a private message, asking him where he was. And, just for the fun of it, I put in the secret word, so he would know it was really me. I sighed after I sent the message off and hoped beyond hope Fang would read his messages. I turned off the computer then stood up and stretched.

"Thanks, Jessie. For... Everything." I said softly. She smiled at me and seemed to glow with happiness.

"You're welcome." She said. We walked out of the room and back to the living room. I crawled back onto the couch and covered up with the blankets. Jessie turned off the light, but I didn't fall asleep right away...

God, if you're really up there... Could you please remind Fang to look at his messages? And could you please keep the Flock safe? I prayed silently. I didn't know if God would answer or what, but I figured praying didn't hurt anyone. I sighed and rolled onto my side.

"Goodnight, Jazz." I whispered.

"Goodnight, Maximum Ride."

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Independence Day

The boom of the fireworks,
The colors in the sky.
The smell of hotdogs on a grill,
And the wonder of a wondering sigh.

Independence allows us to celebrate
What we have every day.
The freedom to be who we want to be,
And the ability to say what we want to say.

So on this day I remember
Our men and women in arms.
The ones who fought for us then,
And the ones who fight for us now.

So lift up your voices, let freedom ring!
Remember how their blood was shed,
For you and for me, for our country.
And thank them, with a bow of the head.


Thursday, July 2, 2009

MR Fanfic (MPOV) Chapter twenty-four

"By the way, my name's Chad Marshall. You can call me Chad if you want." The man said as we drove along.

"I'm Jasmine." Jasmine introduced herself. I didn't really need to introduce myself since he already knew who I was...

Chad drove for about half an hour, then pulled into a driveway. "This is my home." He said as he pulled up to the house. It was a small house, nothing special. Well, not to one of you regular people. But to me, any house was special. It was just a rectangular house and not very tall. The yard was nice, though, with a few trees and a bird feeder in the middle. There was a path of stones that led to the porch, and the path was lined with short lights that shone upward.

"You sure this is a good idea?" Jasmine whispered to me as Chad got out of the car.

"No, but I don't have a better one." I replied as I opened the door and stepped out of the car. Jasmine got out after me and Chad led us down the path to the porch. A light turned on above the porch and a girl ran out and gave Chad a hug.

"Yes! You're home! Now we can pop some popcorn and have movie night!" She said excitedly.

"Well, um... There might actually be a slight change of plans..." Chad replied softly. The girl's shoulder's dropped. Chad moved out of the way and she saw us. She looked up at her dad, confused, then back at us.

"You brought home twins?" She asked her dad.

"Jessie, this is Jasmine and Maximum Ride." Chad said, patting Jesse on the back.

"What?" She asked, looking up at him.

"These two girls stopped me on the road on the way home, and this one said she was Maximum Ride. Like from those books you read. Then she showed me her wings and I believed her, then brought the two home with me." Chad smiled as he finished speaking. Jessie stared at us with her mouth gaping open.

"Prove it." She said suddenly. I sighed and rolled my eyes then looked at Jasmine.

"Do I really have to do this?" I asked rhetorically. She nodded. I slowly let out my wings and watched Jessie's eyes widen.

"Wow... You really are Maximum Ride... HOLY COW!!!" Jessie screamed the last part and Jasmine and I both flinched. "I am, like, such a huge fan! Like, seriously! I have all of your books, and the manga, and I totally want to be Max in the movie, but... Now that I've met you I can see I look nothing like you. THIS IS SO COOL!" Jessie giggled like a true fangirl and I smiled. "Come on! You gotta get inside! You can have some leftovers from dinner, and watch a movie with us, and eat popcorn, this is gonna be so fun!!" Jessie said as she pounded up the path, up the porch steps, and into the house. Chad chuckled and motioned for us to follow Jessie. We did so...slightly reluctantly, though...

"She gets excited sometimes." Chad said as we reached the porch. I realized there was a woman standing there, smiling at us. "Oh, girls, this is my wife, Marie." Chad introduced her and she shook my hand.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Maximum Ride. I've also read the books. I wanted to see what my daughter loved about them, and I found out." Marie said with a smile. I smiled back, glad that they liked out life story so much.

I walked into the house with Jasmine right by me, and we walked right into the kitchen. There was a counter on the far wall that had the sink in it and a dishwasher stuck in between some cabinets. The stove was at the right end of the counter, and at the left end a fridge, then a wall. The wall had a doorway in it... Without a door. Through that doorway I saw their small living room. On the opposite end of the kitchen was a hallway leading to some other rooms. There was a small table in the middle of the kitchen, and there was a plate of food on the table.

"That's Chad's food, but I could heat up some for you girls if you want." Marie said with a smile. I nodded my head eagerly.

"Yes, PLEASE." Jazz said with a wide smile. Marie walked over to the fridge and pulled out a glass pan thingy and set it on the counter next to the microwave. She pulled two plates out of one of the cabinets and began to pile food on them. I guess we looked hungry. She stuck one of the plates in the microwave and it began to heat up. Jessie came back into the room from the hallway holding a few blankets.

"These are my movie watching blankets. Usually I only use one, but since you guys are here, I figure you can use some too!" She said, shoving a blanket into my arms.

"Uh... Thanks..." I said, looking down at the blankets. Jessie smiled and put a blanket in Jazz's arms then walked into the living room. She motioned for us to follow her and we did.

"You can pick any chair you want. Except this one. This is-" Jessie began, but Jazz cut her off.

"Wait, let me guess... You're movie watching chair?" Jazz said with a smile. Jessie nodded. She looked between me and Jazz and her brow furrowed.

"So, you're Max, and is she like, your twin? Is she gonna be in the next book?" Jessie asked eagerly. Jazz and I looked at each other, then Jazz looked down at the blanket in her arms.

"Well, uh, I don't know why she looks like me. I mean, she has a mom that isn't my mom, so I don't know how it is that we look identical..." I said slowly. "She'll probably be in the next book, though, since it's like, our life story and this is happening in real life..." I continued. "At least, I hope this is real life." I said with a chuckle.

"I hope it's real life too, because this is just too awesome!" Jessie said as she put her blanket down on her chair. Jazz and I both tossed our blankets onto the couch.

"Who wants shepherd's pie?" I heard Marie call from the kitchen.

"ME!!" I yelled, running out to the kitchen. I was starving, after all. Jazz ran behind me, and I stopped so suddenly she plowed right into me. I almost fell over, but I caught my balance before I did a face plant on the floor. I sat down on the chair opposite of Chad, who was already seated, and Jazz sat to my left. Marie put a plate of food in front of me, and a plate in front of Jazz. Marie then handed us both a fork and I started to dig in. I glanced up at Chad and saw he was looking at Marie, almost nervously. I glanced up at her and she shrugged. Chad cleared his throat and I swallowed.

"What?" I asked warily.

"Well, it's just that, before we eat... We, uh, pray." Chad said slowly. I let out a sigh. They had me freaked out for a minute there.

"Okay, well, pray." I said with a shrug. Jessie came over to the table and took her dad's hand, and Marie took his other hand. To my surprise, Jazz slipped her hand into Marie's then held her hand out to me. I shrugged and went with it. I took Jazz's hand then took Jessie's hand with my other hand. Chad bowed his head and prayed. I will tell you this... It was a wonderful prayer. It actually got me wondering if God really was there... It sure felt like He was...