Saturday, May 16, 2009

I told her I was gonna write it, so here it is. Bear with me. :P

Mom, I said I'd write it, so just take a seat.
Just find a comfy chair and plant your little feet.
You say you don't like poetry, but please bear with me,
Because you're getting a poem, so just don't flee from me.

When life gave me lemmons, I didn't really know what to do.
So, I brought 'em to ya, and you told me what I should do.
Usually in a song, or a silly rhyme,
But that was the type of thing that helped me pass the time.

You're crazy, and you're goofy, and a little bit insane,
But that's why I love you, you're no 'ordinary Jane'.
You're fun, and you're helpful, you're also kind of odd,
But you are a gift from heaven, given to me from God.

Even though when I grow up, I'll probably need therapy,
(I know I won't be alone though, you have a sister, see?)
I'm still glad God gave me you, and I didn't have to pick,
Because He gave me the perfect mom, the one He knew would click.


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Christine said...

that's cute;) very well done. lol