Monday, August 30, 2010


I was just looking back at the comments on my blog and saw that on my "Do you want to see something cute?" blog post there was another comment. So, I looked at it and it was someone asking if I would be interested in drawing some pictures for their blog. They said that if I was interested I should send them a message.

One question: How?

If any of you know, I would be very happy if you would inform me of how to do such things.

Now, on to much more serious news. My great uncle passed away last night. =( Please keep my family in your prayers, guys and girls.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Yet another thing that makes me different from other people...

There are a lot of things about me that some people wouldn't consider "normal". I won't go into the whole list, and whether or not you think I'm weird depends upon your definition of the word "normal". The following, though, is a little out of the ordinary for someone my age.

While surfing the Internet yesterday, I came across a blog post that had information on a certain contest. The U Rock music video contest (held by is basically you submitting a video that involves a short clip of music (apparently making the video a "music video"). The main rules are that the video can't be over forty seconds long, it can't have any music but that which the contest provides, and it has to be clean and with no logos, etc. There are four different songs you can pick from, each coming with a different prize for the big winner.

The first song is "Dance Forever" by Allstar Weekend. The prize is that you get to hang with the band. Sound cool? Yeah, I guess so.

The next song is "It's On" from Camp Rock 2, and the prize for that one is that you get to go see a Camp Rock 2 concert or whatever. (Something along those lines, I honestly didn't pay that much attention to it. I was too interested in what came after this one.)

The third song is (taken out of order, because this is more dramatic) "L.A. Baby" by the Jonas Brothers. The prize is getting to tour L.A. and/or meet the Jonas Brothers, I can't remember which. Once again, I didn't pay that much attention because I wanted to get past this one to the final song.

Last but not least, the fourth song is "Backyard Beach" by... Ferb Fletcher from Phineas and Ferb. (For those of you who don't know, Phineas and Ferb is a cartoon made of PURE AWESOME.) The prize for this song is that you get to meet the creators of Phineas and Ferb and you get a behind the scenes look at the show.

So, which one was I most excited about? Most definitely Phineas and Ferb.

Now, hanging out with Allstar Weekend would probably be cool, and seeing a Camp Rock 2 concert would be fun, and touring L.A and/or meeting the Jonas Brothers would probably be a blast, too, but meeting the creators of one of my (entire family's) new favorite TV shows would just be...amazing. This is how I see it: I'm interesting in writing of all kinds, including writing scripts and screenplay and things along those lines. I'm also into voice acting (for those of you who don't know, I'm in a podcast as the narrator and I'm the voice of a character in an online animated show...not to toot my own horn or anything...), so to go behind the scenes of an animated TV show would be something right up my alley.

Don't you think meeting the creators and going behind the scenes of Phineas and Ferb would be cool?

Well, here comes the sad part: the contest closes in less than twenty-four hours, and none of the videos that my brothers and I made are very good (well, I don't really like them, anyways). So, I don't think I'm going to be entering it. Maybe if I had learned about the contest sooner or didn't expect so much of myself I'd feel better about the videos...

I'm not sure why I wanted to tell all of you about this, but I guess this is more what a blog is for than what I've been using it for with fanfictions and whatnot...

Friday, August 20, 2010

MR Fanfic (MPOV) Chapter 47

"Run!" I yelled, acting on my instincts. We all turned and darted back down the street in the direction we had come from. I glanced over my shoulder at the van and saw that it had sped up. We needed to take to the sky, but we couldn't just leave Jazz here.

"Why are we running?" Jazz asked as I ran up beside her.

"Um, hello! Big black van coming down the road towards us!" I said quickly. I counted heads and stopped in my tracks as I realized Angel wasn't with us anymore. I spun around and saw Angel staring at us all with a confused expression on her face.

"Angel, come on!" I called, the others stopping ahead of us a little ways. I gasped as the black van neared her. I dashed forward and got to her just in time, pulling her away from the road as...

The black van passed us. I watched as it passed the others, too. I let go of Angel and stared after the vehicle.

"Max, are you okay?" Angel asked slowly.

"I thought for sure..." I mumbled, my voice trailing off at the end of my sentence. The others began walking towards me. A blush lit up my face like a campfire lights up the darkness. When he reached me, Fang raised an eyebrow in confusion.

"What just happened?" Kalie asked from the back of the group. I thought for a moment before I shrugged and smiled sheepishly.

"Better safe than sorry?" I offered as a reply. Fang let out a sigh but he was smiling while he did it. He shook his head then took my hand again.

"Ya know, Max, things like this wouldn't happen if you'd take advantage of my full powers." Angel said suddenly.

Here we go again... I thought to myself with a sigh and an eye roll.

"I mean, if you would let me read your thoughts all of the time, we wouldn't have grabbed Jasmine back at the mall instead of you. And if you payed more attention to me, I could have told you that the people in that van were just some tourists on their way home. They seemed to be really lost, though..." Angel continued.

"Yes, but how much fun would that all be? I mean, if you guys hadn't grabbed Jasmine, we never would have met her or Sam or Kalie or Thing 1 and Thing 2. And besides, that little sprint was good for us. It kept us on our toes!" I said, faking enthusiasm here. I heard a few giggles from behind me and Angel frowned.

"I'm being serious, Max," she said in a completely serious tone. I sighed.

"Angel, I don't want you inside my head, and that's that, okay?" I said quickly. Angel's shoulders dropped a little and she looked ahead again.

"Fine," she mumbled, crossing her arms over her chest. We all walked in silence for a few minutes before Gazzy spoke up.

"So, where are we going?" he asked.

"North, in the hopes of finding Jazz's mom." I replied matter-of-factly. That was all the answer I gave because beyond that, I didn't have a clue as to where we were going.

"How will we know when we find Jazz's mom?" Nudge asked from behind me.

"Well, Jazz knows what her mom looks like, and she knows her address, so it shouldn't be THAT hard..." I said with a shrug. Fang gave me a skeptical look and I shrugged again.

"Are we gonna walk the whole way there?" Gazzy asked incredulously.

"What do you want to do? Hitchhike?" I asked, turning around to see him. A smile crossed over his face.

"Yeah!" he said, running out in front of us. I rolled my eyes as he began walking in front of us with his thumb in the air.

"Gazzy..." I said his name in a whiny voice, making both syllables obvious. He completely ignored me and went on wagging his thumb in the air with a smile on his face.

"Who knows? Maybe his cuteness will actually catch us a ride." Jazz said with a smile. A few of the others laughed and I couldn't help but smile. He was pretty cute up there...