Sunday, July 19, 2009

HP, Chapter 11

Albus stared out the window sadly. He saw the Forbidden Forest and wondered where Andrea was in it. He wondered if she was still alive. "Aren't you hungry?" Someone asked from behind. It was a high voice, and soft, so Albus knew right away that it was Holly. Albus shook his head and sighed. A plate of food slowly floated up beside him and he looked away.

"I'm not hungry, Holly." He said softly. He heard Holly sigh from behind him.

"You didn't even look to see that I was using the levitation spell, did you?" She asked, sounding cross. Albus glanced over his shoulder and realized that there was no hand attached to the plate. Albus raised an eyebrow in surprise then smiled slightly.

"Good job, Holly. You've got the levitation spell down, don't you?" Albus said, still speaking softly.

"Yes, Peter helped me with it. It's quite easy after you know what to do." She said, still from behind Albus. The plate of food began to spin around in the air, then it began to bounce up and down.

"Um, Holly, please stop..." Albus said as he backed into the chair more. The food didn't stop flying all over the place, though.

"You know, Albus, you really need to eat something. And you need to get your mind off of Andrea. It wasn't your fault, and moping about it isn't going to help." Holly said. Evidently she was talking with her hands, as well as her mouth, because the food kept on flying.

"Um, Holly..." Albus's eyes went wide as the plate of food stopped right over his head.

"Yes, Albus?" Holly asked from behind.

"Will you please stop flinging the plate around?"

"Oh, sorry..." The plate came to a stop on Albus's lap and he breathed a sigh of relief. Holly walked around the chair and stood next to Albus. "Are you going to eat any of it?" She asked softly. Albus shook his head.

"Not now..."

"Oh, okay." Holly looked down at her shoes then back up at Albus. She looked sad, and Albus figured that was because of him. He sighed and picked up a roll that was on the plate and took a bite out of it. Holly smiled triumphantly.

"There, happy?" Albus asked through a mouthful of roll. Holly nodded and giggled in reply.

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