Saturday, August 22, 2009

MR Fanfic (TPPOV) Chapter twenty-six

Fang sighed at the laptop screen. Everyone else was asleep either on the floor, on a chair, or on top of someone else, in Angel's case. She was using Gazzy's lap as a pillow. Gazzy and Fang were sitting on a small couch, and Gazzy was slumped over the armrest. Nudge was sprawled over the floor on her back in a star shape. Thing 1 and Thing 2 were laying on the floor facing each other. Sam looked rather uncomfortable, because he was asleep sitting upright, and Kalie was laying over two chairs. Fang had offered to take first watch, mostly because he knew he wouldn't sleep, knowing his brother was in the ER and his girlfriend was... He didn't even know where she was.

Max, where are you? Fang asked in his mind. He wondered if she could develop mind reading powers like Angel and answer him. He was looking at his blog, and he suddenly got his answer. There was Max's official icon... Fang stared at the screen, forcing his eyes to read the comment.

"fang its max and i sent u a mesage don't wory ull know it's me im fine btw love u" Fang read and re-read the message and realize Max had terrible grammar. Not that he had much better grammar most of the time... It also sounded like she was in a bit of a hurry. Fang quickly checked his hundreds of messages, searching for one from Max. Hers was right near the top, so he didn't have to search for very long.

"fang, its me..." Fang continued to slowly read the message. Slowly because 1. He wasn't a fast reader and 2. The grammar and spelling in the thing was horrible. He knew that none of the Flock had ever gone to real school for very long, but they'd learned enough about grammar that Max should have written a little bit better! Then Fang decided to look at the time. It explained something. Max had sent it at 11:54 P.M., which probably had something to do with the poor word choices and such... Fang finished the message and decided to send one back to Max. She hadn't specified where she was because she didn't know, so Fang had to tell her where he was.

"Max, I got your message. The Flock and I (And the other little group) are in a hospital waiting room. I'll let you guess who got hurt. Iggy, if you didn't guess right. He tried to stop them from taking Jazz. They shot him in the side. We brought him here and we're now waiting for him to come out of ER. We're in Ohio...Dayton, we think. Come find us, okay? We'll try to wait here for you. I love you and miss you. Be safe, okay? Love, Fang."

Fang sent the message to Max and sighed. Hopefully she'd get it and come meet them soon. He glanced at his watch then over at Nudge. She had offered to take the second watch. Fang stood up, set the laptop down next to Gazzy, and woke up Nudge. "Nudge, time for your watch." He whispered, trying not to wake up the others. Nudge moaned and rolled onto her side, away from Fang. Fang sighed and wondered if a good kick in the butt would get her moving.

"I'll take second watch, Fang." Sam suddenly said. Fang looked over at him and shrugged. He didn't completely trust Sam, but he thought he'd stay awake better than Nudge. Fang walked back over to the couch, turned off the laptop, then got as comfortable as he could and tried to fall asleep. He only ever got halfway there, though...

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