Friday, September 11, 2009

Story Called Life

It's not just a plot twist or a crazy scheme.
It's not just a memory or a forgotten dream.
It's more than how the dice have been played,
And it's more than how the cards have been layed.

Perhaps, in the grand old scheme of things,
Someone has flown away on golden wings.
Maybe, you've thought you had it all planed out,
To find that there's something to make you shout.

But worry not, for it's not random chance.
There's someone above who has had it all planned.
The plot of your life was written by His hands,
Whether we like it or not,
He was watching from the stands.

So even though you think you may have lost,
Or you think that your own dreams have surely been tossed,
Remember that God is there for you with a friend,
Even when it appears that you have...reached your end.

Lame title...wrote it when I found out an Internet buddy of mine had cancer and wasn't supposed to live past this month...decided to post it today.

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