Saturday, October 24, 2009

MR Fanfic (TPPOV) Chapter twenty-eight

"Nick?" Fang looked up at the nurse standing in front of the group of still-sleeping kids. Fang had tried to fall asleep, but it just hadn't quite worked out. Too many strange noises in this hospital, he decided.

"Yeah?" He asked after a moment. They had used their fake names when they checked brought Iggy in. Well, the Flock had used fake names, and Thing 1 and Thing 2 had used fake names, but Sam and Kalie had used their real names. Iggy was Timothy, Gazzy had picked the name Alexander for himself, Angel chose Melanie, and Nudge had, of course, chose Krystal.

"Timothy made it through surgery all right and appears to be doing fine. He lost quite a bit of blood, though, and we were wondering if one of you might like to give him blood, since you said you're all related." She gave Fang a meaningful look that meant the doctors had run Iggy's blood to see what type it was so they could give him some and had found out it wasn't any regular type at all.

"Yeah, I'll give him some blood." Fang stretched and closed the laptop then stood up. He put the laptop down on the small couch where he was sitting and stepped over the sleeping people on the floor. He looked at Sam, who was awake, and nodded. Sam nodded in reply and Fang walked away with the nurse. They went through a couple big doors and down a hallway, then entered into a small room. Iggy was laying on a hospital bed with all sorts of things connected to him. Fang's heart started to beat harder. Iggy was wearing a hospital gown. That meant that these people had changed his clothes. That meant they had seen his wings. Fang swallowed hard and looked at the nurse. He was the same height as her, and she was wearing heels, so he looked right in her eyes.

"If you'll have a seat, I'll draw some blood so we can give it to your frien- er, brother." She winked at Fang and he sat down.

"Who all saw his wings?" Fang suddenly asked.

"Only me and the people who performed the surgery. Your secret - whatever it is - is safe with us." She said, giving him a reassuring smile. Fang still wasn't totally believing her, and he looked straight at Iggy's paler-than-normal face as she began drawing his blood. Fang didn't know how much she got out of his body, but when she was done, he was feeling a little light-headed. She handed him a small glass of orange juice and he drank it without taking his eyes off of Iggy.

"Is he going to be all right?" Fang asked when he was finished with the orange juice.

"He should be, but we're going to have to keep monitoring him. With his amount of blood loss, he could go into shock, so the next twenty-four hours will be critical." The nurse replied. Fang frowned.

"Twenty-four hours? You mean we have to stay here another day?" He asked, trying not to sound too surprised. The nurse nodded and Fang scowled.

"Do you and your family want some breakfast?" The nurse asked. Fang looked up at her and nodded. "Well, then, you take this and get what you need." The nurse handed Fang a little card and smiled. "We figured that since you wouldn't tell us who your parents were, you were orphans of some kind, and you all looked pretty worn out and hungry when you came in, so some of us pitched in some money to get you this card. It'll pay for some meals here, depending upon how much food you get at each one." Fang looked at the card. It looked just like a plastic credit card with the name of the hospital on it. Fang turned the card over in his fingers, trying to process all of this. Was this a trap? Why was this lady being so nice to him? What was going on here? Fang swallowed and finally spoke again.

"Thanks." He said quickly. He stood up and the nurse rubbed his shoulder.

"You're welcome." She said softly. She looked like she meant it, but Fang knew that even if someone looked innocent, that didn't mean they were.

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