Monday, July 13, 2009


AAAIIIIEEEE!!! WE GOTST A PUPPY TODAAAAAYZ!!! IT MAKEZ MEH FEELZ LIKE TALKIN LIKE THIIIIIZ!!! *girlish squeal* It's a white maltipoo, and he's so cute! He has no name as of this second, although the littlest brother thinks he should be named Bolt. =P (Suggestions are welcome, not necessarily going to be used, though...) The puppy is only, like, four pounds! (And maybe a half) He is so cute and mellow! He's only barked a few times since he's been here, which is good. He's also, like, 95% potty trained, and he hasn't gone tinkle on the carpet! =P He's been outside a few times today, and he likes to chew on sticks, but that's about it. He's tired right now because he's had a busy morning. (We just got him today, after all!) And my littlest brother has been pretty much attached to the puppy. He won't let him nap in peace, and he wants to keep holding him and everything! I've only got to hold the puppy for a little bit today. =P The puppy is napping on mom's lap right now, though, I think. He's lots of fun, and I'm so glad we got to get him!

I'll post pictures of him when I can. Right now, my camera's all full (I only have like, four pictures left in it...) and I haven't downloaded it yet today. The puppies really soft, too. =) He's just adorable. So there will be pictures!

Feel free to suggest good doggie names. His name right now is Squirt, but we don't like that name for him. *shakes head* last time... (you may want to cover your ears) EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!!


Lindsay Jordan said...

That's great! i've always wanted a dog, but my mom says it would be too much responsibility and work. I just searched up a picture of a maltipoo and they look so cute and sweet!

Christine said...

awwww x] how awsome!! totally post pics. ha, i knew a cat named squirt XD well idk what to name it. could be named after some character from something... idk lol i just googled it too and omg how adorable!!! X)

mii maker said...

Dad was "opposed" to getting a dog, and he claims to still not want one, but we all know he's a sucker for animals. He loves animals, even if he won't admit it. =) It's super cute, and I will post pics of him eventually. I think we've settled on the name Bolt, although now the littlest guy is all like "No! His name is Puppy!" *eyeroll* He's so silly. (My little brother, not the puppy. Although the puppy is fun too. =) )
;) The Mii Maker ;)

Your Friendly Stalker said...

How bout naming him Bolt? =D

mii maker said...

We did, Reesie. >=P
;) The Mii Maker ;)