Thursday, July 16, 2009

HP, Chapter 10

Author's Note: Okay, I know there are at least a few people who read my blog... I mean, it claims that I have eight PWMRLMB, so do any of you people read these little Harry Potter fanfic chapters?? If so, I would appreciate a comment. The one person that used to read it has stopped reading it as far as I know. Is it really that bad? =(

Andrea woke up and looked around. Archie and Scruffy were gone. Suddenly, Andrea panicked. She didn't know if she liked those two, but she knew she didn't want to be alone out here. Andrea stood up and looked around frantically. "A-Archie?" Andrea called out. "Sc-Scruffy?" She yelled a little louder.

"Yes?" Archie called from ahead of Andrea. Andrea peered ahead but didn't see him. It was afternoon now, so it wasn't that dark, but the thick foliage that consisted of the tree's leaves made it darker.

"Where are you?" Andrea asked.

"Here." Archie stepped out into the small clearing and Andrea sighed.

"Where's Scruffy?" She asked, looking around.

"He went to the lake to get some more fish. Sometimes he fishes just for sport... Throws them back in, though..." Archie replied, glancing up at Andrea.

"Can we go to the lake?" Andrea asked after a moment.

"I suppose so." Archie replied, walking towards Andrea. Andrea strained herself to not back away. She didn't know how long she was going to be stuck out here, but she figured she needed to make the most of it while she was here. Andrea followed Archie at a safe distance. She let her eyes wander all around her, taking in every tree, flower, and bug she saw.

"Just stick with us and you'll be safe here, all right?" Archie said softly. He walked so quietly through the forest that Andrea almost couldn't hear his footsteps. "We know most of the things that live in here, not by acquaintance, just by hearing them or seeing them from a distance. We also know where they've made their territory, so stick with us and you should be fine." Archie continued explaining.

"What kinds of things live out here?" Andrea asked, speeding up a bit.

"Well, werewolves, unicorns, one giant, a few enormous spiders - and by a few I mean a few dozen - centaurs, a few faeries, and maybe another vampire or two. Vampires and werewolves can't survive too well out here, especially vampires, because there aren't many humans out here or regular animals. And... Well, you know..." Archie said, his voice trailing off as he finished. Andrea swallowed hard and looked around again.

"Will they come and try to get me?" She asked softly. Archie shook his head and glanced over his shoulder.

"No, they know our territory. On an occasional full moon, Scruffy will have to chase off a few werewolves, but nothing too serious." Archie replied.

"How come Scruffy never tried to...uh, get you?" Andrea asked softly. Archie sighed and suddenly, sunlight fell onto Andrea. They had reached the lake. There was a border of trees around the lake and a few large rocks scattered here and there. Scruffy was sitting on a rock nearby. He looked over at the two of them and put his pointer finger to his mouth to tell them to be quiet. He then pointed across the river and Andrea gasped. There, getting a drink, was a large unicorn. It lifted up it's head and looked at the group of three, then put it's head down again and took another drink from the lake.

"It's so beautiful..." Andrea whispered. Just then, a small unicorn walked out from among the trees and walked up next to the larger one. "It has a baby!" Andrea cried softly.

"That must be it's mother." Scruffy said quietly. The three of them watched intently as another small unicorn walked up to the lake.

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