Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter, Peeps!

Little bit of punny humor, there. :P Well, happy Easter to you, my blog readers. :D I've had an awesome Easter. First, we came down stairs and found our Easter baskets, which my baby brother loved because his had Play-Dough in it. :P I liked mine because it had BOLT in it. My other brother got a small sketchpad and blue jeans. Very practical. :P

Next, we went to church and we kids did a program telling the story about Jesus coming to Earth to save us all from our sins and death. (Also, one of the guys in our church recited like, 100 and some verses from the book of Luke about the death and resurrection of Christ. He did it very well.) The program was really good. :)

Then we came home and ate lunch and died Easter eggs and watched BOLT! Which I love.

But even through all the festivities, we must remember the true reason for the season: Jesus dying on the cross to save us from our sins, then rising again on the third day and conquering over the grave! So, I will now wish you all a happy Easter, and hope you remember and are thankful for the sacrifice Jesus made.

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