Tuesday, April 28, 2009

MR Fanfic (MPOV) Chapter nine

All of us got into a fighting stance, including Jasmine, although hers was a bit shaky. "Okay, guys. There aren't that many M-Geeks, so take out as many as you can and we should be good. Unless they have guns. If they have guns, that's a different story." I couldn't make out any guns, but you can never be too sure. The M-Geeks landed and looked a little confused at the sight of two me's. I can't blame them. It confused me, too. "Max-HIH-mum Ride," one chimed. "Come with us." He said again. I rolled my eyes.

"Which one?" I asked, cocking a bit of a smile. There was no response for that. So we started kicking butts. We all went for the one closest to us, including Thing 1, Thing 2, and Angel. We were all going at it. It was a good fight. It didn't last too long, though, because we had more people. So, a battle that would usually last twenty minutes, only lasted fifteen. In those fifteen minutes, I snapped robot backs, clunked robot heads, and bumped into Fang. I blushed. That almost made me got hit by an M-Geek, but I ducked after seeing him in my peripheral vision.

Once all of the robo-heads were on the ground, I looked around to make sure everyone was still alive. We were. We were all panting, and had some scrapes and bruises, but we were all alive. I noticed Jasmine was sitting on the ground, panting hard. "You okay?" I asked her as I walked over to her. She nodded.

"Just a bit winded. I've only been in a real fight once before this...the one at the mall... And my shoulder hurts..." She replied. She rubbed her shoulder and winced. It looked kinda odd and...out of place, almost. I knelt down and looked at her shoulder, feeling it carefully.

"Hey, Iggs, can you come here and check out this shoulder?" I called to Iggy. He was better at this stuff than me. Iggy walked over and bent down to feel Jasmine's shoulder. He rubbed it a bit and she winced again. Iggy put one hand on the front of Jasmine's shoulder and the other on the back of her shoulder.

"You're gonna feel a little pressure, then a pop...and it might hurt a bit..." Iggy said as he rubbed her shoulder with both hands. Suddenly, he moved her shoulder back and there was a distinct "pop" that came from her shoulder. She jumped and scrunched her face up while hissing in a breath. Her jumping made me jump, in turn.

"Does that feel better?" Iggy asked.

"At the moment, no." Jasmine hissed. "But I'm sure it will get there..." Iggy smiled and rubbed her shoulder just a little bit more before backing away. I stood up and looked at the new group.

"Okay, we need to get moving again. Let's get up in the air and-" I stopped talking and realized Jasmine couldn't fly. Fudge. I thought, looking back at Jasmine, who was now smiling at me.

"Try not to forget I'm here, okay?" She said, standing up and holding her shoulder. I let out a laugh that was completely fake and headed for the car.

"Who wants to drive?" I asked, my voice totally giving away my mood. My mood, by the way, was not happy. Kalie jumped at the thought of driving, but I shook my head no.

"Too young." I said, and her shoulders slumped.

"Please, not Fang!" Jasmine said. Fang glared at her.

"I'll drive then." I said, walking over to the drivers seat. "Everybody pile in!" I said. "Don't forget to buckle up!" The rest of our now expanded group squeezed into the van.

"If it wasn't tight before, it is now!" Total yelled, sitting on Angel's lap. Fang crawled into the passenger seat and buckled up. I heard Sam and Kalie whispering in the back.

"We can fly, you know..." Kalie suddenly said. I shook my head.

"Nope. I don't want you flying off and telling Itex what we're driving and where we're going." I said, starting up the car. I heard some grumblings, but I ignored them. And then, we were off. All...twelve of us??

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Don't make to many chapter's. I can't wait until you reveal the full plot. Reveal it soon please.