Wednesday, April 29, 2009

MR Fanfic (MPOV) Chapter ten

I was sooo getting annoyed. I had a headache, I was hot, I was hungry, I was squashed, BECAUSE NUDGE MOVED TO SIT IN THE FRONT BETWEEN ME AND FANG. I was ready to get out of a teeny tiny van. We were heading back in the direction of the mall where we had picked up our extra passenger. (Jasmine, if you were wondering which one I'm talking about.) I was about to scream at Iggy and Gazzy, because they would not STOP talking about explosives. But I would prefer that over Thing 1 and Thing 2 giggling every stinkin' moment. We had the air conditioner blasting, but it was still way too hot in that van. And Nudge, being the sweet little girl that she is, wouldn't shut up either. She was talking my ear off. So, finally, I pulled off the side of the road.

"Why are we pulling over?" I heard someone ask, but my brain was too fried to recognize who it was.

"Because I need AIR." I said, practically falling out of the car. I gasped in air and looked around. There was no one else around besides the big group, so I opened my wings and stretched out as much as I could. The air was getting a little bit colder, and that was a good thing for me. It also meant it was getting darker, though. So pretty soon, I was going to be getting tired and Fang would have to take over driving. To be honest, I wouldn't mind that so much. Driving makes me nervous. Much rather be flying.

I sighed and crawled back into the drivers seat of the van. "Feel better?" Nudge asked with a smile.

"Not really, but I'll get over it." I said with a sigh. Then I started the car back up and we began driving again.

Once the sun had set, I was done. I didn't like driving when it was dark out, and driving just took it out of me. Besides, my head was still throbbing and I wanted to sleep. Oh, how I wanted to sleep. Everyone else had started to doze off, and the back had quieted down considerably. Aside from Total's snoring, that is. I pulled over again and got out. "Fang, your turn." I said, walking around the front of the car to the passenger side. Fang and I touched hands and exchanged secret smiles as we walked past each other. (Well, I hoped they were secret...) Fang and I got back into the car at about the same time and we both buckled up. Fang adjusted the mirrors so he could see out of them, and I leaned the chair back as much as I could without crushing anyone. Which, unfortunately, wasn't far enough. I made myself as comfortable as I could and held up my fist. I felt the others stack theirs on top of mine, except for Fang, then I pulled my hand back and closed my eyes. Nudge leaned over so that her head was resting on my abdomen, and I put a hand on her messy hair. I heard Gazzy, Iggy, and Angel exchanging good-nights, and I heard Kalie, Sam, Thing 1 and 2 do the same. I opened my eyes again and looked back at Jamie. She was way in the back by the window on the same side as the drivers seat. She looked sad...she must have felt the same way I did when I thought about my mom. Except, she didn't have the Flock like I did. We were all with her, but...she was still alone. She didn't have that bond with us like we had with each other. I sighed and closed my eyes, and promised myself that tomorrow night I would say goodnight to her, too.

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