Saturday, April 25, 2009

MR Fanfic (MPOV) Chapter eight

We flew for forever. (Okay, not for forever. But it was a really long time.) Thing 1 and Thing 2 kept to the back of the group talking and giggling with each other. I figured they were twins. Sam and Kalie flew behind me, occasionally whispering to each other. Sam looked the oldest of the group. He was also the biggest, with a wingspan bigger than my own. Thing 1 and Thing 2 both had blond hair and white wings with brown speckles on them, and Kalie's wings were a dark brown glinted with a purple-ish color. Sam's wings were a light brown with white speckles.

But enough about the wings. I kept following the Voice's directions, and eventually, I saw a van. There they are. The Voice said. I dived down without a word to the the others following me. I saw Fang, Nudge, Iggy, Gassman, Angel, Total, "HEY!! GUYS!!" I yelled with a smile. Fang looked up and shielded his eyes. I saw Fang look back over to the others and Nudge started bouncing. Angel did an outright happy dance and Gazzy punched a fist into the air.

I came to a clumsy landing in front of my Flock and practically fell into their arms. "I missed you guys!" I said, getting hugs from all of them. I heard the other birdkids land behind me and the Flock tensed up.

"Who are they?" Fang asked, staring at them.

"I met them along the way," I replied, looking over Fang's shoulder at the other me. "Who's she?" I asked, pointing to her.

"Her name is Jasmine..." Angel replied, looking at Thing 1 and Thing 2. "What are they're names?" She asked me. I introduced the group to the Flock, and vice verse, then, I walked over to Jasmine.

"Okay, first off, you're mom's really worried about you. Second, how did you get mixed up with my Flock?" I asked her immediately. She sighed.

"It's not like I wanted to get mixed up with your Flock. Yeah, they're cool and all, but I really didn't want to have to fight my way through M-Geeks!" Jasmine replied. "Is my mom okay?" She asked quietly. I nodded.

"She thought I was you." I replied softly. Jasmine smiled.

"I bet the wings made her think otherwise..." She said.

"Yeah..." Jasmine didn't seem evil, and she did have a mom, but what was up with her looking EXACTLY like me?? I was definitely going to be keeping and eye on her and on the other group.

"Uh, Max..." I heard Iggy say. I turned around and saw his head cocked to one side. "I hear trouble." I swallowed and got ready for a fight. Great, I'm back with my Flock for five minutes and now we're getting attacked. Just like old times...

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Anonymous said...

It seems to be going slow. But cool. You worked hard on it, I can tell. Can'r wait for the next chapter.