Wednesday, April 1, 2009

MR Fanfic (TPPOV) Chapter 3

"What are we gonna do now?" Nudge asked, leaning forward to look at Jamsmine. Everyone else in the van turned to look at her too.

"What?" Jazz asked, backing into her seat as much as possible.

"Sorry, it's just that we're always used to Max knowing what to do, and you look like Max..." Gazzy began.

"So we thought you'd come up with something quick." Iggy finished. Gazzy nodded.

"But she's not Max, so we need to go back to the mall to get Max!" Angel said, her face sad. Fang was driving again, looking for a place to do a U-turn.

"I don't think so..." Gazzy said. His head was out one of the backseat windows, and he was looking up at the sky.

"Why not?" Fang asked, still looking for a place to turn.

"Because there are a bunch of Robo-brains chasing us. They're flying a little ways behind us." Gazzy said. Jazz glanced out the window, trying to see the robots. She saw them in the form of a black swarm in the distance. She looked forward as Fang growled.

"This is not a good day..." He mumbled.

"No kidding." Jazz agreed. Suddenly, she got an idea. "QUICK! Pull in there!" She yelled, making everyone else jump. She was pointing to a car dealership not too far ahead.

"WHY?" Fang screamed, trying to get into the other lane.

"BECAUSE I SAID SO!" Jasmine yelled back at him. Fang set his jaw and swerved dangerously into the parking lot of the car dealership. Jazz scanned along the rows of cars and saw an open spot in between to cars for sale. "Pull in there!" She said, pointing to the open space. Fang pulled the car in while Jazz continued talking to the others. "Okay, everyone head inside. You guys go into the bathroom, Fang and I will stay out and pretend we're looking for a new car. Okay?" Jazz said, looking at all the other kids. They nodded then jumped out of the car and ran inside.

Inside, it looked like any other car dealership, except that there were a bunch of kids running through the door. One of the salesmen looked over and smiled at them. Nudge and Angel headed for the girl's restroom, with Total hidden beneath Nudge's arms. Gazzy and Iggy made a beeline for the boy's room while Fang and Jazz smiled at the salesman.

"Can I help you with anything?" The salesman asked, approaching them. Fang tensed and glanced out the window-walls while Jasmine began talking to the salesman.

"Hi, we're in need of a new car." Jazz said, looking over the salesman's shoulder. She was watching the robots tear apart van after van, trying to find her and the bird kids. They got to their van. Jazz leaned over to Fang and whispered into his ear. "Why don't you go check on the boys?" Fang walked back to the boy's bathroom and Jasmine turned back to the salesman.

"What kind of car are you interested in?" The salesman asked.

"Something big, but cheap. Lots of people to teleport, but not a lot of cash." Jazz chuckled. "Our old van is really beat up. I mean, it's dented...missing a door..." Jasmine was telling the truth. The M-Geeks had gotten to their van and had ripped off the passenger door, and dented in the sides. One of the M-Geeks pulled up the hood of the van and ripped the engine right out of it. "I'm pretty sure the engine doesn't work, as well." Jasmine said with a smile.

"Wow, sounds like a pretty used and beat up car! How long have you had it?" Asked the salesman, completely oblivious to the fact that the M-Geeks had moved onto the other cars in the parking lot.

"A while...I can't give you an exact amount of time, though." Jasmine smiled then flinched as a boom went off behind the salesman. One of the cars had exploded after a smash in the wrong spot from an M-Geek. Everyone else in the building jumped and turned to see the flaming remains of a vehicle and M-Geeks.

"What was that?!?" The salesman shouted. While everyone was distracted, Jazz dashed off to the girl's bathroom. Nudge, Angel and Total were all standing there, waiting.

"What was that big 'boom'?" Asked Nudge, the second that Jasmine walked through the door.

"A car." Jazz said, beginning to pace.

"Continue..." Nudge said, motioning for Jasmine to keep going.

"An M-Geek blew a car up, therefore blowing up all of the other M-Geeks."

"So, it wasn't Gazzy or Iggy?" Nudge said, just for clarification.

"No, it was not." Jazz answered. Angel was holding Total, watching Jasmine through this entire conversation.

"What are we gonna do now?" She asked innocently. Jazz sighed.

"I'm not sure..." She replied. Nudge sighed then stomped over to Jasmine and raised up the back of her shirt in a matter of seconds.

"Hey!" Jazz screamed, taken completely off guard.

"Nope, definitely not Max. Unless you got the power of making your wings go invisible..." Nudge said, letting Jazz's shirt fall back down her back. Jazz stared at Nudge like she was crazy.

"Come on, let's go talk to Fang and the boys." Jasmine said, leading the girls and Total out.


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I'm sorry. But let me laugh off the last paragraph. I love this site.


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