Sunday, March 29, 2009

We're at war (preachy post)

With the Devil. This morning in Sunday school, we were talking about how the Devil will give us some big evil to focus on, while he sneaks up from the side and attacks us, knocking us off guard. We also talked about how the Devil masquerades as different people to lead us astray. He'll even disguise himself as a pastor or some religious leader to lead people astray! So, we have to be careful. It's easier for the Devil to sell us something when there's truth intertwined in it, then just to tell us a story that's all lies. If there's truth in it, we're more likely to believe it. So be careful guys, and be sure you know what you believe in is true.

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mcculfja said...

The way we can tell if something is true is by comparing it to the Bible.

You are right that the Devil will try to use something good and then twist it. Remember when he quoted scriptures to Jesus?

We do need to be on our guard.