Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Is the name of the newest Maximum Ride book. WHICH WE HAVE!! WHOO!!!! I haven't finished it yet, though. :( But I'm hoping to tonight. Okay, here's how we saw it, because I totally didn't even realize the book was out:

My mom, me, and my two brothers were walking through the store when I glanced over at the book stand thing and saw this book with MAX written on it in all caps. I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw that James Patterson's name was on the book too. The first thought going through my head was "Whaaaat?" the second was "Is that the next MR book, or another book JP has written like it?" My third thought was, "GET OVER THERE NOW AND CHECK IT OUT!!" These thoughts all kinda overlapped each other, so it didn't take long to think them all. Long enough for my brother to see I had stopped, though.

"What?" He asked, looking where my gaze was fixed. I told mom to stop then dashed over, my brother following. I grabbed one of the MAX books then read the cover, seeing "A Maximum Ride Novel" written under the enormous title. "Is it another Maximum Ride book?" My brother asked, not quite believing his eyes.

"That's what it says." I replied, and before you could have stopped me, I opened the book and started reading.

Well, there you have it. Mini story for the day. WHOO MAXIMUM RIDE RULES!1!1!1!!

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