Saturday, March 7, 2009

Chapter 6, continued

"We are going to get in SO much trouble!" Andrea hissed as she and Albus walked down another corridor.

"Not if you don't blow our cover by talking!" Albus replied in a whisper. Just then, both of them gasped. They heard footsteps walking towards them from behind. They both silently turned around and saw Samantha skipping up the hallway. She passed by them then stopped dead in her tracks. She turned around slowly and seemed to stare right at Albus and Andrea, even though they were invisible. Samantha took a step forward and Albus and Andrea took a silent step back. She reached her hand out towards Albus's head, and Albus and Andrea leaned back slowly. Suddenly, Peeves flew by, messing up Samantha's hair as he went. Samantha jumped and frowned at Peeves.

"You coming or what?" Peeves asked as he flew around Samantha's head.

"Yeah, I'm coming." Samantha replied. She took one last look at Albus and Andrea then ran after Peeves. Albus and Andrea both let out a sigh, a breath they didn't realize they'd been holding in.

"That was WAY too close..." Andrea said, glaring at Albus. Albus smiled sheepishly and continued walking. The turned down corridor after corridor, until finally Andrea stopped.

"Where are we?!?" She asked, throwing the cloak off. Albus stared at her with his mouth open.

"Ssshhh! Someone will hear you!" He hissed, picking up the cloak.

"You know what, Albus, I don't care! We're lost in the school! How are we going to get back to the common room?!?" Andrea was almost yelling, and Albus threw the cloak back overtop of them.

"We'll find our way back, just chill out, all right?" Albus lead them down another path and through a doorway.

There was nothing in the new room except an old mirror. Albus walked up to it while Andrea stayed behind, examining something on the wall. "What is this...?" Albus asked.

"It's a special mirror with a hard-to-pronounce name that shows you only what you want to see." Andrea replied, not turning to look at Albus. He looked in the mirror and smiled. He was just like his dad. He had trophies, was the Griffindor seeker, and had all his friends near him.

"What do you see?" Albus asked Andrea. She sighed and walked over to the mirror. She looked in and her eyes smiled, even though the rest of her face didn't.

"Me and all my friends." She replied shortly. "Now let's go." She grabbed the cloak and she and Albus put it on. The walked out the door, only to bump into someone else.

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