Friday, March 6, 2009

More drawings!

This was another request from my buddy, Sadie. I go to this other website called "Teen Homeschool Hang" or "THH" for short, and there's this game called the "THH President Game" Where you can nominate people to be the "President" for a month. Last month I tied for first, then came in second on the tie-breaker. This month, I nominated Sadie, and she asked me to be her Vice President and asked Thomas (The boy in the pic) to be her Secretary of State. Then, Sadie asked me to draw a picture of us in a "Gangsta" pose, as she called it. And in suites and fedora hats. First time at the hats! Whoo! :P And that's our team name at the bottom. :)
And this is the "Other - newbies" Picture that goes with the two Sonic characters ones. Next one will be an "Other - Oldies" picture. :P

Enjoy, all you peeps who read my blog! :D


Christine said...

haha luv the pics

mii maker said...

Thanks! :D
;) The Mii Maker ;)

mcculfja said...

Wow, Nice job! I especially like Blaze.

mii maker said...

Thanks! I drew her first and was like "Gah! She looks so bad!" Then I drew Vector and Silver and thought they looked worse, and she looked pretty good compared to them. Vector = not fun to draw. >.>
;) The Mii Maker ;)