Saturday, August 30, 2008

Chapter 3...again :P

Albus was practically being dragged across the lawn by his skrewt as it pulled and tugged against the leash it was on. He and Andrea were sharing a Skrewt, Derek and Holly had one, and Peter was by himself, it looked like. Albus felt bad for him. He was so teeny, and that Skrewt really WAS dragging him.

"Poor Peter..." Andrea said what Albus was thinking. Hagrid was chasing after him and his Skrewt...who was now dragging him through the mud.

After the Care of Magical Creatures lesson, the kids quickly went to clean up. As they walked to their common room, they bumped into Samantha and James.

"How were Skrewts?" Samantha asked with a smile. Albus, Andrea, Peter, Derek, and Holly all glared at her.

"You were the one that yelled, weren't you?" Peter asked. Samantha nodded.

"It was completely obvious." James began. "I mean, she's the only one in school with that funny accent." Samantha gave him a look that said "snap your trap or I'll do it for ya." And immediately James obeyed.

"Well, we have to go get cleaned up, we'll see you later!" Albus said as they continued their journey to the common room.

The rest of their lessons went smoothly compared to Care of Magical Creatures. They had lunch, (which was very tasty) then more classes, then it was time for dinner.

"I'm not eating that." Samantha said as she eyed her food.

"And why not?" James asked. Samantha gave him a look that said "Duh!"

"Dude, it's Yorkshire pudding!"

"And your point is...?"

"DON'T YOU KNOW WHAT A YORKIE IS?!?" Samantha yelled. That drew the attention of everyone in the room, including the teachers. James smiled sheepishly then glared at Samantha.

"Sush!" He hissed and she returned the glare. "Just try it, it's not a dog, all right?" Samantha sighed and dropped her shoulders dramatically.

"Fine." She said. She scooped up a bite of food onto her fork and stuffed it in her mouth. Albus watched curiously as her cheeks were pudged out and she decided whether or not she licked it. Suddenly, she spit out the food back onto her plate and crinkled up her nose.

"You didn't like it?" Holly asked, more like a statement than a question.

"Nope. Are there any cheese balls around this joint?" Samantha replied. The group of first years around them looked at her like she was insane.

"That would be Samantha-eise for 'Do you have any cheese balls?'" James said. The group said "Oh!" at the exact same time.

"Sorry, no." Peter said seriously. Samantha looked at her plate sadly for a moment then glanced warily around the room. James and the others watched her suspiciously as she pulled out her wand and waved it over her plate. She whispered something Albus couldn't hear and waved her wand. Suddenly, a bag of cheese balls flew through the door and landed on her plate. Samantha glanced over at the teacher's table to see that the only one who had noticed was Percy. He was glaring at her and shaking his head. She chuckled then turned back to the bag of cheese balls and began to eat them.

"Yum..." She said happily. James rolled his eyes but reached over and grabbed a ball of cheese from the bag.

"Hm, not bad..." James mused. Just then, Holly reached for one, then Derek, the Albus, then Peter, and Andrea followed last. As they all munched on the cheese balls and other assorted things at the table, a large boy came up behind James and Samantha.

"So, you two going to be trying out for Quidditch this year?" He asked, putting a very large hand on either of their shoulders. He was tall, and wide, about the shape of a brick. He had short brown hair, and he was rather handsome.

"You know it, Wood," James replied while Samantha nodded.

"Great! I can't wait! How about any of you?" He asked the first years around Samantha and James. They all stared at him with their mouths open. Holly had just put a cheese ball in her mouth, so she looked especially funny.

"'Wood'? The son of THE Wood?!?" Albus finally spoke. Wood nodded.


"What's your first name?" Holly inquired. Wood blushed a little bit but it quickly fled from his cheeks.

"I prefer 'Wood'" He said quickly. Holly nodded then continued chewing.

"I might try out..." Albus said quietly.

"GREAT!" Wood boomed. Everyone jumped. He looked over Peter and smiled. "What about you?" He asked him.

"Oh, no, not me." Peter said, shaking his head. "I'm deathly afraid of heights..."

"Well, you can be moral support then!" Wood said with a smile. Peter went pale at this statement. Wood thumped Samantha and James on their backs then turned and walked back to his own seat. "See you all at tryouts!" He called as he sat down.

"This outta be fun," James mused to himself.

"So, you've ridden a broom before, Albus?" Samantha asked him.

"Oh, yeah, at home I rode on the older brooms alot with James and dad. I never went very high up though." He replied through a mouthful of food.

"Cool, good luck at tryouts then." Samantha said, then she and James got up and walked out of the room.

"Well, that was odd..." Derek said quietly. Holly nodded. Andrea stood up and stretched.

"Well," she began softly, "I'm going up to work on my homework, see you all when you get up there." She walked off and Albus saw a Remus crawling onto her shoulder as she went. Albus and the others finished up as well then walked up to their common room to work on their own homework.


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