Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dear Heavenly Father,

Please help the families of all those people who were in the World Trade Towers and didn't get out. Please, Lord, help them. Give them courage, and help give them a shoulder to cry on, because You know they'll need it. Lord, help our troops, our President, and help America to open her eyes to the tragedy of it all. Help us all to remember what we're fighting for. Please, Lord, help our troops, keep them safe. Lord, help my family this day, and my friends. Help Rae, VJ, D, Ali, and Xingu, and all the others that I didn't mention. You know them, you love them. And, Lord, please, please, please help the men, women, and children who lost loved ones that day.

In Your name I pray, Amen.

That's how my prayers go, today. Not exactly like that, but along those lines. I remember, vaguely, what happened. I remember that the towers fell while my mom watched news in the kitchen. It was Fox news. She watched. She looked at it, shocked, I guess, then I remember tears. I don't remember if I cried, I can't remember that. I remember that the news was on all day. I remember that Mom couldn't watch it all day, so she went to her spinning wheel and began to spin. She spun a lot of yarn that day, then knit it into a scarf later. She calls it her "9-11" scarf.

This morning, after I brushed my hair, I came out of the bathroom and looked up at the T.V., just in time to see the World Trade Towers coming down. It was a recorded video on the news. Replaying it. I felt my breath leave me. I sat down at the table and poured my cereal, trying not to cry. I might have, a little though. But I didn't let anyone see it. We left the house, right after three kids had said something about their dad who had died in the collapse of the Towers. The last words said were from the girl. "We love you, daddy." A tear slipped out.

Today, my friends, I take my hats off to those men and women who are serving our country. (Figuratively speaking) And finally, MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA!

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VJ said...

I think everyone knows someone affected by 9-11. It's heart breaking to hear about it, so most people I know just tune out. It's so easy to just pretend to not care, and too many people do.

My chorus teacher's husband died today. Please pray for him.