Wednesday, August 13, 2008

To my sister, MAKE UP YOUR MIND ALREADY! i think this song was specially written for you. :P Nice tune though...

Yeah, we fight, BUT I DON'T HATE YOU! Just remember that, okay? WE'RE SISTERS FOR PETE'S SAKE! We fight, we scream, we storm away, we lock ourselves in our rooms and (possibly) cry (or just fume to our pillows) then try not to let anyone notice. Then, after about an hour, WE MAKE UP! HELLO!!! YOU'RE FORGETTING THAT ASPECT! DON'T! I still love ya like a sistah, we just had a squabble. YOU'RE NOT GETTING RID OF ME THAT EASILY!!!!!

And another thing, IF YOU NEED HELP, ASK! I'm here for ya, girl! All ya gotta do is ask. I mean, I'm older, so I've more than likely gone through this stuff too. You may beg to differ, but you know it's true.

And finally, I AM SO ALWAYS RIGHT! :P And I do love ya sis, you're not ruining anything. *hugs*