Friday, August 1, 2008

More pics!!!

"Me and the 'Munks" We're just lookin' at the can almost hear Theo now...

I think that one's self-explanitory...heh heh heh...

Bowling: If you can't read the writing, Alvin is saying "He may be smart, but he sure can't bowl!"

That's my bro as a chipmunk. :D (My younger but older bro :P)

LOOK!! IT'S MII!!! AND MY HAIR LOOKS SO AWESOME! Is it just me, or am I the cutest? :P

Alvin, tricky as always! Looks like he's cooking up a scheme, doesn't it?

That would be my cousin, Rachel. Wearing her fave color, too.

This is just a starry night picture of a dad with his daughter. *NOTE! It's not me and my dad, even though the dad does resemble mine...and I love my dad dearly, but that little girl isn't' mii. :(

Rae said that she couldn't read this, which means that it probably won't be easy to read for anyone, so here's what happens.
Frame 1: Theodore: Where are we? Simon: I don't know, but whatever you do, don't panic!
Frame 2: Alvin: I know where we are!
Frame 3: Alvin: Look, see?
Frame 4 is just writing in the book
Frame 5: Simon: Alvin, that is a fictitious place. There are no magical creatures, no ninjas- Theodore: Uh, guys...
Frame 7: Simon: Who are you? ninja dude: I was about to ask you the same thing...
My bro wanted the first and second frames to go like this: Frame 1: Theodore: Where are we? Alvin: Well, I think Dave remodeled our bedroom! I like it, big and open- Frame 2: Theodore: Uh, but where did the T.V. go? Simon: Give me a break. We're in a building, Theodore. :P That was his idea. :P
Yeah, this is the SECOND pic of mii...suprisingly the same as the first...but edited differently.

I put up two of each pic because I edited them differently and I didn't know which one was better, and I also apologize for the poor quality on the computer. They are LOADS better in real life. As I have said before and will say again, I have to take pictures of the pictures with my camera, and they don't turn out so well. *glares at camera* I love it, yet I hate it...I probably love it more though...Well, Enjoy! :D


RaeOfShadows said...

Yeah I can't read the writing and:
The pics are soooo good!! I have to go, so I can't say all I want, but

VJ said...

I love the pics!
I like the ones without the blue tint but i do like the blue tint for the one with the dad and daughter.