Sunday, August 10, 2008

Chapter 2, continued...maybe my chapters will be as long as JK's...

The owls swooped and soared over the tables, first years craning their necks to watch. A few different owls landed on the table that Albus, James, Derek, Holly, Andrea and Samantha were all seated at. Albus looked at the owl in front of him and smiled. It was teeny. It was a small, white owl with two letters tied to it's legs. Albus untied them then handed one to James. The other he read to himself.

Dear Albus,

I hope everything is going well. Your mum and I are so happy you got put into Griffindor! This owl is yours, by the way. (In name departments, I'm especially fond of the name "Hedwig" for an owl.) Your mum and I send our love. And so does Lilly. (She also sends cries of "I WANT TO GO TOO!")

With lots of love, Dad.

Albus smiled and looked at the owl. He petted it nicely on the head and it hopped right onto his shoulder. He handed it a piece of bacon then it flew off out the window. Albus glanced around the table as Holly, Derek, Andrea, and James finished reading their letters. Albus glanced over at Samantha.

"What? No mail for you?" He asked, slightly surprised. Samantha got a huge smile on her face.

"Oh, don't worry, it's coming." She said as she glanced over Peter's head. Suddenly, the biggest bird that Albus had ever seen flew in and landed on the table, whapping Peter on the back of the head on re-entry.

"Ouch!" Peter said, rubbing the back of his head. The others just stared at the bird before asking what it was.

"An eagle." Came Samantha's satisfied reply. James shrugged.

"Better than last year..." He said quietly.

"What was last year?" Derek asked him. James looked at him for a moment then shook his head.

"You DON'T want to know..." He answered warningly. Samantha rolled her eyes and sighed. She took a letter from the eagle (the letter was actually in an envelope, instead of a scroll) Samantha opened the envelope and pulled out the letter. As she read it to herself, Albus glanced over at Peter.

"No mail today?" He asked him. Peter shook his head and shrugged simultaneously.

"I don't expect much mail..." Peter replied softly. Albus decided to not push the subject and looked down at his food.

The Griffindor first year's first class for that day was Potions, so all of the first years headed that way. Albus, Andrea, Derek, Holly and Peter all stood outside the door in a small group. Albus didn't know how they all came to be such good friends so quickly, but they had, and he liked it.

The door to the Potions room suddenly opened and all of the gathered first years walked inside. They all shose seats with their desired partners then glanced around the room. Albus looked around and saw the room had no windows and it was dark. He also noted that it was exceptionally chilly and very damp. He hated everything about it. He was sitting with Andrea, Derek and Holly were with each other, and Peter was sitting in between the two groups. Albus looked up to the front of the room and was startled to see that the teacher was standing at the front of the room. Albus was sure he wasn't there before.

"Hello, first years," the man at the front of the room began. He smiled at the class, sweeping his dark eyes over them. He was a tall man, lanky, and looked very happy for a Potions teacher. "I'm Professor McGlinnin, potions master, and head of Slytherin house." He finished. Albus looked at him with curiosity and decided he would rather have Professor Longbottom for head of house than him.

Professor McGlinnin began telling them about things they would be needing through the year, and what they would be learning. He also said that he was going to pair them up himself.

"As you can see, there are Griffindors in this room and Slytherins. I will be partnering each Slytherin with a Griffindor and that will be your partner for the year. Griffindors, when I call your name, stand up and your Slytherin partner will come to you." Professor McGlinnin finally finished and Albus gulped. He was sure there were a bunch of mean Slytherins and he was going to get the meanest of them all. Professor McGlinnin began calling on Griffindors, and they would stand. then he would call a Slytherin, and they would go and sit with the Griffindor. It was a bit confusing, but it worked. Andrea ended up being paired with Scorpio, Derek with a boy that Albus didn't recognize, Holly with a rather pretty girl, Peter with a VERY big boy, and Albus with a small, fair skinned boy and a wide smile.

"You're Albus Potter, right?" He said as he sat down next to him. Albus nodded, thinking it was a rather stupid question since he had stood up when his name was called. "And your dad is Harry Potter, right?" He continued. Albus nodded slowly and the boy's smile grew wider, if that was at all possible. "Cool. I'm Jacob Calgary." He held out his hand for Albus to shake. Albus shook it and smiled. Then, the potions lesson began.


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Wonder why he's being so nice...suspicious....
Nice chap, more please!

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i was joking...
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