Saturday, August 2, 2008

"The Meeting at the Cafe"

Vanessa's alarm on her watch went off, and she began to wake up. She slowly lifted her head off of the laptop's keyboard and looked around the room sleepily. She wiped the bit of drool on the side of her mouth off of her face with her sleeve then looked at the computer's screen.

"Coolio, got all the work done, and in my sleep to!" Vanessa chuckled to herself. She glanced down at her watch then back at the computer. Suddenly, she did a double take and looked down at her watch again.

"OH NO!" She yelled as she jumped out of her chair. she began rushing around her small apartment like a mad woman, brushing her hair, stuffing stuff into her backpack and brushing her teeth for about thirty seconds. She looked at herself in the mirror in the bathroom and sighed. She pulled off her sweatshirt then immediately threw a long-sleeved, blue-jean jacket on.

"You're going out in public, you need to look decent!" She muttered to herself. She grabbed her tennis shoes and shoved them into her backpack and quickly threw on a helmet and some elbow and knee pads. She put on a pair of roller skates, put on a tan trench coat, slung her backpack over her shoulder and grabbed an umbrella then was out the door.

She skated down the hall with all of her things, looking slightly ridiculous. She came to the stairs and put all of her strength into her legs as she jumped onto the railing, avoiding the startled people.

"Vanessa!" The apartment manager yelled, "how many times have I told you not to skate down the stair rail?"

"Sorry, Mr. Gritchin!" Vanessa called as she landed on the ground. Everything that wasn't a room in the apartments was outside, including the hallways and stairs, so when Vanessa landed, she was already outside. She put up her umbrella then skated down the sidewalk to her destination.

When Vanessa reached the cafe, she was relieved to see that none of her friends were there yet. She went inside, still wearing her roller skates, and sat down at a small circular table. She pulled off her skates and replaced them with her tennis shoes. She then took off her pads and helmet and pulled out her laptop. She opened it up and began playing around on it when the door to the cafe opened.

A teenage girl, wearing a long black coat, walked in, carrying an umbrella. She had dark brown hair, almost black, pulled back into a pony tail. She glanced over at Vanessa and smiled, then quickly walked over to the table.

"Hey, Rachel," Vanessa said with a smile. Rachel sat down across from her at the small table and smiled wide.

Hey, V! Have ya seen anything yet?" Rachel finished in a whisper.

"Nope, you're the first person to walk through the door since I got here."

"When did you get here?" Rachel inquired. Vanessa hesitated.

"About three minutes ago..." She replied slowly. Rachel's shoulders fell a bit.

"V, you were supposed to be here early!" She exclaimed.

"I was earlier than you." Vanessa pointed out. Rachel nodded and shrugged her shoulders at the same time. "Besides, I was up all night with this stupid project..." Vanessa's voice drifted off as she looked at the computer screen.

"I would've helped, but you know how good I am at that stuff...not at all..." Rachel said sadly.

"Yeah, well, I got it all done, so no biggie." Vanessa reassured her friend. The door opened again and another girl walked in. She had curly brown hair that went past her shoulders and a navy blue raincoat on. She glanced over at the two girls and waved then walked over.

"Hey, guys!" She said happily.

"Hey, Alex," Rachel said, then gave her friend a small hug.

"Anything?" Alex asked hopefully.

"Just got the project done, that's all." Vanessa replied with a sigh.

"Oh..." Alex said, disappointed.

"Hey, Rachel, do you think you could get me a hot chocolate, please?" Vanessa asked.

"Sure," Rachel got up and walked over to the counter and began ordering. As soon as she was at the counter, the door opened yet again and two teenage boys walked in.

"Dude, I don't see how you CAN'T like it!" One said to the other rather loudly. The other boy looked over at Vanessa and Alex and nodded.

"Yo, Chandler," Rachel called to the boy who was talking. He looked over and smiled.

"Yeah?" He asked as he began walking towards her.

"Help me out here, will ya?" Rachel asked, trying to balance five cups.

"Oh, sure." Chandler took two of the cups from Rachel and helped her carry them over to the table.

"Hey, guys!" Chandler said as he set the cups down.

"Wassup, C.D.?" Vanessa asked. Chandler shrugged then glared at the other boy.

"I say noszing, I hear noszing, I know noszing..." He said with a funny accent. Vanessa chuckled while the others just looked at him like he was crazy.

"Hey, Jasper," Alex said with a smile. Jasper nodded in greeting then glanced around the cafe.

"Vanessa, this is for you," Rachel pushed one of the cups towards Vanessa, "Alex," she repeated the process with Alex, then Chandler, and finally Jasper.

"Thanks, Rae." Vanessa said, taking a sip of her hot chocolate. Chandler and Alex said thank you as well and Jasper nodded.

"You're welcome, guys." She said then nodded at Jasper.

"So, what's going on?" Chandler asked.

"I got the project done, but nothing other than that." Vanessa replied quietly.

"When did the email say to be here?" Alex asked, getting slightly impatient. Vanessa sighed then pulled up her email. The others all leaned closer as she pulled up one labeled "Agent" and began reading it in a whisper.

Agents L, C, D, R, and M,
On the fifth of April, meet at the Charlotta Cafe at 12:00 p.m. Another agent will meet you there between 12 and 1 to give you an important message. Good luck, agents.

"So, that's it..." Alex began. "We just, wait?"

"Yeah," Vanessa nodded her head and sat back. "We should spread out, but first..." Vanessa pulled up her backpack from the floor and set it on the table.

"Won't people get suspicious if you give us spy stuff?" Rachel asked, whispering.

"No, because it doesn't look like spy stuff." Vanessa replied, pulling out five pairs of sunglasses. She handed one pair to everyone then put one on herself.

"Sunglasses?" Chandler asked in disbelief.

"Just put them on." Vanessa commanded quietly. Chandler shrugged and put his on obediently.

"Cool!" He said, looking through them.

"Here," Vanessa then handed everyone an earpiece and cellphone.

"Free cellphone, sweet! How many minutes do we have?" Alex asked with a silly smile.

"Ha ha." Vanessa laughed dryly. "Those are actually mini-computers. You can find out a lot with those, and they act as a video screen to communicate with other members of the group." She explained quickly. The others put their earpieces in their ears and stuck their new cellphones in their pockets.

"All right, let's do this thing!" Chandler said as he and Jasper moved to a booth across the room. Rachel and Alex moved to separate tables, and Vanessa stayed put.

"Mii Maker, can you read me?" Vanessa heard Rachel's voice coming through her earpiece.

"Loud and clear," She replied.

"Cool! Can everyone hear us?" Rachel asked.

"Only if you want them to." Vanessa pushed a button on her earpiece and began talking into it again. "Guys, to let everyone into the conversation on your earpiece, push the red button, otherwise you'll just talk to me." She explained. Murmured "Okay"'s came from her earpiece and she switched it back to her and Rachel.

Alex picked up a magazine and began reading it absentmindedly, while Rachel picked up a newspaper.

"Why can't I read Twilight, again?" She asked.

"Because you wouldn't stay focused on anything else!" Vanessa hissed. There was a sigh on the other end and Vanessa rolled her eyes. She glanced over at Chandler and Jasper, who were in a heated discussion about...something she didn't care about. Vanessa looked back at her computer when the sound of the little bell above the door ringing suddenly caught her attention.

A man with a long black trench coat walked in. He had short, spiked black hair that was red on the ends. He walked up to the counter and ordered something in a cup then walked to an empty table and sat down.

"Whoa, what's up with that dude? Is is just me, or are you getting a bad vibe about him?" Rachel asked over the earpiece.

"I don't know, he does look awfully suspicious..." Vanessa replied as she watched him pick up and old newspaper and begin reading it. "Hm, old newspaper..." Vanessa mussed.

"Whoa! Look who just walked in!" Rachel exclaimed. Vanessa slightly turned around to see yet another man walk in. He had on a tan trench coat and a detective's hat on his head and a brown mustache on his face.

"Rae! That's Detective Austin!" Vanessa exclaimed quietly.

"Seriously?!?" Rachel asked in disbelief. Detective Austin glanced around the room and met Vanessa's eyes. He nodded slightly then walked over to Alex. He sat down at the table she was at and discretely slipped her a note. Alex took it then walked over to Vanessa.

"Fall in, guys." Vanessa whispered. The rest of the group walked over to her as Alex handed her the note.

"What does it say?" Chandler asked. Vanessa read it quietly to the others.

Congrats on your first official mission. Travel to London to Buckingham Palace, and you will receive further instructions. Good luck, and don't let anyone stop you.

"Whoa, London?" Alex asked. "That's kinda far away..." The others gave her a look like "Duh!" When she finished.

"I'll work on tickets," Vanessa began typing on the computer, looking through different travel sites.

"How long is it gonna take?" Chandler asked.

"Not long at all..." Vanessa said absentmindedly.

"Can you give us a certain time? Like, a couple minutes, an hour-"

"Done." Vanessa cut Chandler off and he stared at her.

"How'd you do that so fast?" He asked quietly.

"Simple: Computer Wiz." She replied.

"Okay, we've got two hours until the flight starts. I suggest we go home and pack." Vanessa continued.

"Oka-" Rachel stopped when she saw the guy with red spikes practically jump out of his chair and run out the door. She looked at Alex who nodded. "Do you mind?" Rachel asked Vanessa.

"Go ahead." She replied.

"I'll go get a taxi!" Chandler exclaimed as the two girls dashed out the door. Vanessa chuckled then looked at Jasper.

"So, whaddaya think?" She asked. He shrugged.

"Fun." He replied simply. Vanessa laughed then packed up her computer, then she and Jasper walked outside.

Chandler was already in the taxi when they got outside, and he was motioning for them to jump in. Vanessa slid in next to Chandler, and Jasper got in after her. Vanessa immediately flipped open her computer and began pushing random buttons. Suddenly, an image of the guy with red spikes crawling up a fire escape. The image turned into a choppy video as the person with the camera climbed up after him.

"Rae, what's going on?" Vanessa asked through her earpiece.

"He's running!" Rachel replied.

"No he's not, he's climbing up a fire escape." Vanessa corrected.

"Right-wait, how'd you know?" Rachel asked as she continued climbing.

"I can see him right now." The video image looked around frantically.

"Where are you?" Rachel asked.

"In a taxi no where near you."

"Then how can you see him?"

"Your sunglasses." Vanessa replied simply.

"Ooooh!" Rachel continued climbing and made it to the roof of the building. She ran towards the guy, who promptly jumped off of the building. Rachel ran to the edge as he flew up with a jet-pack on his back.

"Whoa," Rachel said in disbelief.

"Yeah," Vanessa agreed. The guy with red spikes flew away, and Rachel could do nothing but watch.

"Well, that was interesting." Chandler said. He had been watching over Vanessa's shoulder, as had Jasper.

"Whose house are we going to first?" Jasper asked.

"Uh, mine," Vanessa replied slowly. Jasper gave the taxi driver the address and they began moving. Vanessa saved a picture of the jet-pack, which was very interesting in design. She decided that she needed to study it more, and find out more on the guy with red spikes...


RaeOfShadows said...

I love it! MORE MORE MORE!!! *giggles* LOVE IT!
*huggles Jazzy*

Dreamz said...

Is Jasper Lego?

And I sound like Luna ^.^

I like it too...Rae's hyper.


RaeOfShadows said...

And I was huggling Jasper because he's so cool, personally, I think.

Lolz, D...

me+lego=good said...

Jasper is ME?!? Weird....
vv :P vv

mii maker said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I guess you guys'll just have to wait and see! *giggles for a different reason then Rae* Hey, D, do you know if you're in the story? hehe! (Rae doesn't know which one you are!!!) And do you sound like Luna in my story? if so, is that a bad thing?
;) The Mii Maker ;)

Dreamz said...

Haha, yes I know if and who I am, and I think I sound like Luna in the story. And that depends on your veiw when it comes to her, I liked her a lot more before HP7 tho...that made her look very dull.

And that isn't very articulate is it...all well!

Byez ^.^

mii maker said...

I personally like Luna. :) I think she's funny. Although I didn't think that you sounded like her...
;) The Mii Maker ;)

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Jo, Aeron, Skyy, Brandon, and Bella said...

see, i have been to your site.

actually, i've come before, i just never left a commment.

and, i thought i'd comment on THIS entry because i love it. you're a good writer...the depth you put into your characters, even at the start, is really great. it's obvious that you actually know these people =]

pray for me. it's tough being away from the flock, even as awful as things have been...

thanks for sharing your world.

flock on,