Friday, July 25, 2008

Ugh. Blech. :(. Sick face here.

Okay, so we (we meaing my family and I) went to the doctor's on Wednesday. I have been transfered from the pediatric doc, to the big doc. We went in and had the most thorough doctor's visit EVER which was acctually good. Becuase they didn't just say "Oh, you have a tummy ache? Well, here, take this new pill and let's see what it does. Bye bye!" He acctually asked about, like, everything. And it was pretty cool. We have more tests scheduled, but until then, we don't know what's wrong with mii. And, to boot, we're pretty sure that I'm having reacurring ovarian cysts. So I get pills for that too. (They're orange, in case you cared) And, as an even better bonus, last night I woke up at about 4:00 a.m. (so it was really early this morning) and went into the bathroom. I woke up becuase I had a tummy ache...then I threw-up. First I threw-up in the toilet, but the second time was on the floor. Oops. I went back to bed for...I don't know for how long, but I didn't really fall asleep, then I got back up, went back into the bathroom, and puked again. Basically, it was just phlem. (Or however you spell it) I went back to bed...again, but didn't sleep. Instead, I got up once more guessed it, I threw-up again. That was the last time, but I'm not feeling very good today. I had a piece of toast for breakfast, and I feel like I have a cold. COULDN'T I JUST HAVE ONE THING WRONG WITH ME?!? Sorry, just a question I've been asking. Oh well, pain builds character. :P Well, I'm sure this will come in handy one day. Until then, keep praying for me, please. I keep on praying for you.

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