Saturday, July 26, 2008

"The First Monday"

God made the heavens, the earth and the sea,
He made the creatures of the sky, land and sea.
He then made a man,
From the dust of the earth,
That's the only time man was given that sort of birth.

God watched as the man took care of the garden,
But soon saw that the man needed another human.
So when the man fell asleep,
God took from him a rib,
And made a person only slightly different from him.

Adam called her "woman",
And named her "Eve",
And the couple lived together happily.
Until one day a serpent,
(Who was the devil disguised)
Came before Eve's very eyes.

He said, in his manipulative tone,
"Woman, I see that you have a nice home.
And every plant here,
You're allowed to eat?"
The woman replied,
"What you have said is true,
Except for in the middle, none of that fruit."

That was exactly,
What the serpent wanted to hear,
So he brought himself closer to Eve's ear.
"Now, dear woman," he said with a smile,
If you eat of that fruit, it will make it worthwhile!
So take it, and eat it! Enjoy for awhile!"
And to the serpent's delight,
Eve didn't do what was right,
And ate from the tree in the middle.

But then, what was worse,
She gave some to her husband of unusual birth.
The two saw their sin,
And hid within,
The garden where they hoped God couldn't find them.
But God saw their way,
And had to curse them that day,
Although it saddened him.

So then the both had to work,
To make food come from the earth,
And woman was given pain in childbirth.
But what day was it when,
Sin first entered the land?
Was it Wednesday, or Thursday, or Friday?
May be it was the day,
(The dreadfullest day)
The day we now know as Monday.

Okay, I don't know if that's true or not, but I thought it would be kinda funny if it was, since everyone pretty much hates Monday. After all, during the school year, it's the first day of the week that you go back to school. For us, it's the day mom goes back to work after Sunday off. Nobody really likes Mondays, so I thought that it would be interesting if that was the day that sin first entered the earth.

Enjoy! :D

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RaeOfShadows said...

Ah, that's a good thought...
Personally, I like Mondays--I don't like SUNDAYS, because it's the day before Mondays which usually equal school. (I love church, though)

On Mondays, the suspense is over. Sundays, though, the day seems SOOO short and it's just like "Ugh, I hate this..."

I liked the post!