Friday, July 4, 2008


"Give me liberty, or give me death!" Freedom rules. Deal with it. But on a more serious note: Freedom's never free. It has to be payed for someway. I guess in some countries, really rich people can use money to pay for their freedom. Here in America, it's a different payment system. People are attacking us, and the men and women that go to war are fighting to protect us and our freedom. The people who go out to protect us rock. Support our troops! And, don't misuse your freedom. We've been given these wonderful freedoms, the freedom of speech, freedom of religion, all that jazz. But some people abuse those freedoms. Don't be one of those people. So now, on this Fourth of July, go out and eat a hot dog, a hamburger, some apple pie, potato salad, whatever you can find that just screams American, and watch fireworks today. You won't regret it. (Unless of course you eat too much and get sick. But don't blame mii. I only suggested it.) So, HAPPY FOURTH OFJULY!!! .*.*.




Max and Nudge said...

I agree completely. That's pretty much how we feel.

RaeOfShadows said...

Agreed completely!!!!
OH YOU WONT BELIEVE IT! We went out to buy more hotdog buns and hte store was TOTALLY OUT!
And then this guy said "here, you can have this bag, and I'll take the other" and he gave us the bigger bag.
Talk about nice guy!
But seriously, there's ALWAYS a ZILLION hotdog buns--to be all sold out...amazing.

Ziggy said...

don't abuse it?

ha ha ha!!!!