Friday, July 11, 2008

Chapter 2, continued

"Wake up, Albus!" Albus opened his eyes and saw Peter shaking his bed. "You're gonna miss breakfast if you don't wake up!" Peter yelled. Albus rubbed his eyes and got up sleepily. He stretched then stood up and yawned. Derek wasn't in the room, and neither was Samantha, so Albus figured they were already up and ready. Albus got dressed then he and Peter went downstairs to the common room. Holly, Derek, Andrea, Samantha and James were all talking and waiting for them.

"Hello, boys!" Holly called to them as they walked over to the rest of the group. Peter smiled and nodded his head while Albus gave them a small wave.

"Did ya sleep well?" Samantha asked as they all walked towards the door.

"Yep." Albus replied simply.

"Nice hat, Samantha," Peter said, with a smile. Samantha smiled back and James chuckled. They walked down to the dinning hall, talking as they went. Albus was secretly very nervous about their first day, but he didn't let it show. They sat down at the Griffindor table, James, Samantha, Derek and Albus on one side and Peter, Andrea and Holly on the other side.

"Ah!" Peter said in shock as a small white mouse climbed onto the table. "Whose is that?" He asked, pointing to it.

"Mine." Andrea replied. "Dad said he caught it in a mouse trap, and that it could be my pet for school." She continued.

"Really?" James asked while shoveling food into his mouth. Andrea nodded as she watched the small rodent.

"What's his name?" Holly asked. Andrea thought for a moment before answering.

"Remus," the little mouse's ears perked up when she said that. Andrea gave him a little piece of bread and he began to nibble on it happily.

"Well, hello there!" They all turned to see who was talking to them. Percy put a hand on James's shoulder and the other on Samantha's. "How are you lot doing today?" He asked. They all said "Good" at roughly the same time. Percy saw the little mouse on the table and his brow creased. "Whose mouse?" He asked quickly. Andrea raised her hand. "May I see it?" Percy held out his hand and Andrea put the Remus in it. Percy pulled out his wand and swished it in a small circle. A small stream of light hit the rodent, but nothing happened. Percy put the mouse back down and smiled. "Sorry, I just get a bit...well, different around rodents." He said, trying to explain.

"That's alright." Andrea said quietly. Samantha reached up suddenly and took off her hat. All of the kids around her, and Percy, stared at her.

"What?" She asked.

"You're hair!" Derek said, gawking.

"Oh, the pink." Samantha mumbled. James chuckled and began to explain.

"She dies her hair at night when she has nothing else to do." The rest of the kids (and Percy) continued staring at her.

"Well, um, have a good day!" Percy said, quickly walking away. Samantha shrugged and began eating.

"Uh, Sam," James began.


"We're not the only ones staring..." James hissed and Samantha looked around. Pretty much everyone in the dinning hall was staring at her now. Samantha sighed and rolled her eyes.

"Come on, people! Just because I'm from America and have pink hair doesn't mean you have the right to stare!" She exclaimed. Some of the people looked away, but the majority of the eyes were still on her.

"Don't worry, they'll get used to you after awhile." James said. The others nodded and Samantha snorted.

"That or I'll have to get used to them." She said. Just then, a nice distraction flew in: The owls.


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OK So my day was awesome!
Last night my Mom and I agreed that I'm going to a book release party--a Masquerade themed on! I'm wearing an Infinite Dress
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I'm really, really happy! I love your stories, and everything's going great!

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