Tuesday, June 30, 2009

MR Fanfic (MPOV) Chapter twenty-three

Author's Note: DOES ANYONE THAT READS MY BLOG ACTUALLY READ THESE STUPID STORIES?? If so, please leave some feedback! Now, on with the story.

We had been walking for hours, but it felt like we'd been walking for eternity. I leaned against a tree and closed my eyes. I hadn't heard any sign of pursuit, so I figured a break was in order. "I hate walking." I muttered as Jasmine leaned against the tree opposite of me.

"That's only because you have wings. Some of us lame, earthbound people actually like it." She panted out. She looked tired. I rolled my eyes then turned back to her.

"You're not lame. You tossed an M-Geek out the window and knocked out a whitecoat." I said, softly. She was pretty impressive for a regular kid. Jasmine shrugged and looked around as my stomach growled... LOUDLY. She turned to look at me with a raised eyebrow and I smiled sheepishly. Jasmine chuckled then looked away again.

"How close is the road?" She asked. I shrugged.

"Not sure. I'll go up and look again." I said. I jumped into the air and let out my wings, quickly pushing them down then up, feeling the wonderful rhythm lift me into the air... When I was above the trees, I took a look around. The road was closer now, but I calculated at least another hour of walking, if we walked fast and didn't take any breaks. I flew back down to Jasmine and sighed.

"We gotta keep walking, don't we?" She asked. I nodded. "How long?"

"A couple hours, I'm guessing..." I replied slowly. Jasmine looked up at the sky and frowned.

"It's gonna be getting dark soon..." She said softly.

"Then I guess we'd better be going." I said as I started trudging towards the road. Jasmine followed after me, keeping up pretty well.

Well, since the walking was one of the most boring things ever, I'll just skip past that to when we got to the road. When we got there, the sun had set. But it was still sorta light out. Jasmine looked down the road and sighed. She looked beat at this point. I bet I looked awful close to beat, though...

"Which way?" Jasmine asked me. I ran my hand through my messy hair.

Stop a car. The Voice suddenly piped up.

"We need to stop the next car. Maybe they'll give us money for food or a lift or something." I said as my stomach growled again. I was officially starving at this point. The less rational part of me was wishing I was back at that building of evil just so I could eat. The rational part of me was ready to eat the less rational part, so I didn't think that being irrational ever again was going to be a problem.

Just then, I saw headlights coming from our left. Jasmine and I began waving our arms and yelling for them to stop or something. Of course, they didn't stop. They zoomed right on by. We stared after them and Jasmine sighed.

"Well, that worked." She said sarcastically. I wanted to punch a tree. Three cars went by after that, and I was about ready to take down the entire forest behind us with brute force. I saw more headlights to our left and clenched my fists.

"How much you wanna bet they're not gonna stop?" I asked Jasmine.

"I'll bet you ten bucks that they will stop." Jasmine grumbled, then she ran right in front of the car. The car skidded to a stop and the man inside began yelling at Jasmine. She looked over at me and nodded. I walked over to the driver's side of the car and knocked on his window. He rolled it down and glared at me.

"What?" He snapped. I glanced back over at Jasmine and she mouthed "Tell him the truth" to me. I sighed and rubbed my forehead.

"We're like, super lost. And hungry. Starving, even. Can you help us out?" I asked, hoping I sounded sweet enough. This guy didn't look like he was buying it. I looked away, sighed, and shook my head. "Okay, you want the whole truth? We were kidnapped by... I don't even know who. We escaped earlier this evening and have been walking for HOURS. I'm hungry, she's hungry, I need to get back to my family. Please, please help us!" I explained. He still looked a bit sceptical.

"Tell him your name." Jasmine suddenly suggested. She was still standing in front of the car.

"My name is Maximum Ride." I hoped some recognition would show on his face. None did. "I have a book series named after me... Written by this dude named James Patterson..." I said slowly.

"OH! I know James Patterson! He wrote that Alex Cross book, right?" The guy said, smiling.

"Yes, and he wrote a bunch books about me and my Flock." I continued explaining. "The first one is Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment, then there's School's Out Forever, and-"

"Wait... I think my daughter told me about those books... Aren't they about some kids that can fly or something?" The man interrupted me.

"Yes! Yes they are!" I said, suddenly excited.

"And you want me to believe you can fly...?" He asked slowly. I sighed as I saw where this was going.

"Prove it to him!" Jasmine suddenly yelled. My shoulder's slumped as I took a step back from the car. I slowly unfolded my wings and watched his eyes widen.

"So... You really are Maximum Ride..." He said slowly. "My daughter would love to meet you!" He exclaimed, pushing the unlock button on the car. I hesitated as I always do, wondering if this was really a good idea.

Don't worry, you'll be fine. The Voice suddenly said. Just go and meet his daughter. You might even find a computer... You could contact Fang that way. The Voice made a good argument. And so did my growling stomach. So, I got in. Jasmine followed me and got into the backseat with me. I noticed that this was just a regular old car. Nothing spiffy, and nothing suspicious... That was a good sign, right?

"Buckle up, ladies!" The man said as he looked into his rear-view mirror at us. We did as we were told (for once) then he started to drive. I glanced over at Jasmine, and she actually looked just as tense as I did. I decided that I really did like this girl.


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