Monday, June 29, 2009

HP, chapter 9

Samantha walked quietly down the hall, hoping no one heard her. She was aloud to be out and about, but that didn't mean she wanted everyone to know she was eavesdropping. She stopped outside the door to Professor Longbottom's office and put her ear to the door. She could only hear the muffled words and different voices. Samantha reached into her pocket and pulled out the ear she had bought from George's prank shop. She put the ear over her own and slowly stuck the string connected to it under the door. She heard everything perfectly after that.

"What are we going to do?" She heard Longbottom ask. He sounded worried.

"We'll have to go look for her again!" It was a different teacher... Samantha couldn't remember his name.

"Why aren't we out there right now looking for her? It's the middle of the night, she could be in grave danger! She could even be dead!" The last sentence was hissed, but Samantha still heard it. It made her blood run cold.

"She's not dead! If she was dead we would have found her!" Longbottom said, panic rising in his voice.

"Professor McGonagal, what're we gonna do?" Hagrid asked. He sounded defeated... Samantha felt bad for him. She felt worse for Professor mcGonagal, though. After all, she was the one who organized their punishment.

"We're not going to make a big deal of this! We're going to stay calm and think of something to tell the students. Some of them will notice she's gone and ask questions. Rumors will circulate and we have to make sure parents don't find out." McGonagal said quickly and quietly. Samantha clenched her fists at her sides. They were going to lie to the students, she knew it. When were they going to go find Andrea?

"When will we be going out again to find her?" Longbottom suddenly voiced Samantha's question. Samantha heard a sigh and waited for someone to reply. Finally, McGonagal did.

"We'll have to look for her after all of the classes are finished. We don't want to make the students suspicious. If they find out, they'll tell their parents and Hogwarts will be ruined." McGonagal said sadly.

More like you'll be ruined. Samantha thought as she glared at nothing. She heard what sounded somewhat like a growl.

"Why can't we just go look for her NOW?!" Professor Longbottom practically yelled.

"If you want to go look for her now, be my guest." McGonagal replied softly. Samantha heard footsteps coming towards the door. She jumped up and ran down the hall, making it to the end of the hallway just in time. Just as she turned the corner, Professor Longbottom stormed out of the room. Samantha leaned against the wall and closed her eyes. She heard more footsteps follow after Longbottom's and was relieved that he wasn't going out there alone.

Samantha walked down a few hallways until she came to a window looking out over the Forbidden Forest. She saw a few teachers walk into the Forest with their wands lit. Samantha sighed and closed her eyes. She suddenly felt an icy hand on her shoulder and glanced over to see nearly-headless Nick standing next to her.

"Andrea will be all right." He said softly. Samantha smiled sadly.

"Yeah... Whatever you say." She replied as she gazed back out the window. She only hoped Sir Nicholas was right...

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