Saturday, June 13, 2009

MR Fanfic (MPOV) Chapter twenty-two

I looked around frantically as we walked down the hallways. I noticed a door to our right down a small hallway. "This way, maybe this one leads out." I whispered. I let Jasmine look like she was leading, but it was hard because I wanted to get out so badly. She peered in the window and I pretended to look all "huffy-puffy" and angry.

"Coast is clear." Jasmine said, looking down at the doorknob on the door. She bent down and looked at it more carefully, then pulled out the large key ring she had taken from the whitecoat. She began flipping through the dozens of keys and finally came to one that she must have liked, because she tried it on the lock on the doorknob. She turned the key and smiled at me as the door opened. We walked inside and I noticed that this wasn't actually an exit. It was a just another room with lots of electrical equipment in it. I walked over to one of the many computers and looked at the screen.

"Hey, check this out." I said to Jasmine as I looked more closely at the screen. It had a diagram of a wolf on it and some writing in another language.

"It looks like...German." Jasmine said as she peered at the screen.

"Weird..." I said, wishing I could read German.

"Come on, let's go." Jasmine said, pulling me away from the computer. We walked out and continued our quest for an exit. We tried to look as normal as possible, which was kinda impossible...since we looked exactly alike. Jasmine put her head down as we walked past a whitecoat, but that didn't stop him from grabbing her shoulder and looking at her.

"'re-" Before I could even react, and before he could finish his sentence, Jasmine had punched him so hard he konked right out.

"Let's go!" Jasmine said, sounding freakishly like me. We ran down the hallway and kept turning with it, zooming past whitecoats and M-Geeks. Jasmine was pretty fast, but she started slowing down before I did. After all, she was just a regular human.

"Max...there's a wall." Jasmine said, coming to a stop. I looked forward and stopped just before I hit the wall. Unfortunately, I didn't account for sliding on the slippery floor, so I still hit the wall.

"Ugh..." I said, looking back at Jasmine. I rubbed my head and looked around. There was only a window. "We gotta jump." I said suddenly.

"What?" Jasmine said, staring at me like I was insane. I walked over to the window and looked out it.

"It's not that far..." I said, pretty much lying. It was at least a twenty foot drop. "Come on." I said, trying to open the window. It wouldn't open. "Guess I'll have to do it the old fashioned way..." I mumbled, stepping away from the window. I was about ten feet away from it, and I hoped that would give me enough force. I ran at the window and put my hands out in front of me. I smashed into the window...and it didn't break. I almost broke, though.

"Well, that worked well." Jasmine said sarcastically. Suddenly, I heard footsteps running down the hall towards us. I turned to look just as some M-Geeks turned around the corner and saw us.

"Great..." I said with a sigh. "There goes that plan..."

"Don't give up so easily." Jasmine said, clenching her fists. I watched in awe as she grabbed the nearest M-Geek and swung him through the window. The window smashed clean open, and the M-Geeks must have been in shock too, because they didn't do anything for a minute. I took that slot of time to jump out the window. I heard some more smashing from inside and went to go see if Jasmine was okay, when I saw the butt of a gun smashing at the last bits of glass in the window frame. Suddenly, Jasmine flipped herself out of the window so that she was just hanging onto the window sill. She looked over her shoulder at me and smiled, then dropped down to the window sill below her. I flew down by her and helped balance her so she didn't fall. Suddenly, I heard a bullet get fired.

"Let go!" Jasmine yelled at me. I did as she said and she jumped down to the ground as soon as I let go of her. Her jump was more of a back flip, though. She landed clumsily on the ground and I flew down by her. I landed much more neatly than she did, but I had wings...

"Come on!" I pulled in my wings and began running away, hoping Jasmine was following me. I heard more gunfire and sped up. Jasmine came up next to me and we ran into the woods that was near the building we had previously been in.

"Well...that was fun." Jasmine said as she leaned against the nearest tree. We were just beyond the tree line, hopefully out of the vision of the M-Geeks.

"We have to keep moving. They'll send out M-Geeks to get us." I said, hoping Jasmine was up for some hiking.

"Okay, but I have to loose this stupid white coat." Jasmine said, taking off the white coat and taking the keys out of her pocket. I nodded and looked around, wishing I could see more...

"Come on." I said, walking further into the woods. I heard Jasmine's footsteps following me and looked around more. "We need to find a road or something..." I mumbled.

"Go up for a minute and see what you can see." Jasmine said, panting slightly. I nodded and opened my wings, then shot up into the air. I looked around quickly and saw a road in the distance...the far distance. I dove back down to Jasmine and began leading the way towards the road.

While we were walking, I kept trying to figure out what had been on that computer screen...

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