Saturday, September 27, 2008

It's our anniversary!

About, anyways. My tummy ache and I have been together for a whole year! :D *fake happiness* Woo-hoo! It was about this time last year when I got my first tummy ache in this series...or mess...or saga. I call it "Episode 3: Return of the Pain!" :P Last year, between the 21 and the 28, we went to Little Cesar's pizza, and I got my first tummy ache...the beginning of Episode 1...Oh well, at least I'm not moping! I want flowers and get well cards to celebrate, cause if you have a year long tummy ache, you don't get "Get Well Soon!" cards, or flowers. If you have surgery or something like that, you get that stuff. IT'S NOT FAIR! *whines* :P *sigh* Well, I'm off...

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