Saturday, May 29, 2010

Guess Those People!

*announcer* That's right, folks! It's time for your favorite game once more! Say it with me! *audience* Guess! Those! People! *announcer* And now, here's your host, Mii Maker!

*Mii walks onto stage and waves to crowd* Thank you, Bill! Now, let's get to the game, shall we? Today, we'll be looking at a few different pictures of three people. What you have to do is correctly tell me who they are, and you'll win a prize! Tell 'em what their prize is, Bill!

*announcer* You got it, Mii! Today's winners will win FIVE Mii points*!

*Mii* Wow! Five Mii points*? What a deal! Now, everyone is eligible for this contest and there can be multiple winners. However, if you're suspected of cheating, you will be disqualified! I'm really not sure how you would cheat on something like this, but I'm sure you guys could figure that out... All right, I'm going to show you the pictures then give you a few brief descriptions to help you figure our who these people are. On with the show!

These first few pictures are pictures of the individual people. The group pictures are after these.

At first, this kid appears normal, but he's got a secret identity as his town's protector and renowned ghostboy!

The humor and tech-geek of the business, this teenager helps his friends fight ghosts, but never knows when to keep his mouth shut...

This goth girl is witty, smart, and has a secret crush on one of her friends... Her family is also stinking rich, even though few people actually know that.

Together, these three friends keep the ghosts that haunt their town in check while making sure that no one finds out about one of their secrets... DUN DUN DUN!
All right, now, submit those answers, people! A colored version will be coming soon!


Your Friendly Stalker said...


mii maker said...

I'm sorry, Stalker, but that answer is incorrect! Do we have any other guesses?

;) The Mii Maker ;)

P.S. I'm just happy someone guessed on this... I was starting to think none of you wanted to...

Your Friendly Stalker said...

Darn it. :( I have no idea whatsoever haha....can I cheat?

Oh, and you should give it like a time limit, and if nobody posts anything, I win anyway. Sound good? =D

mii maker said...


If no one guesses by the time I post the colored version, then I'll tell you who they are. MORE PEOPLE NEED TO GUESS, THOUGH.

;) The Mii Maker ;)

Anonymous said...

I believe I know who it is! And I bet you know who this is ;) lol!
Okay anyway, I do believe that your drawings are Danny, Sam, and Tucker from Danny Phantom :D Am I correct?

Your Friendly Stalker said...

Oooh, oooh! Is it Danny, Sam, and Tucker from Danny Phantom?????


booklover181 said...

Danny, Sam and Tucker from Danny Phantom