Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Colored Version and the Winners!

First... The winner!! In my hand is the envelope holding the name of the winner of the "Guess Those People" contest! *holds up envelope* Now, the winner is... *drum roll* *dramatic pause* 

*opens envelope*


I don't believe it (actually, I do believe it)! We have a tie! The first person to answer correctly was Liv--I mean, Anonymous! Congrats, Anonymous, you've won yourself FIVE MII POINTS*!! The next winner is only because I'm feeling generous. My Friendly Stalker, even though you cheated, you at least tried, so I'm giving you two and a half Mii points. Congrats, Stalker. Now, our third winner is Booklover181! Booklover181, you've won five Mii points! Congratulations, one and all, and thanks for playing! Be sure to tune in next time and you too could win big! Take us away, Bill!

*theme music plays and audience cheers as the show comes to a close*

Okay, now that that's done... Onto the real fun! Here's the colored version! 

This, my friends, is history. It's my first time ever coloring a hand-drawn picture on the computer. The shading is kind of iffy in parts, but I really like them.

Tucker looks stinkin' adorable, as does Danny (although I think he looks a bit young...). I tried to draw Tucker with an expression kind of like Sam's, but I thought it just didn't look right on him. So he got a big happy smile instead. =P (But did I mention he looks stinkin' adorable??) Oh, and I want Sam's skirt. And leggings. And boots. And ponytail. Okay, I basically want her outfit...just with a longer shirt. =P (My dad saw Sam and he was like "She has a bellybutton." and I was like "Yes, yes she does." and my brother said something along the lines of "Everyone has a bellybutton..." and my dad went on to say something like "But you're such a modest girl..." and I said "Dad, that's the outfit she wears in the show." and then he's like "Oh, okay." =P I love my father. =) ) 

The outlining was tedious, but not that hard, and coloring was super easy (Ya know, after I figured out the right color...) It was really hard to get the right shades for Tucker's clothes and skin. You really wouldn't think it's that hard, but brown is really hard to find. O.o The other colors were all fairly easy to find, though. Then came the background... >.<>

Lots of thanks to my brother for his help with this. He's the one that does the coloring on the computer, so he told me how to do it and stuff. Plus he was very helpful with the shading, so thanks to him for that as well. =)

Okay, well, I've rambled on for long enough about this. Now you must comment and tell me what you like and what could use improvement. But be gentle, I really do like this...

*Mii points are not remembered or counted by Mii Maker and are not valid for exchange for any legal tender. Mii points are also not valid in the state of Utah. Sorry, Utah.


Your Friendly Stalker said...

OHMIGOODNESS I JUST WON SOME MII POINTS!!!!!!!! I less than three you, Mii!

And that picture looks simply amazing! Waaaay better than I could do. So for the moment, I don't have any criticism for it. Cuz I think it looks freakin' awesome :)

And that was funny about your dad...

And why in the world aren't they valid in Utah?

Chris said...

Great picture Mii!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D Definitely far and away better than anything I could ever do! :D

Christine said...

dude! i just realized i totally had a lunchbox with them on it when i was a kiddd. never watched the show though. was sam really supposed to be goth? cuz i didn't know that goth was really, like, existent way back then XP well, existent, but not like, mainstream. idk haha.

mii maker said...

Stalker: Thank you! And they're not valid in Utah because... Um... I'll have to ask my lawyer friend why they aren't valid in Utah. (I just thought it would be fun to say...)

Chris: Aw, I'm sure you just need a little practice! =) Thank you!

Christine: You did?? I'm jealous. And yes, Sam is goth. Very goth.

;) The Mii Maker ;)

Anonymous said...

Those colored pictures are amazing Mii :D.
Wow Mii! You're very good at guessing who this is ;). LOL!
PS: Sorry for the delayed comment...I haven't been on a lot :P

Personal said...

Great Blog, Very Informative.

Keep Up The Good Work!

Best Regards,



mii maker said...


*bursts out laughing*

If by "informative" you mean "lots of fanfics and other things that no one really needs to care about" then yeah, I guess my blog is informative.

You know what we call this? Episode Six: Return of the Spammers! =P

But thanks for the compliment.
;) The Mii Maker ;)