Tuesday, March 23, 2010

MR Fanfic (MPOV) Chapter 37

We were walking down the street some more when suddenly, Jazz was no longer in our group. I turned around and saw her standing in front of the window of a store. If she was looking at clothes, I was gonna have to slap her upside the head, because then Nudge would be all like "Max, can I get it, please?" and it would be something with a skirt that we couldn't afford and I'd have to convince her that it wasn't practical or anything...

"Come on, Jazz," I said, walking over to her.

"Must. Go. Into. Bookstore." she said in a monotone voice.

"Why?" I asked as I turned to look in the window. She pointed at one particular book, and I got it. The title was Fang: A Maximum Ride Novel.

A couple hours later, I was standing in front of Jazz, hands on my hips. "Okay, can we go-" Jazz held up her hand to silence me as she finished reading the last page. Apparently she was a bit of a speed reader or something. The others were all nearby in the bookstore in pairs of two to four. Jazz suddenly closed the book and looked up at me, her eyes calculating.

"So, how long ago was this collection of experiences?" she asked.

"Long enough ago for the book to be written, edited, printed, then shipped all over the world." I replied, crossing my arms over my chest. The way she was looking at me made me want to get all defensive. She was kinda freaking me out.

"Where's Dylan?"

"Guess you'll find out in the next book."

"He's not dead, is he?" Jazz asked hesitantly.

"Dunno. Woke up one morning and he was gone." I said with a shrug of my shoulders. Jazz raised an eyebrow. We stared at each other for a moment then she stood up.

"So, are all of you total stupid-heads or is it just you, Fang, and Angel?" she asked bluntly. I was so shocked I forgot to answer for a minute.

"Excuse me?" I asked, too dumbfounded to say anything else.

"Angel was a stupid-head for obvious reasons, and you and Fang were stupid-heads by being so focused on each other you were blind to everyone else." she said, standing up. I stared at her, my mouth hanging open.

"Who gave you the right to judge me?" I asked, trying hard not to yell. She held up the book and stared at me for a moment before answering.

"You did." she dropped the book on the chair behind her then quickly turned and walked towards the door.

"Where are you going?" I called after her.

"To get some air!" she hollered back, not looking over her shoulder.

"Well, don't blame me if an Eraser jumps out of the bushes and carries you away!" I screamed as she got to the door. She opened it then turned to look at me for a brief moment as she pushed the door open.

"I won't!" the door slammed behind her and I wanted to kick something...hard. I half-wished M-Geeks would storm into the bookstore so I'd have a good reason to beat something up.

Max, remember what you promised her mother. The Voice said as I paced angrily by the now vacant chair. I clenched my fists and took a deep breath, trying very hard not to swear at the Voice.

Fine. I finally thought back to the Voice then stormed towards the door to the outside world. Fang was standing by the door, his eyebrow raised.

"You're in charge until I get back." I said, trying not to sound snappy. He nodded his head slowly, and even though I didn't see his eyes following me, I knew he was watching me closely.


Chris said...

Oh GREAT. I have NO idea what some of that meant, cause I haven't read that book! XP

Margy // NorthernDust said...

Haha, Chris. I did. xD

Good job, Mii. Keep 'em coming!


mii maker said...

Sorry, Chris, and thanks, Margy! =)
;) The Mii Maker ;)

Your Friendly Stalker said...

Mii, where's chapter one of your book thingy? Cuz you have so much stuff, I can't find it...

mii maker said...

Um, I would suggest clicking on the "Maximum Ride" tab at the end of this post... Or searching "My Maximum Ride Fanfic (Chapter 1)" or something like that... If I'm able to find it, I'll give you the link. =)
;) The Mii Maker ;)

Your Friendly Stalker said...

I found it!!! in March of '09! =) And guess what else I found while looking?? It was in your April of '09 folder:


I didn't realize I'd been checking this blog for that long....

mii maker said...

Heh, I didn't realize it either, Reesie! Well, congrats on surviving my blog that long. =P
;) The Mii Maker ;)