Saturday, April 3, 2010

MR fanfic (MPOV) Chapter 38

I stood out on the sidewalk and looked around for Jazz. Apparently she was faster than I had given her credit for, because I didn't seen any sign of her. "Great..." I muttered, crossing my arms over my chest. "What am I supposed to do now, Voice?"

Follow the signs, Max. I was a little surprised that I actually got an answer from the Voice to a question I asked it.

What signs? I thought back, less annoyed than before. I looked straight ahead and saw a green road sign that I hadn't seen before that said simply, "TURN LEFT" I turned left and saw a four-way intersection. I walked quickly to the intersection and sighed.

What now? I thought.

Maybe you should try the road less taken. The Voice replied with what sounded like a small smile. (I may have been imagining that, though.) I thought for a minute then wondered if the "TURN LEFT" sign would apply here, too. So, I turned left again. On the road that led left there was a yellow diamond sign that had "Dead End" written on it in black letters. It didn't look very traveled to me. I marched towards the dead end and came to an old run down building that looked like it hadn't been used in years. "Road less taken..." I mumbled to myself and jogged towards the door. I smiled a little as I thought about how good I was getting at solving the Voice's riddles. Then I got a little worried about starting to understand the voice in my head...

The door was half-open, so I was able to slip in without opening it anymore. The building was dark with only a little bit of light coming in from the windows. It was a couple stories tall with two staircases. One that ran up one end and another that ran up the opposite end of the building. Now, even though the building was tall, it didn't have floors. Just partial ones. But it looked like it was built that way. I couldn't tell what it had been used for, but there were things hanging from the ceiling that looked like they could be pretty good weapons in a fight.

Suddenly, I got that feeling that I always got when I was being watched. I spun around and peered into the darkness. My eyes can see better than the average human because, well, I'm not the average human. "Hello?" I called out into the open (but stale) air. I was hoping it was just Jasmine sitting up there somewhere.

"Hello, Maximum Ride," I was greeted by a voice I couldn't remember hearing before but sounded oddly familiar. It was calm, soft, and seemed to float through the air like a feather caught on an updraft. "I've been expecting you."

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