Saturday, February 27, 2010

MR fanfic (MPOV) Chapter 36

"Max, I'm hungry..." Gazzy said from behind me. We were walking along the sidewalk now, and this was the fourth time he had said that in the past two minutes. I sighed and bit mu tongue. I took a deep breath then spoke in the most loving tone I could muster.

"I know, Gazzy. If you see a place to eat, let me know."

"Um, we just passed a place." Nudge said, jogging a few steps so she was walking next to me. Angel was on the other side of me, holding my hand. We were walking in the downtown area now, which wasn't as busy as where we were when Kalie went all Killer on us.

"Nudge, that place was closed and probably cost more to feed one of us than we have." I said, my patience wearing thinner.

"Then where are we gonna eat?" Gazzy asked--I mean, WHINED. I stopped where I was and looked around. There was a rather normal looking car coming towards us and a few people on the opposite side of the street not paying attention to us. I waited for the car to pass then turned to our large group.

"Okay, as soon as those people get a little bit farther down the street, we're gonna fly over this building and land behind it. There's probably a dumpster back there somewhere with food in it." I said in a low tone to all of them.

"Yeah, like behind that restaurant we passed!" Nudge said, sounding much to excited to eat out of a dumpster.

"Um, I can't fly." Jasmine piped up while raising her hand.

"I'm sure a couple of us can grab you and carry you up and over." I said, positive me and Fang could. I saw her face, though, and it looked a bad color of pale. I guessed she'd never gone dumpster diving for food... Well, there's a first time for everything! I glanced down the street and saw the people were much farther away now, so we were probably safe to fly over the building now. I opened my wings and grabbed one of Jazz's arms.

"We're gonna take a running start, okay?" I said to Jazz. Iggy came forward and took Jazz's other arm. I thought that was a little odd but was a little bit happier that he was more willing to help her than Fang was. Jazz nodded and we began an slight jog across the street. Iggy and I began to flap our wings in unison so we wouldn't whap each other. In a matter of moments we were up in the air and the rest of the group was following after us. Jazz was as tense as could be, but I could understand that. I mean, if I were in her position I'd probably be freaking out that I was going to be dropped. But that was just me.

We were over the building and on the other side if it in no time flat, which was good. I didn't want us to take forever. We landed and I'm sure if we would have landed some place grassy, Jazz would have hugged the ground. But the earth back here was filthy and covered in who knows (or really wants to know) what, so it was probably best that she didn't.

"Dumpster over there!" Nudge called, pointing back the way we we had come from. We were in a small alley that was just big enough for a garbage truck to drive down. On either side of us were the backs of buildings. We walked down to the dumpster and began rummaging for food that still looked and smelled like food.

Let me let you in on a little secret. Gazzy gives a whole new meaning to dumpster diving. Most people don't actually dive into the dumpster, but he does. Sometimes he goes head first, other times he does a cannonball. Today was a headfirst day. Jazz stood a few feet away from the rest of the group and watched with a look that was a mix of horror and wonder.

"Hey, I found half of a cake!" Gazzy called from in the dumpster.

"Oh! What kind?" Thing 1 asked excitedly.

"Chocolate...I think..." Gazzy replied as he emerged. He held up a cake that was mostly intact and held it out for everyone.

"Want some, Jazzy?" I asked her. She shook her head, looking a little less pale and a little more green.

"No thanks. I had a big dinner." she said softly. She, of course, was lying. I mean, that dinner may have been big for her, but I would still have been starving after it...

"Your choice." I said with a shrug. I took a bite of the cake then quickly spit it out. "Okay, no cake. There is somethin' funky in there..." I said. Gazzy frowned and let the cake fall to the ground and splatter all over. Maybe Jazz's choice was the right one...


Chris said...

XDXD Nice, very nice. ;)

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I like this chapter! I less than three it!

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Aw, thank you, Chris and Margy! (Margy, have you read the MR books?)
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Yep. Loved them.

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Hey Mii, where do I find your first chapter? I read the books about a month or so ago, and I wanna read what you write....because I haven't paid any attention to your chapters thus far....