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I already have a one of theses going on (my Exo Force one on but I have decided to post my Harry Potter fan fiction here. The chapters won't be as long as JK's though. We shall be starting off where the last book left off. (I don't remember all the names of the Weasley kids, so bear with mii)

Chapter 1

Albus looked at James, who had started to walk off. "Don't leave me here by myself!" Albus called. James sighed and turned around.
"Why not?" He asked. Albus fidgeted with the hem of his shirt.
"Because, I don't know anyone, and I don't want to be alone and-" Albus stopped, not able to think of any better reason than he was nervous, and a little scared.
"I had to be by myself." James said. "Besides, I have friends I want to be with."
"I'm sure they wouldn't mind if I was with you..." Albus said slowly. James looked over his shoulder and sighed.
"Great..." He said sarcastically. A girl with brown hair was skipping towards them with a huge smile on her face.
"Hey James!" She said as she landed next to him.
"Hey Sam." James replied less enthusiastically. The girl looked at Albus with a curious smile on her face.
"Is this your little brother?" She asked. James nodded reluctantly.
"Sam, this is Albus. Albus, this is Samantha." James introduced them to each other then the two shook hands.
"Why does her voice sound weird?" Albus whispered to James. Samantha looked taken aback.
"Not only can I hear you, but I can also lip-read." She said.
"Oh, sorry." Albus apologized sheepishly.
"Her accent is different because she's from America." James sighed. Albus's eyes went wide.
"You are?" He gawked.
"Yep." Samantha replied proudly. She rocked on her heels and looked at James expectantly.
"What?" He asked quickly.
"Are we gonna sit down, or are we just gonna stand here?" She asked. James glanced at Albus quickly.
"Well, um..." James looked for the right words to say. Samantha looked at Albus and smiled.
"He can sit with us if he wants. I don't mind." She said pleasantly. James glared at Albus who smiled shyly.
"Fine." He said bitterly. The three made their way into one of the seating areas and sat down, James and Albus sitting opposite of Samantha. They sat there in quiet for awhile before Albus finally spoke up.
"So, do you have an owl?" Albus asked Samantha. She looked out the window at the passing scenery and shook her head.
"No," she began, "an owl wouldn't hold up on the long flight. We tried that last landed on a boat..." She finished quietly. Albus stared at her with his mouth open. "Talk about your confused sailors!" Samantha chuckled. James laughed and glanced out the window.
"So, Sam, how was summer?" He asked.
"Pretty good. Mom's still kinda freaked about the whole, you know, magic thing, but other than that it was good." She replied.
And that's how the remainder of the train ride went. James and Samantha talked while Albus listened. Albus didn't mind it much, because he really didn't have much to talk about, but he decided that he liked Samantha.

When they finally got to the school, Albus was nervous and excited at the same time. He didn't know what to expect, and he was still worried about the thestrals.
"Well, see ya, bro." James said as he began making his way through the crowd of kids.
"Wait!" Albus called out, but he had already lost him. He sighed and looked around at the swarming mass of children and teens.
"FIRST YEARS OVER HERE!" A voice suddenly called out. Albus looked over and saw Hagrid shining a lamp over the heads of the students. Albus ran over to him and smiled. "Well, hello, Albus." Hagrid said in his deep voice. His hair was now turning gray, but he was still just as lively as usual.
"Well, hop in." Hagrid said, pointing to a small boat in the water behind him. Albus looked at the boat hesitantly for a moment then glanced back at Hagrid. Hagrid smiled reassuringly and Albus crawled in.
"Hello." A voice said from behind him. Albus turned around and saw a girl his age standing behind him. "May I sit there?" She asked as she pointed to another seat in the small boat.
"Oh, yeah, of course." Albus said, scooting over. The girl sat down swiftly and smiled at Albus.
"I'm Andrea," She said, holding out her hand for Albus to shake.
"I'm Albus, it's nice to meet you." Albus said, shaking her hand. Andrea looked at him for a few minutes with a smile on her face.
"What?" Albus asked nervously.
"Nothing, nothing at all. You just look familiar, that's all." Andrea replied. Albus looked away and shifted in his seat. Just then, another boy walked up to them.
"M-may I sit with you?" He asked nervously. The two nodded their heads and moved over for the newcomer. He had shaggy brown hair and a robe that was much too big for him on. He sat down in the boat and looked around.
"I'm Peter." He introduced himself. Albus and Andrea did the same.
"Um, do either of you know why we're in a boat?" Peter asked quietly.
"It's how the first years get to the school." Andrea replied before Albus had even opened his mouth. Albus looked over at the boat next to theirs as two people climbed into it. One was a girl with blond hair and shimmering green eyes, the other a boy, also with blond hair, but blue eyes.
"Hello!" The girl said enthusiastically. "I'm Holly." She said with a smile. She pulled the boy over so that he could see Albus, Peter and Andrea. "This is my brother, Derek." Holly said happily.
"Nice to meet you both." Albus said. "I'm Albus, and this is Andrea and Peter." Peter and Andrea waved from their spots in the boat.
"Well, it's nice to meet all of yooooou!" Just as Holly finished her sentence all of the boats began moving. Peter grabbed onto the side of the boat and held on tight. Andrea chuckled at him and glanced around.
"This isn't half bad," Albus said quietly. Just as those words came out of his mouth, a giant tentacle shot out of the water and flipped the boat over. All the other children watched as he, Andrea and Peter all fell into the water. Albus came back up first and gasped for air. He looked around and saw Peter and Andrea poke their heads out of the water as well.
"Where's our boat?" Albus yelled. Andrea looked over and saw a plank floating next to her.
"There, and over there, and I think part of it is over there..." She said, pointing in different directions. She grabbed onto the plank and used it to support herself. Albus looked around and followed suite with his own plank. Peter looked around frantically as Andrea and Albus swam up to him.
"Here, you can use ours." Albus said. Peter put one arm on Albus's plank and the other on Andrea's. They floated there until Hagrid came and rescued them.


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WOW!!!!! That is sooooooooo good!!!! Bad squid bad! :P
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A girls got to write when a girls got to write, right? Excellent read!

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